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Esther's Call
| Eitan Shishkoff |

"Haifa's Petrochemical Plant Targeted" "Katyushas Rain on Haifa and Vicinity, Killing 8" "IDF mobilizes to destroy Hizb'allah Capacity" "All Conditions for Removal of Zionist regime at hand says Iran's Ahmadinejad"

These and a thousand more searing headlines and bombastic statements have filled the media since the July 12 missile attack on Israel's northern cities. As those caught in the crosshairs of the Iran-Syria-Hizb'allah-Hamas axis, we search the Scriptures earnestly for understanding and for marching orders. To what previously unknown level of faith and trust is our God calling us?

In eerie similarity to the summer of 2006, the Book of Esther (set in 5th century BCE Persia - modern Iran!) provides us with insight and instruction. In October, 2005, Ahmadinejad said "Israel must be wiped off the map." In the same spirit, the Persian "prime minister", Haman, attempted to destroy all the Jews. The spiritual principality bent on Israel's demise is not rooted in Lebanon. Ancient Lebanon was actually in covenant friendship with Israel (see Solomon's exchange with Hiram, 1 Kings 5). Our war is not with Lebanon. Hizb'allah receive their orders from their Iranian warlords. The terror organization has simply been using Southern Lebanon as the staging ground in their insidious attempt to eradicate Israel. Israel is again facing the Prince of Persia. We know this unrelenting foe from Daniel 10:20.

As I write this article, I am interrupted by air raid sirens signaling the arrival of Katyusha rockets hurled at us by the Hizb'allah. This 2500 year fight is not over yet. Is there hope? As servants of the God of Israel, both those living in the land and those aligned with Israel around the world, how can we cooperate with the counsel of the Almighty?

ONE Courageous Woman of Faith Changed History

Persia's plan to annihilate the Jews was foiled by the courage and faith of one woman. Esther stood against the legions of hell at the risk of her life. A Persian queen of hidden Jewish identity, she chose to reveal her true identity and to go boldly before the king to secure deliverance for her people. Here is the formula: Refusing to remain uninvolved + calling on others to fast and intercede + coming boldly to the King's throne to obtain mercy = Deliverance.

Can we do less than Esther did? History and divine providence positioned her to make a difference. Shall we avoid involvement as the international Christian community did during the Holocaust, failing to stand up in protest of Nazi atrocities? Or shall we accept Esther's call, a call being handed us by history and divine providence?

How can you talk about coming to Israel at a time like this?

Perhaps this is not the most likely time to think about coming to Israel. But what better time to stand by Israel? You are needed. I hear "Esther's Call" going forth from heaven. God is calling for Esthers ... those who will not count their own lives dear for the high calling of Israel's salvation and Yeshua's return.

So we are boldly, enthusiastically inviting you to "Esther's Call" an international conference and intercessory tour during March 1-8, 2007. Experience on-site prayer with pioneer Israeli congregations, exhilarating worship, inspiring teaching, rich fellowship with Israeli believers and the irreplaceable satisfaction of standing on the soil God has said will be His covenant sign to Israel and to all humanity forever.

This is our home. This is the territory Satan has been gunning for in this summer's war with the Hizb'allah. We want to take you with us to the eye of the storm, where you will form bonds with people and places, in order to fulfill Esther's call in your life.

Our Finest Hour

Though we have not yet entered the totality of world conflict seen in World War II, the words of Sir Winston Churchill carry gripping relevance. As Britain readied herself for a potential invasion by Nazi Germany, Churchill told his nation: "Let us therefore brace ourselves to our duties, and so bear ourselves that, if the British Empire ... last for a thousand years, many will say This was their finest hour." That phrase does something to me. It makes me want to rise to the occasion.

Yeshua tells us as His disciples "If anyone would follow me, let him deny himself daily, take up his cross and follow me." Esther, though she preceded Yeshua by five centuries, decided to approach her relationship with God in this same manner. At a time of life and death crisis, she dedicated time to seeking God through prayer and fasting. Then, she "loved not her life unto death" and went before the king to save her threatened people. It is this very quality of devotion to serve God's purposes that will overcome the enemy (Revelation 12:11).

I want to issue a bold, impassioned summons to those who love Israel and want to make a difference in her future. Come, take your place on the watchman's wall. Let's make an offering of ourselves to the Lord together, next Esther's feast of Purim, March 2007. I have seen the quality of commitment so many of you have to the coming of our King, Yeshua, and to His Messianic community in today's Israel. Now is the time to answer Esther's call and impact history for the glory of God.

