It was 1987, but I vividly remember crossing the Sea of Galilee in a small open boat. Looking to the far shore, I saw cultivated fields and orchards. I wept at the realization that these very fields were here 2000 years ago when Yeshua fed the 5000 and when He preached the Sermon on the Mount. Before visiting Israel that first time, it was a mythical land to me. I was simply not prepared for the drama of stepping foot on biblical soil. The place names were familiar from years of Bible reading, but the scenes and the people I discovered caused the Book to come alive.

Five years later, in 1992, we made aliya (moved to Israel) and it became our home. Now there are dimensions of life in the Land woven into the fabric of our experience that cannot be acquired without a price. We earnestly want to share them with you. So, instead of encountering Israel as merely a three dimensional museum, we want to take you into Israeli life as we know it. And, as you already know, there is a vibrant, young Messianic Jewish movement struggling to become visible and relevant to Israeli hearts. In this we unapologetically want to recruit you as essential partners. So the tour and conference will be highly interactive. This is not some stale package, but a fresh encounter.


Both of these dimensions of Israel are important to experience. We want to serve you in making them both accessible. In the fall of this year, Oct. 20-28, 2010, our joint ministries will host an ISRAEL EXPERIENCE especially for our friends from the nations. This will be our fourth such event and the first since Shofar 2008. Each time a unique blend of dedicated believers have come together, moving past the artificial barriers of geographic distance to know the people and the land of Israel at close range.

Asher giving the word

Praying for young Israelis

Eitan teaching on the
Mount of Beatitudes

Together at Gethsemane

Sounding the shofar

Guy leads the dance

The name of our conference this year is "THE HARVEST IS RIPE." Our desire is to focus on preparing for the last days' harvest. This phrase "last days" conjures up many associations. Words like "Armageddon", "earthquakes and disasters", "urban cataclysm" and "chaos" come quickly to mind. But for those of us living in Israel, the "last days" inevitably reminds us of God's promised revival harvest in Israel. We refuse to take a fearful posture, or one of willful neglect. Rather, we know that God's agenda is for every soul to know Him, especially the lost sheep of the House of Israel.


What makes this tour different than many tours? It is the opportunity to travel around the country with Israeli believers, your brothers and sisters in Yeshua, who love Him as you do. Also, this tour is not about watching passively. It's about entering into the drama. We believe that once you have been with us in the land, your relationship with God and your relationship with your Israeli brothers and sisters will be transformed forever.

What will we see? You will see the classic places everyone should see - historic and modern sites that give the broad outline of biblical and modern history: Jerusalem, the Sea of Galilee, Tiberius, Nazareth, Haifa, Akko. But you will also spend time with today's spiritual pioneers, those who have been planting congregations and extending humanitarian aid during this radical time of Israel's resurrection as foreseen by Ezekiel in his chapters 36 and 37.

Hey, I'm honestly getting excited just writing about it. I know the following is a cliché, but there really are limited places. In order to have an intimate experience we do not allow our guest list to bulge out. I want to exhort and passionately invite you to join us for "THE HARVEST IS RIPE." Details for registration can be found on our website. We are already praying for you, that God will provide the time and the resources to make a journey you will never regret.

Shavei Tsion's Dance Team
on the Roof

Leon on Mt. Yonah

Worship on the Sea of Galilee


By Eitan Shishkoff

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