David Shishkoff

This two week trip was conceived by our Korean/Israeli friend, Yoni (Pastor Hyun) to expose a team of Israelis to their fellow believers in China and Korea for mutual impartation, connection and awareness.


Arrived in China and met with a small Korean house church in Beijing. Shared testimonies, words of encouragement, and prayer - a powerful time. We saw refreshing come to these brothers and sisters who are emissaries interceding for the nearly one and a half billion Chinese. Went to see the Great Wall of China- an awesome monument to the unity, manpower and sovereignty of the most populous nation in history.

Visited international foreign (free) church and a Chinese underground house church meeting in a large living room, with 300 people sitting on the floor. Prayed individually for those who stayed after the service. These are beautiful, simple folks coming with their broken lives to the only One who can really heal them. Prayer goals - healing of families/marriages, refreshing of the pastor, and protection from authorities. This church has been discovered by the police but is being allowed to meet "as long as they keep quiet."


Regional leadership training for leaders in one network of the underground church - held in a relatively safe area, so that we non-Asians would not arouse suspicion. The leaders were part of a national network led by a precious couple, "J" and "H". We had the privilege of ministering to "J" as a team for refreshing. This emissary couple has given decades of their lives to birth revival in China. They began discipling a few Chinese believers 20 years ago, and that first "generation" raised up another and another, until today several thousand small fellowships are in the network.

About 40 young Chinese leaders (plus our team) received impartation in areas of: leadership, digging into the Bible, and being filled with the Spirit. We gave testimonies and words of encouragement. A seed was planted for mutual prayer - us for China and them for Israel. These are able, fervent, precious brothers and sisters - part of a generation which will lead the believers through the coming period of change in China. China has become the 5th most powerful economy in the world. Economic and social conditions are becoming freer.


Visited two of the biggest churches in the world, one with 700 thousand members, and another with a sanctuary that seats 25,000. Prayed with a Korean businessman to receive the Lord. Prayed and shared with intercessors of the Korean Israel Bible Institute, and a college age group. Sang praise psalms in the original Hebrew before several congregations.


Ministered to an Israeli in Los Angeles. He experienced a supernatural touch of God's spirit. Participated in a 3 day conference hosted by Grace Korean Church, with a strong world-wide vision, servant heart, zeal, and emphasis on love and personal friendship. We also shared with them and had different opportunities for special ministry and prayer.

We were really moved by both the Chinese and the Korean believers. It was encouraging to see that these two great "heroes" of the faith, are not superhuman. Even their most famous leaders are still people just like us. We can get from here to there. It's not beyond our reach. They are not preaching revelations we have not seen. But it will cost us our lives and an extraordinary commitment to prayer. It's not magic. It's not a divine lottery. "But the Word is very near you, in your mouth and in your heart, so that you may do it." (Deut. 30:14 MKJV)

[Special thanks to all who made this trip possible.]


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