In early March, a group of influential Polish Christian pastors visited Revive Israel for a time of bridge building and reconciliation with Israeli Jewish believers in Jesus.
      In the estimation of many, Poland was the largest central focus of world Jewry in the decades and centuries prior to the early 1900's. Following the Nazi invasion of Poland, almost all of the 3 million Polish Jews were systematically killed, and this with the tacit approval of portions of the Polish population. Jews were brought from all over Europe to the death camps located on Polish soil, Auschwitz being the most notable example. Jewish history in Poland was brought to an abrupt and violent halt.
      Then out of the smoke of Auschwitz, the modern state of Israel was reborn! After suffering under Communism for decades, Poland became a significant spark of freedom in leading the way to the collapse of Communism all over Eastern Europe.
      As Poles and Israelis, we met together to open lines of reconciliation, understanding and repentance for the past and to pray together for the Spirit of God to work in our nations. We felt that this was significant - a moment in time to begin to restore a relationship that was long neglected.
      What a sign to see our Polish brothers come with humility and understanding, stretching out their hands toward Israel in repentance and commitment to stand against evil in the future.



By David Shishkoff

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