Guy Cohen and wife Tali

Harvest of Asher Congregation leader
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"My parents and extended family were present in a Messianic congregational worship service for the first time, and we could see their excitement."

Reading from Leviticus
According to Jewish custom when a boy turns 13 (12 for a girl), we make a festive ceremony, a Bar Mitzvah in which he declares that he has arrived at the age of commandments, and has become mature and responsible for his own actions. Bar Mitzvah means son of the commandment. The central element of the ceremony is the young man publically reading from the Torah scroll for the first time. I believe that this is the age when Yeshua went up to the temple in Jerusalem at Passover as a young man (Luke 2:41-52). Bar Mitzvah is not only an issue of age, but also a matter of physical and spiritual maturity. Indeed Yeshua demonstrated this maturity at Passover.

During March we celebrated our son Reu El-Chen's Bar Mitzvah both in Jerusalem at the Western Wall, and at the congregational building in Akko. It was very moving to see our son, who it seems was born only yesterday, grown and ready to take responsibility for his deeds in every way, and dedicating himself to the Lord.

Guy's parents
The event with the congregation in Akko was full of spontaneous joy. Many guests and family members who are not believers in Yeshua, joined us and watched the reading of the Torah scroll in a Messianic manner. They were moved by the holiness and love expressed, and the way our son shared. A meal and fellowship followed the ceremonial reading.

My parents and extended family were present in a Messianic congregational worship service for the first time, and we could see their excitement. I felt led to invite my parents to bless their grandson before the congregation. Afterward friends and leaders from around the country went up on the stage to bless and prophecy regarding our son's calling in the land of Israel.

Our son's name in Hebrew means: "See the God of Grace!" We were so happy to witness a new stage in the fulfillment of these prophetic words.

By Guy Cohen
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15:55 05May14 Rafa -
Blessing upon the "Grace of God" that walks as a man before.

05:35 07May14 Chris Moyler -
Thank you so much Guy and Tali for sharing your joy with us all, and also the beautiful pictures! It is a wonder and a delight to see the words of Israel's prophets being fulfilled in my own lifetime.
Here in the UK, there is a growing number of us Christians who realise that we have no grace under the New Covenant, apart from our inclusion in a Jewish tree. This is producing an enormous change in the way we perceive our faith in Jesus/Yeshua, remembering that the first work of Messiah is not to us Gentiles, but to his own people. (Is 42:6) Now, in our lifetime,he is now completing this awesome task of restoring his own people, that he was not able to complete at his first coming. Truly this is life from the dead and a wonderful, beautiful day.

01:57 05Jun14 Bronnie Holwerda -
Something very sacred has happened here, and I -- as a Gentile believer -- can only look on in wonder and rejoice in God's goodness. Is it a "latter rain" thing, I don't know ... may your boy be blessed abundantly in Yeshua's grace!

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