Revive Israel was birthed by Asher and Betty Intrater in 2002, along with a small group of brothers and sisters who shared in the vision of seeing God's Kingdom expand in Israel and throughout the world.
In 2004, God miraculously placed us in a rented building in a Judean hilltop town, just outside Jerusalem.

In those early days, Revive Israel started a pioneering, Hebrew-language discipleship and equipping center. The center was uniquely designed to equip indigenous young leadership. Daily worship, prayer and teaching provide one pillar of the training. Cleaning, kitchen duty, office work, professional training provide the other vital pillar of the training. Israelis started to come, and the program was adjusted and refined. Gradually, God brought together a team of men and women who are now walking together in love and unity.

Forty young Israelis have been a part of our training center, together with half as many volunteers from abroad. Our core staff and daily community of worshippers and trainees amount to two dozen on any given weekday morning, roughly twelve men disciples and twelve women disciples. From what we have read of a phenomenally successful former discipleship school in Israel, twelve is a good number!

In 2006, in a further expansion of the vision, a team of Revive Israel trainees joined together to form the core of a new congregation in the heart of Jerusalem. In just two years, Ahavat Yeshua Congregation has grown from twenty people to over one hundred participants. Israelis are coming to faith, and the Shabbat meeting is making a second move to a larger facility.

In these few years, we have seen much fruit:

The equipping center and the administrative offices of Revive Israel are still in the same rented building, while our local families are bursting at the seams hosting students and guests.

Amazingly, several months ago the door opened for us to purchase two adjoining properties which are set apart from the generally crowded building pattern in the area, making this a perfect location for all that we do! This enlarged and permanent home for Revive Israel will enable us to continue to grow as we fulfill God's calling on this ministry. The move from renting to owning a part of the land of Israel will be a further setting apart of a place for God's use and to His glory (Ex. 25:8). "Thus says the LORD of hosts the God of Israel, houses ... will again be bought in this land." Jer. 32:15

We believe that money given to this project is a solid investment in the advancement of God's Kingdom and the future of revival in Israel. There is no doubt that this is God's provision! We have already gone to contract on these purchases and by God's grace, over two thirds of the needed funds have already been pledged. There is just $300,000 remaining, which we need to raise within the next 2 months.

Please pray for this project and consider helping us to complete the purchase of this ministry center. We believe that this is a unique moment and that now is the time for us to lay hold of this wonderful opportunity God has put before us.

"And let them make Me a sanctuary (a place set apart), and I will dwell among them." Ex. 25:8

Update on Purchase of Facility for Equipping,
Weekday Worship and Administration ...

Thank you for donations you have given, which cover a third of the cost!
A purchase agreement has already been signed.
Further donations to the Revive Israel Building Fund will enable this facility to aid the growth of the body of believers in Israel, without long term loans.
If you are led to donate towards this, please make your tax deductable gifts payable to Tikkun International, with a seperate nore for "RI Building Fund," and mail to the Tikkun US office.
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