First Semester Completed
In Discipleship Training Center
| by David Shishkoff |

The first semester of the new training center lasted from Feb-June 2005. There were 10 full time students and as many part timers. They came from the 3 different congregations connected with the training center. This has been a pioneering effort and is one of the first Hebrew language, full-time discipleship programs in Israel.

The average training day included:

Special field trips included:

The courses taught this first semester were:

Selected testimonies from the first semester:

"This was the most blessed period of my life up until now, and brought much hope and love. I feel greater freedom from all the tensions that were in my life. This was an environment where I could deal with even the small things in life, and an opportunity for me to set myself apart and concentrate on what is most important." - David C.

"These five months helped me to understand and to put many things in place spiritually, and to apply many of the things taught. I experienced strengthening and healing in the inner man and made good progress. With the daily practice in prophetic worship I learned to listen better to the Holy Spirit, and to sense the personal way that God speaks with me." - Sagi C.

"The semester was a great time of meeting with the Lord. Revelation He poured on us shaped my character and stability in my emotions. The pace was fast and hectic at times, but it caused me to focus on keeping my eyes upon Yeshua and loving my neighbor. The Bible reading program put a hunger in my spirit that has helped me to stay consistent with my reading. It was a powerful blessing and joy to come before the Lord everyday in worship through song and intercession. It was also a great encouragement to see how the Lord brought so many really special guests from the nations to worship with us." - K. M.

"For me this time was about getting to know God and personally hearing from him. I experienced much healing in my life. He taught me things about my personality and things in me that need to change. Now I am learning how to be in this world but still belong to God and shine His light." - Mazal T.

We appreciate your prayers as we prepare for the fall semester of the discipleship training center.

By David Shishkoff