| by David Shishkoff |

This semester we have seen a remarkable increase in the depth of love and service in the discipleship community. This was the first semester since we consolidated all the students and young families into the same town where the discipleship center is located, in the western outskirts of Jerusalem. The students live with different families within walking distance from each other. This has enabled student fellowship and service to continue into the evenings and weekends.

The program has expanded from 4 to 5 days a week. The anchor of each morning continues to be the time of worship and prayer / seeking and hearing.

This has been our 4th semester. Four new students joined us in addition to three returning second year intern students.

Some of the highlights of this semester have been:
A note from Tikkun International

Revive Israel is actively involved in giving humanitarian aid to individuals and ministries in serious need. In the November issue of Israel's Restoration, we unintentionally erred in our description of Revive Israel's humanitarian aid to an individual. Our donations were to Pnina; a faithful Israeli believer who is suffering financially. The gifts were not given to her business. To be clear, under the U.S. non-profit law, we are not permitted to give donations to businesses.

We are also not permitted to accept donations designated for individuals, so please do not designate gifts either for "Pnina's Pies" or for Pnina.

If you feel encouraged to partner with us in Humanitarian Aid; a ministry that flows from the heart of God, please designate your gift as "Humanitarian Aid."

By David Shishkoff


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