Baruch HaBa - We Welcome You!
by Eitan Shiskoff, Executive Director, Tents of Mercy Network

Middle Eastern hospitality is legendary, biblical, and still in evidence. From his desert tent, Abraham entertained the Lord as a guest (Genesis 18:1-14). When we moved into our apartment sixteen years ago, our Israeli neighbor, whom we had never met, brought us a tray of fresh Turkish coffee and sweet cakes to say "Welcome to the neighborhood."

Undoubtedly, you have your own tales of hospitality and warm welcomes in new places. We would like to add to those experiences. Here's the recipe that awaits our guests, this coming October 15-24:

My appetite is being stimulated just thinking about the love feast God is preparing for us this coming October. Since we are not so new at this (Baruch HaBa 2013 is our sixth tour/conference), we have a good idea what to expect. The ingredients I described above are not wishful thinking. Rather, the consistent feedback we have received includes statements like this:

"This is unlike any other tour I've been on. It's personal and enables you to become involved."

"The friendships we made with members of the tour from Asia, Europe and Africa were worth pursuing even after we get home."

"We were amazed that the leaders were with us day in and day out, on the buses, in spite of their very packed schedules."

"The cooperation between Tents of Mercy, Revive Israel and Tikkun International is a refreshing example of God's servants sharing their resources and covenant history."

According to Matthew 23:39, the Messiah will not return until He hears a chorus of voices calling to Him from Israel at the end of the age: "Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord." It is not for us alone, as Israeli disciples, to call upon Yeshua. We need the strong, devoted participation of all of our brothers and sisters in the nations, to join us in interceding for Israel's salvation, world redemption, and the return of our King.

To sum it up, I am truly excited to invite you to the Baruch HaBa 2013 Conference/Tour. Please pray earnestly about this extraordinary opportunity to encounter the real Israel, while walking with us hand in hand, through its highways and byways.

For more information and a registration form, please see the Tents of Mercy or Revive Israel websites.

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