by Eitan Shishkoff

From the inception of Katzir (Harvest) this was the idea - to turn our hearts toward our children, the Israeli youth growing up in Yeshua.

This Passover, on March 24, 2010, in a long Bedouin-style tent, a defining message, based on the title verse of this article, was given by my long-time partner, Asher Intrater. This message, spoken more than ten years after the first Katzir event, was the culmination of vision, prayer, generous contributions and the Souled Out legacy. Compellingly and humbly, Asher summed up the driving purpose of this outreach to high school aged Israeli believers:

"We are turning our hearts toward you, to repent for our inadequacies as parents, our sinful pasts, our failures to patiently listen and care for you. And at the same time, God is calling you, as young people, to forgive your parents, to receive the good they have to give you and to honor them regardless of their weaknesses and failures as parents. In this way your heart will be liberated from bitterness and the blessing of the Lord will rest upon you for a lifetime, equipping you to reach your generation with Yeshua's love."

Following the message, we knelt down (teens, young adults and senior overseers) in weeping repentance before God. I could not imagine a more tender moment. The hearts of the children had truly been turned to the fathers (and mothers) in response to one father who transparently admitted his own imperfections and at the same time challenged young men and women to receive healing that would empower them to walk in Yeshua's light, without shame or blame.

Here is an entry from my journal, written moments after this poignant experience of God's presence, which reached inside each of us and yet covered over us at the same time ...


By Eitan Shishkoff

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17:45 03May10 Allen -
Had tears in my eyes as I read this article, realizing how much God loves his family,and longs to see us healthy,plus being in unity with each other.

09:34 04May10 Sandra Heidt -
WOW, what an encouraging and life-giving article!!! Praise GOD for what HE is doing in this hour and thanks to all of you for obeying HIS voice and call and by that blessing all of us. I pray we see more of this in the Body of MESSIAH.

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