A Shavuot Harvest - Immersions in the Kinneret

With the lake beautifully full, turning back the drought of 10 years, nine new immigrant Israeli followers of Yeshua were immersed in water on the Day of Shavuot (Pentecost). Among them was an Israeli Arab who has become a joyfully committed member of our congregation. Perhaps most exciting was the fact that among them was a man who received the Lord that very day!

It happened through Sheila, herself one of those about to be baptized. Being outgoing, she brought her not-yet-believing friends for the picnic, fellowship and a day away from the city. While we visited before the immersions, her friends' family situation led them to ask me questions about the Tanakh and about Yeshua. "Can you help our son, who has been depressed for two years?" implored Dov, the father.

At that moment, another new believer, a young man also about to be immersed, spontaneously joined our conversation. Showing the scars on his arm where he had tried to end his life, Raphael said "Yeshua gave me a new life and set me free from years of suicidal depression and demonic activity in my mind. He can free your son too." This was surely God's response to their hopelessness after trying many "cures" for their son.

A short while later when I asked who was ready to enter the waters of New Covenant immersion, Dov's hand shot up. Moments after that I found myself in the Kinneret (Sea of Galilee) immersing Dov and his hostess Sheila and the young brother Raphael. The next day, at a Shabbat service, Dov's wife tearfully gave her heart to the Lord. What a way to celebrate the Feast of weeks (Shavuot) in which we thank God for the beginning of the harvest!

By Eitan Shishkoff