Ex-Muslims Proclaim Yeshua in Israel
by Eitan Shiskoff, Executive Director, Tents of Mercy Network

Sounding a lot like a Joel Rosenberg novel, the stories of Umar Mulinde and Mosab Hassan Yousef contain intrigue, violence and dramatic redemption. These two men are currently risking their lives in Israel to share their testimonies as former Muslim leaders who've embraced Yeshua as their Savior and Lord. Not only that, but they both honor Israel and relate to the modern state as the fulfillment of God's promise to the Jewish people that they will live in this area forever.

"I am a Living Miracle"

On December 24, 2011 former Ugandan sheik, Umar Mulinde, had acid thrown on him by an assailant, determined to kill him with the maximum pain for his departure from Islam and convincing preaching of Yeshua. The acid ate away half of his face. It is now being reconstructed by Israeli surgeons at no charge. They gave him only 1% chance of making it. But he says "That is enough for God."

Pastor Mulinde did not always appreciate Israel as he does today. In fact, by his own testimony, "I hated Israel. I believed deeply that Islam would ultimately take righteous possession of their land and remove every Jew from this part of the world." After he came to faith, his heart was changed and he now teaches Ugandans to love Israel and has found widespread favor in this country.

Saved by divine intervention in 1992 through a series of terrifying dreams*, Pastor Mulinde tells anyone who will listen, "Don't be fooled. Islam is not a peaceful religion. In the West there is a political correctness about Islam as a peaceful religion, but I am evidence of what Islam really is ... Pray for them, but break the controlling spirit that holds them."

This bold and courageous Ugandan has given himself to the Lord Yeshua in such a total way that he is an inspiration. Pastor Mulinde has made himself available to the Israeli congregations and addressed Tents of Mercy and guests concerning his experiences and his God. His listeners cannot help but reflect on the quality of their own dedication to the Lord. He exhorted us, "I thank the God of Israel that I am alive today. Whatever persecution comes to you - take a stand. Don't be afraid. Nothing will separate you from His love."

The Son of Hamas

By a fascinating coincidence of timing that cannot be ignored, Mosab Hassan Yuosef also visited Israel. He has not been here since leaving, under the threat of his life in 2007. Personally, I never expected to hear about "The Son of Hamas" coming back. There must be a large price on his head. But he declared in a recent Jerusalem press conference that he intends to expose Islam as the violent religion it is. "It is not time to mince words," is the message Yousef made known.

In Yousaf's riveting book, Son of Hamas, he reveals how he worked with Israeli security to stop terror attacks against the Israelis. Once a terrorist himself and slated for the highest levels of Hamas leadership, the Palestinian became convinced that the resurrected Jesus Christ is the true Savior and that Mohammed authored a religion of war and death.

When amazing numbers of Muslims are having visions of Yeshua and coming to believe in Him despite their intensive training, what is going on? Are the Jewish people going to have similar visions, enabling us to know by revelation from Heaven that He really is our Messiah?

I believe the answer to both these questions is that we are entering the latter days. This is the time foretold by the prophets that would see God intervening in human affairs. He is making Himself known to radical Muslims because they are seeking someone to whom they can genuinely surrender. This is the meaning of Islam - submission. Regarding the Jewish people, our dreadful experience historically with the Church of Jesus, has built a thick barrier between us and Him. As the end draws near, we can expect, and should pray, that He will supernaturally make Himself known to multitudes within the nation of Islam and the nation of Israel. It's happening!

*See Pastor Mulindes testimony courtesy of MAOZ Ministries at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YMWd7QnXY8E


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