"The Messianic Israeli youth of today are poised to change the nation. Many of them also began in the Diaspora. They bring zeal and idealism to the dream of a ressurected indigenous community of Yeshua's Israeli Disciples. Like the Zionist youth early in the 20th century, they are charged by history with the task of pioneering a movement at the outset of the 21st century."

On Their Shoulders
By Eitan Shishkoff

Zionist youth movements played a significant role in establishing the State of Israel. Most of these groups were formed in Europe from 1901 to the outbreak of World War II in 1939.

"Their influence greatly exceeded their numerical importance in community organization, education, political awareness and Zionist consciousness. Practically speaking, they were also the builders of the kibbutz movement. Their special inner strength became apparent, tragically, during the Holocaust. They remained active throughout this catastrophe, and their leaders orchestrated Jewish organization and resistance in ghettoes and camps ... Most of the surviving members eventually settled in Palestine." 1

These youth movements, helped provide the backbone of reborn Israel. The focus, sacrifice and visionary dedication of these youth movements contributed an inspiring example. Young Jews, faced with immense odds against even returning to Zion, much less rebuilding an ancient nation, succeeded in helping capture the heart of the Diaspora community for the Zionist enterprise. Youth movements such as Poalei Tzion (Workers of Zion), HaShomer HaTza'ir (The Young Guardsmen), HaBonim (The Builders), HeChalutz (The Pioneer) and many others built bridges that connected support groups in the Diaspora with those clearing swamps, farming and building new cities in Eretz Yisrael.

"Youth movements in Palestine began to organize in the 1920s, chiefly under the influence of movement alumni who had come from the Diaspora. They stressed togetherness, pioneering and personal fulfillment, especially on the kibbutz. Here, as in Europe, their public impact and influence on young people was immense." 2

Today's Messianic Youth and Friends from the Nations

In similar fashion, the Messianic Israeli youth of today are poised to change the nation. Many of them also began in the Diaspora. They bring a zeal and idealism to the dream of a resurrected indigenous community of Yeshua's Israeli disciples. Like the Zionist youth early in the 20th century, they are charged by history with the task of pioneering a movement at the outset of the 21st century. They too are teaming up with their counterparts in the nations, spontaneously forming an international network of youth with a vision for Israel's revival. Again, the aid of sympathetic Zionists, both Jewish and Gentile, from the nations is essential.

I experienced this first hand within a short stretch of just several days. In rapid succession we were visited by delegations from Korea, Austria and the USA. In each case there was a distinct appreciation for the stirring taking place among Israel's Messianic youth and young adults. Young people and their parents were moved to discover the developing expressions of worship, prayer, outreach and discipleship emerging in the land. Especially when our hearts were joined in prayer, we got a taste of Holy Spirit power released when God draws together believers from the nations and local Messianic youth. Koreans from the Onnuri alliance of churches interceded passionately for the latter rain to fall upon our land, bringing the final harvest before Yeshua's return. Their pastors have conscientiously prioritized for Israel for more than 20 years.

Standing hand in hand with Austrian believers, whose nation experienced virulent anti-Semitism not so long ago, we knew the power of Heaven to transform hate into love and pride into humility. These friends were truly tender and aware of Messianic Jewish distinctives. They had done their homework. In an intimate time with leaders from IHOP in Kansas City, an atmosphere of prophetic clarity surrounded us. We were wonderfully encouraged by the Lord's assurance of ultimate victory over darkness and unbelief.

Please join us in concentrated, prevailing intercession on behalf of the Messianic youth movements of today and their counterparts in the nations. May their pioneer efforts achieve in the spiritual realm what the early Zionists achieved in the physical realm. "Behold, I will lift my hand in an oath to the nations ... They shall bring your sons in their arms, and your daughters shall be carried on their shoulders." (Isaiah 49:22)

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2. ibid.

By Eitan Shishkoff
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08:18 01Mar11 DMC -
One thing is a fact. Revival must come by and of the power of the Holy Ghost and not a war machine. My understanding is that the new Israel will be the whole world with headquarters in the new Jerusalem under King Yeshua (Jesus).

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