Eric Morey

Founding Elder
Poriya Congregation
"The candidates told us that the local believers have made a positive impression on the society here ..."

By Eric Morey

All six candidates sought out Messianic believers, and wanted to spend personal time with us as Election Day approached - even though we only constitute around 1% of the electorate in the Jordan Valley Region.

This February elections were held to choose the new Head of the Jordan Valley Regional Council, overseeing 22 villages from Capernaum in the north, around the Sea of Galilee and down along the Jordan River. This includes the village where we and most of our congregants live - Poriya Ilit. Our village of around 1000 souls, contains around 15% believers, easily the highest percentage of any secular Israeli community in the country.

They wanted to know who we are, and what we believe!

You can say they wanted our vote, which of course they did, but they spent an inordinate amount of time for 1% of the electorate. The candidates told us that the local believers have made a positive impression on the society here, including students in the schools, soldiers, volunteers on various committees, and the establishment of businesses in the area. Believers have been part of the Local governing committee of Poriya Illit Village - for most of the last 20 years.

We see a broadening acceptance of our Messianic communities here in the area, and a desire to connect with us. This is part of a new trend of transition from animosity to cautious acceptance and even favor.

We are making an impact in Israel!

Praise the Lord!!!


"The Jordan Valley is a spiritually strategic place ..."    

"The hand of the Lord came upon me and brought me out in the Spirit of the LORD
and set me down in the midst of the valley ... as I prophesied, there was a noise ...
and the bones came together ...
" (Ezekiel 37:1-7)

The Jordan Valley is a spiritually strategic place, and possibly "the" Valley of Dry Bones God brought Ezekiel to.

  • Moses looked into the Promised Land from Mount Nebo, overlooking the Jordan Valley.

  • Joshua and the children of Israel entered the Promised Land first in the Jordan Valley.

  • Elijah was transported into heaven from the Jordan Valley.

  • Yeshua established His ministry "headquarters" in the Jordan Valley (Capernaum), and most of His teachings and miracles took place here.
In the early 20th century, during and subsequent to the Second Aliyah (1904-1914), many of the major building blocks of the modern State of Israel were started in the Jordan Valley or by people who came out of the Jordan Valley. This includes one of the first agricultural schools, the first kibbutz, the first moshav, the Histadrut (the labor union that at one time represented 75 of the workers and owned 25% of the industry), the first health fund, the largest bank, the first department store, the largest construction company and many other institutions. Many of the heroes of the early days of Israel, such as Igal Allon and Moshe Dayan were born or bred in the Jordan Valley.

God brought Ezekiel in a vision to "THE" valley, seemingly a particular valley. There the dry bones were physically restored to life, from the exile (the whole of chapter 37 is about Aliyah). After the physical restoration, there was to be a spiritual restoration. If the physical restoration of the modern nation of Israel began in the Jordan Valley, then might it be that the Jordan Valley is the Valley of Dry Bones Ezekiel visited in his vision, and that the spiritual restoration of Israel may also begin here?

By Eric Morey
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16:26 01Mar16 John Carter -
Thank you for sharing this article. I, too, believe that THE Valley of Dry Bones is most likely the Jordan River Valley. On top of Masada, in December 2009, I had an experience where the Holy Spirit told me to prophesy to the Breath to come from the Four Winds and I obeyed. Moments later, while in the shop at Qumran, a lady on our tour said that she had a Vision before leaving the USA about the Valley of Dry Bones. She SAW an eagle flying overhead with a golden scroll in its' beak. As the eagle flew near to her, the golden scroll dropped from its' beak and broke into many pieces inside the rock foundation cracks. She looked over to see a man's sandals near her and when she looked up -- it was The Lord Yeshua !!! Yeshua told her to understand the vision, she MUST BEGIN at the Vision of THE VALLEY of Dry Bones !!!! The Holy Spirit told me on top of Masada, this IS THE PLACE where I brought the prophet Ezekiel from Babylonian captivity to SEE the vision of the valley of dry bones !!!! Just thought it would be nice to share that with you after reading this article today.

16:31 01Mar16 Frank Onofrio -
"All six candidates sought out Messianic believers..." - Which is exactly why Jesus (Yeshua) told us to love our enemies and bless those that curse us.

19:10 01Mar16 Richard Klein -
That is wonderful news!

02:55 01Mar16 Suzanna -
SHALOM and grace to you Pastor Morey, and all the Believers you lead and represent ... THANK YOU so much for this very informative article ~ which means so much to me ~ as you gave a very valuable practical and geographical description of this "slice of Israel" which many of us - though we have lived in Israel and visited a number of times had little real knowledge of. The SPIRITUAL anology you describe ~ is enormously encouraging for those of us who have prayed "for Israel" for many years - but only now [via Internet] are able to have a wider and more specific understanding of GOD's answers and work! No doubt you face difficulties, but may YOU be encouraged greatly! Ezekiel had no concept of Israel's IDF ~ but God's strategy of creating a NEED for every young person to be welded together ~ is well described as being "a vast ARMY!" [37:10] Our prayer is that God will do amazing things through Yeshua for the entire Nation of Isra'EL - and do ALL that He has promised even to giving double blessings! [Isaiah 14:1/2 & 61:7 etc!] Thank you and be encouraged! We can pray Isaiah 62 even better now!

15:37 02Mar16 Linda Hammer -
Thank you! This is very meaningful to me, as right now I am in the process of preparing to do a dramatic reading of the Dry Bones passage for our 3/26 Easter Vigil. Every day I am meditating on it, memorizing it, and creating the gestures and inflections that will bring it out. (I even had thought about whether I needed to say "THE" or could just say "A" - now I have my answer!)
With "apologies to Ezekiel", what I am hoping to do is make the man's voice not so much represent the great prophet, but take the liberty that the Lord addresses him as "Son of Man". I am going to make "Son of Man" voice represent the Church, now. It will be my chance to respond to a Replacement Theology sermon I heard. Thus, the Son of Man's voice will be disgusted with the dry bones, and even when he sees that they have come together, will rather have his nose up in the air because they still "have no breath in them". Then the Lord's voice will thunder "PROPHECY TO THE BREATH" and say, with a note of sternness, "these bones are the house of Israel". And then with fierceness and tenderness what he will do for his people.

00:03 03Mar16 Debbie Sundeen -
I look forward to the articles written by you all, provides a good understanding of what our messianic brothers and sisters' perspective is at this time. I pray for you all!

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