How to Get a Double Portion
by Eitan Shiskoff, Executive Director, Tents of Mercy Network

Over the span of his ministry, Elisha raised the dead, brought supernatural supply, and prophesied over kings. How did he gain entrance to the heart of God and release the supernatural?

A profound key is found in one tiny word: if. When Elijah was about to depart for heaven, Elisha, his disciple, insisted on staying with him until the end. Though the old prophet waved him off, Elisha did not give up. The master asked his star pupil, "... What may I do for you, before I am taken away from you?" Elisha's answer? "Please let a double portion of your spirit be upon me" (II Kings 2:9). Then, Elijah inserted a condition. "... If you see me when I am taken from you, it shall be so for you." (II Kings 2:10).

Why such a pre-condition? Because it shows that for Elisha to fulfill his destiny, his relationship with Elijah was essential. As a young man plowing in the field, Elisha was challenged by Elijah to leave all and follow him. He immediately slaughtered the team of oxen and came.

These giants of faith were similar. Both worked substantial miracles and functioned in the region of Mt. Carmel (near present-day Haifa). Both raised the dead and multiplied olive oil. Yet they were different in character and in calling.

Elijah was a trailblazer who called down fire and drew persecution for challenging demonic powers. He suffered depression, doubt, and rejection - which he overcame. I identify with Elijah. My generation was tasked with making Yeshua's name known in His land after nearly 2000 years. Not easy.

Elijah found Elisha engaged in Israel's day to day life. This typifies the next generation more than ours. They are secure, confident, and not easily intimidated - more Elisha than Elijah.

In order to receive a double portion of Elijah's spirit, Elisha served the craggy prophet for years. He's not even mentioned again until it's Elijah's time to "retire". Following, learning, taking correction from one's elders is not attractive or exciting. It sounds like a bummer. But it prepared Elisha within. It qualified him to receive Elijah's mantle.

The account of these two prophets answers the question "What will it take?" It will take the older generation adopting young men and women who possess promise and the desire to be mentored. This is a serious investment of time and resources. It is quiet, hidden. It doesn't make dramatic newsletters. On the part of the younger generation it involves humility. Neither generation can fulfill its mandate without the other. Our work as pioneers will be incomplete with the next generation. IF the next "gen" fails to keep a watch on their forebearers, they will have to start all over again, and miss their phenomenal role.

Older generation, my peers, it's up to us to adopt these younger servants and nurture them, passing on what we've learned. Begin releasing responsibility, then leadership. They're more capable than you think. Younger generation, it's time to stop ignoring the old "fogies" and resisting what they want to pass along to you. Don't resent serving faithfully. Be a patient learner. The rewards will be Elisha-like!

(Excerpted from a message at the Elav Youth Conference, July 6, 2014, Haifa)

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