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"On October 18, 2013, there will be a gathering on the walls of the old city of Acco to repent for the child sacrifices that took place there."

By Guy Cohen

Canaanite Relgion and the Hebrews

Historically, the name of the and of Israel was Canaan and it spanned the territory between Gaza and northern Syria. The Canaanite religions believed in El (the god of Heaven) who married Asherah (the god of the earth) and gave birth to Ba'al. These three primary deities were complemented by a host of lesser gods - several of which became quite prominent in Canaanite worship. Among these "lesser" deities was the worship of the fearsome Molech and his fertility goddess consort, Ashtoreth. The worship of Ashtoreth was a cycle of lust and sexual debauchery. Temple prostitution fueled the lust of the worshippers, and the babies conceived were sacrificed through fire (burned to death) to appease the terrible Molech.

When the Hebrews came into the land they were commanded by God to capture and destroy all the cities of idol worship. Unfortunately, they did not finish the job. During different periods in the following centuries, Israel even joined in the idolatry! We are told in Scripture that Israelites engaged in the worship of Molech in the Hinnom Valley. The cities listed in Judges 1:27-36 were not captured by the Israelites even though God commanded them to do so. Among these cities were Acco, Sidon, Ahlab and Akzib (which the tribe of Asher did not conquer). As a result, Hebrews lived in cooperation with idol worshippers, and eventually began to worship Ashtoreth.

Spiritual Strongholds that Remain

The question is: "How does this apply to us today in Acco?" We don't have Ashtoreth worship today, and we don't have altars to sacrifice babies to Molech. REALLY? I believe the Scriptures are the same yesterday, today and tomorrow! These spiritual strongholds of lust and human sacrifice are still present in Northern Israel today!

The modern cycle is: 1) unbridled idolization of sex leading to 2) a large number of unwanted babies being conceived; and 3) the sacrifice of babies through abortions. Israeli public schools teach about sex, but they don't teach the spiritual realities about sex that are in the Word of God. There is free access to pornography through the internet and advertising. Even sex parties, prostitution, and human-trafficking are present in modern Israel. So many babies are conceived during the mandatory military service that each female soldier is allowed up to three free abortions during her military service of two years! The official figure of legal abortions to date in Israel is 20,000 a year! There are two hospitals in our area administering abortions, one in Haifa and one in Nahariya. Abortions are performed in different ways. One way is surgical and another chemical. In the chemical procedure the baby is literally burned, in parallel to the ancient child sacrifice ritual of causing a baby to pass through fire.

Where does this place us as believers? The answer is that we have a personal and corporate responsibility to fight this cycle. Individually, each of us must ask: "Are we keeping our walk with God intimate and pure?" Corporately, we must come together in prayer and intercession for our land! The blood that was spilled on the ground of Acco in the past - and that continues to be spilled today - is crying out for justice.

On October 18, 2013, there will be a gathering on the walls of the old city of Acco to repent for the child sacrifices that took place there. We will proclaim the atoning blood of Yeshua over the area and pray and intercede that no more innocent blood be shed. Participating in this time of intercession will be congregations from throughout Israel. In addition, those attending both the Baruch HaBa Conference and the Pro-Life Conference will also join us. Please mark your calendars and intercede together with us on that day. Pray that the cycle of lust and death would be broken!

The Work of Pro-Life in Acco

In December 2008 we opened a Pro-Life office in the Harvest of Asher congregational building to serve Acco and the surrounding area. To date over 70 lives have been saved. Below are the names of some of the babies who were allowed to be born. The list includes both Jewish and Arab babies: Mirav, Ravit, Linoy, Topaz, Eden, Topaz, Noi, Naomi, Shir, Meital, Tamara, Shiran, Cherot, Doreen, Lilit, Lital, Shanee, Yael, Tamar, Mirav, Aaron, Yair, Catherine, Shira, Abraham, Oren, Ahmed, Samir, Abu, Eli, Rami, Tomer, David, Shimon, Ben, Matar, Tamir, Daniel, Yuval, Barak, Eliran, Sharon, Eli, Ali, Jacob, Ofek, Gal and others.

Our Pro-Life counselor added her perspective on this area of ministry.

Question: How do you see your job as connected to the roots of abortion and child sacrifice to Molech?

Answer: Until this very day the sins of our ancestors have had a great influence on the city of Acco. Bringing sacrifices to idols allowed these territorial spirits to rule over people's lives and draw them to sin. Families today are still being affected by generational curses.

Question: What has God done until now through the Pro-Life Ministry in Acco?

Answer: Many women have seen light in an otherwise dark and grim reality and found awakened hope and serenity for their souls. They have received love and someone to share their burdens with, something that many of them for different reasons could not do all their lives. Some women stay in touch even after they finish receiving aid from the ministry - seeking advice and a compassionate listener. I hope over time to be more of an influence and cooperate more effectively in the lives of these women!

By Guy Cohen
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