By Eitan Shishkoff

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15:26 19Sep06 David Chambers -
Most people outside of Israel don't have a clue as to the horrendus effect that Islam has on Isreali's day to day activities. I lived in Jerusalem for five years; it was difficult but it was worth every ounce of aggravation. I felt the blessings of the Most High in abundance there, but the pressure was like being in a pressure cooker knowing things could explode any minute. This seems to be where here in the USA people seem to be in a daze or asleep and not know that anything could explode or would affect them or their life (except a minor inconvience like gas going back to three dollars per gallon.) The realization that except for His Grace and Mercy and Love we would be History (gone,dead or worse)! People in Isreal acknowledge their dependence on Him in a real way, they must to survive ... I'm sorry to say I feel this country will wake up only when they see the great tribulation ahead first-hand, for themselves. The virgins that don't have enough oil in their lamps were still there waiting with those who had enough oil. How is your oil level in your lamp, has he trimmed the wick of your lamp or do you even know that a wick needs trimming, do you even know how to tell how your oil level is and how to maintain it. Be blessed and realize the group he is coming for is with out spot blemish or wrinkle! Does that mean they will sin right up to the day of his comming??? I believe that it may mean that we no longer sin nor do we wish to be know as sinners, but doers of the WORD, not hearers only ... If we sin we are quick to ask for forgivness and we know that the blood changes to sinless when we are covered by it, is our righteousness found in that blood covering or is it our own (filthy rags) righteousness. Truth is Truth where ever it is found. But He is the TRUTH revealed. My prayer is that revelation of the Messiah be released upon all who read this. I pray that I will be connected with all those who know Him and have a relationship with Him, (not a religion about him) that we may be one as He and His Father are one.

20:30 19Sep06 Mihaela -
"Refusing to remain uninvolved + calling on others to fast and intercede + coming boldly to the King's throne to obtain mercy = Deliverance. " Good to reconsider and apply His efficient recipe!

02:16 20Sep06 Allen Hemmerling -
This article about Esther was really spoken to my heart, how one person finding God's plan changed history. A good parallel in today's Iran. We would be thinking seriously coming in March of 2007,to be a part in Esthers Call. Thankyou for being so faithful to your God.

00:44 22Sep06 Katia -
Yes, I agree: we have to impact history for the glory of God, with our prayers. I want to be like Esther. Her history always impacted me. I always identified myself with her. And I know this the time to offer myself like a watchman's wall.

09:12 04Oct06 Charlotte Hart -
Men followed the HOLY SPIRIT'S Desire and included the Book of Esther into the canon of Scripture because it is an on-going love story between ourselves (the Bride) and our HUSBAND (THE KING over all the Earth), and our mutual desire to protect Our rightful throne -- our homeland -- our Mother, Israel, who gave birth to both the KING and His Bride (believers over all the planet). We are Esther, in whatever generation we live. It is our duty to watch out for Israel.

09:36 04Oct06 anonymous -
As always Eitan, your down to earth and weighted in heaven words bring inspiration and encouragement. For those of you that are considering coming. I encourage you to sincerely pray about it. We went to the 10th anniversary conference and it changed our lives. Literally... G_d so moved our hearts and instilled prophetic confirmation from others, that we decided to move there next year to work with the ministry. GO-4-it!!!

17:56 04Oct06 Judith Bickelhaupt -
I am so excited about being able to attend this conference. May HASHEM bless you with a double portion of HIS anointing.

15:02 02Nov06 Julian Wright, II -
As a Gentile new to Messianic Faith, my eyes have been open to see something I never realized before now. Every Sunday millions of Christians carry a Book to a place of worship. A Book they boldly declare is the Word Of G-D. It contains the story of Creation(written by a Jew), the Patriarchs (all Jewish), The Law Of The L-RD - The Torah, (given through a Jew), the Kings of Israel (all Jewish), the Prophets (all Jews), the Writings (by Jews), THE MESSIAH - A JEW!, the disciples and the Apostles (Jews), In the Re-Newed Covenant all but ONE book written by Jews, repentance & baptism - performed first by Jews, Pentecost was & IS a Jewish Feast, and the first "Christians" were actually Jews who came to recognize their Messiah in Yeshua. Christianity was the re-name of what appears to me to have actually been JUDAISM!, added with THE MESSIAH and the NEW Life HE Gives! What I can't figure out is why hasn't other gentiles realized we're likely to learn more as Gentile believers in The Messiah IF we acknowledge that all this Jewish involvement as pointed out earlier wasn't by coincidence, nor accident, but obviously part of the deliberate Plan of G-D. I've come to understand SOOOO much MORE since becoming part of a Messsianic fellowship. I see the real reason for the price Yeshua paid for my sins. I understand and see HIM and His Redemption from Bereshit("Genesis") to Revelations. The Scriptures have come alive to me now. Everything is clearer. And why not?! As a Black man, a serious study of Black History led me to begin in the African continent? Shouldn't a serious study of G-D's Word lead the Gentile to Israel? So, why do we Gentiles exclude Jews in our Bible study when it is OBVIOUSLY a Jewish Book. When I look around our Synagogue I see believers of every background and color and I know without a doubt that Jew and Gentile, ONE in Messiah, is what our G-D intended. But even Yeshua Himself told the Samaritan woman "Salvation comes THROUGH the Jews!"

