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Discipleship Training Center (DTC) Recent Highlights:

The third semester has started in the Discipleship Training Center, a Hebrew-language program equipping and making disciples. Twenty students have attended the DTC since it began 14 months ago.

Expansion of Community to Include Congregation:

The community around the DTC is expanding to include a congregation ("Ahavat Yeshua") with weekly Shabbat services. The first open, public meeting will be just following the Feast of Weeks (Pentecost).

We held a Passover weekend retreat in the Judean Desert as a pre-congregation time of fellowship and unity. Around 60 people attended. The meetings and quarters were in a large Bedouin style tent. We could really identify with the children of Israel wandering around in the Sinai desert, sleeping in tents just following the first Passover and Exodus from Egypt.

Daily Praise, Prophecy and Prayer:

We continue our daily sessions of praise, prophecy and prayer. We are delighted to see inspired, spontaneous words of revelation coming forth from the students in the Hebrew tongue. Here is a brief excerpt of a word of encouragement in translation:

"The dirtiest, most stinking thing that there is, is rotting organic matter in a sewer pipe. Rocks don't stink. The thing that stinks is that which was once alive and is now dead. Food that was lovely and tasty a few days before, becomes the most disgusting thing after death comes into it. Similarly, the most disgusting sin is what happens when that which was created to be lovely, goes rotten. That's why rape and incest are so abominable. That's why physical abuse in the family is so horrible. Sin is the intrusion of death and disorder into the lovely life God created. As we walk according to the Spirit (Romans 8), we begin to get rid of the stinking 'body of death' and rotten decay (Romans 7:24) and receive the incorruptible, His resurrection life, with a sweet fragrant aroma."

By David Shishkoff


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