16:39 03Nov06 Joselito A. Llave -
I believe that this Conference and intercessory tour will not be just another conference and prayer meeting, it will turn the world upside down just like what happened during the time of Esther, the Jews got an upper hand over those who were planning for their disaster. I believe you will get an upper hand again as in the time of David, to be the world superpower, in the book of Micah be over nations to settle disputes between them. I am looking forward to that day you become the world superpower and world police to promote the peace of God not the false peace of the antichrist. Esther's call to intercede for Israel is part of the big picture and the big news that will spread throughout the nations, prayers and intercessions will touch heaven and will affect to explode the gates of hell and the works of the enemy. The gates of hell will never prevail against the praying church. God the King will be pleased for the unselfish commitment to pray for Israel, and when the King is pleased He will extend His scepter, that means power and authority and ask whatever you wish and it will be granted. Advance our firstborn brother, enlarge the tent, extend the territory, the original territory, describe to Moses and Joshua. God said and Isaiah said the place is very small for you, you were barren but now you are multiplying rapidly, the Lord will gather and gather and will still gather. The Kingdom of God is forcefully and violently advancing and forceful violent men and women lay hold of it. Let us be violent and forceful against the devil in prayer,pray for the restoration, revival, victory, peace and prosperity of Israel. I want to be grafted in. I love you my firstborn brother, I love you chosen people of God.

17:15 06Nov06 Fenua Fredson -
God is giving equal opportunity for us in every generation. For our generation this is our time to do what Esther did. It is a shame that I would not be there because of other limitations. But my love, faith,hope and prayer for Israel is unstoppable. God will enable me there in his timing.

11:16 08Feb08 Ahava bat Levi -
I join you to call All Esthers worldwide to ask God to preserve Our People and His - ISRAEL - from Destruction. Also that the Spirit of Slumber and Blindness be removed by defeating the Satanic Princes of Slumber and Blindness over Israel - to bring about the Promised Tsunami Revival in ISRAEL with Dreams, Visions, Signs, and Miracles.

22:07 28Feb08 anonymous -
I have also been calling ALL ESTHERS for such a Time as this - to pray that God will spare His People ISRAEL from Destruction. Glad to find another on the same Spiritual Page. I am with you and all other Esthers!!!!!!!

04:02 25Dec08 Ahava -
Back in 2000-2 I heard from the Lord to be like ESTHER - pray to OUR MELECH-Y'shua that you cannot bear to see the destruction of My People - Israel. I also received an Esther Message for the True Church - in Jerusalem. We must all be praying like Esther - and repenting like Daniel for the sins of Israel. Repentance leads to REVIVAL and holds off Judgement. Esther is a Symbol of the True Bride of Y'shua. I will be praying with you!

21:47 27Feb10 - ahava bas levi -
Every year I have been praying like Queen Esther/Hadassah for HaShem to spare Israel from Destruction. In 2000-right before I left for Israel (and before the Intifada)-the Spirit called me -"Esther" and since then I have been anticipating a Huge Revival in Israel - where the Blindness, as promised - would be removed from Israel and Moshiach Y'shua would come!!!!! Every year I pray for God to Hasten, hasten, hasten!!!!! This year - in particular with the "HAMAN" of Syria again threatening to exterminate Israel - I ponder at why God is delaying all His Promises for Deliverance. I was lead again to pray and repent for the sins - especially of the Leaders of Israel who are corrupt and do not show mercy to the fatherless, widows and strangers in the Land - and for the persecution of believers by the orthodox. My prayer is that they get discernment like DANIEL about the End Times and the Prophecy in Daniel about the Messiah being cut off and then returning in the Air LATER - that they would finally understand that Y'shua was the Moshiach and that He will return when they say-"Baruch HaBa BaShem Adonai"

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