Abandoning Israel
| Dr Daniel Juster, Director |

I was riveted to the title of the book on the display case at the Baltimore Airport coffee and book shop. The author had given many convincing interviews on news programs. I flipped though the pages of this book dealing with the war on terror. I was drawn to buy it and actually forked up full price. As a senior analyst with the Central Intelligence Agency, the author can not reveal his identity. In interviews his face is covered and his voiced altered. His best selling book is Imperial Hubris.


The book is riveting. It is both masterful in presenting truth and also dangerous in presenting error. In reading, I came to believe that this book could be a prophetic sign as to the direction of world events.

Here is my understanding of his most true and powerful points.

  1. This is not a war against generic terrorism, but is war against an Islamic insurgency that has the sympathy of the majority of the Islamic world. Ben Laden is massively popular. We only deceive ourselves by saying that this war is about a radical fringe.
  2. The driving force in this war is a revived Islam that has returned to its more original nature where violence of the most severe kind is a legitimate tool to defend and extend Islamic rule. Jihad or Holy War is the name for this. Islam is not peaceful, tolerant, or loving, despite the words of our political leaders. The issue is not poverty or the need for democracy, but a religious ideology that transcends rich and poor.
  3. If we are to defeat this foe, it will take a level of war and propaganda beyond anything that our political leaders now embrace or admit.
  4. Because of the ideology of classical Islam, and the tribal nature of many Islamic societies, the idea of bringing pluralistic democracy to such peoples is remote.
  5. Militant Islam is driven by an honor/shame based system of thought whereby it is all important to see Islamic lands defended and redeemed. So-called innocent life is inconsequential.


The author makes two astonishing statements.

  1. Islam does not now seek to dominate the world though jihad. This is not the present threat. Such a call for jihad to extend Islam requires a unified Caliphate (Muslim unified government). There is little chance of such unity in the Muslim world. This thesis is believed by Islamic movements in Africa and other countries.
  2. Muslims are not fighting us because they despise the life style of the West though they do despise us. Rather they fight because they see the policies of the United States and its allies as anti-Muslim. It is true that Muslims see the United States and its allies as the cause of world strife and see themselves fighting a defensive battle. Why? Because the strife in Chechnya, Kashmir, the Philippines, and China are seen as resulting from oppressing Muslims with U. S. support. In addition the West props up corrupt regimes in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Pakistan, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. However, the greatest offense by far to Muslims is the support for Israel, seen as a colonial power propped up by the Crusader west. Therefore the key to winning the Islamic war is not only military power (which the author thinks is crucial) but changing policy and perception so the Islamic world no longer sees the United States as opposing religious Muslims in their own territory.

The author argues that we must fight a much tougher war, but also must change policy and perception in the Islamic world. How? By not backing corrupt regimes for temporary benefits such as oil. We should become energy independent. However, the most important policy he recommends to change is our Israel policy. This more than any other policy fuels militant Islam. For him, we have no national self interest in Israel. If we do not change these policies, the war could last without end. Israel must stand or fall on its own.

We should note that Militant Islam will see no policy as just other than the elimination of the state of Israel. For Muslims, this is Muslim land taken by the British and given to the Jews. The pressure of Islamic terror along with the acceptance of the author's two theses, could bring the very battle of Armageddon. Already voices are heard in Europe at the highest levels of government saying that the creation of the State of Israel by the U. N. in 1948 was a mistake. World peace requires the elimination of Israel and the resettlement of the Jews! These words are spoken in nations that were the most Anti-Semitic and compliant in the holocaust. Israel must be the scapegoat for the sake of world peace.

The key issues are spiritual and the author has no spiritual perception. The issue of the land is a key world issue of God's sovereignty. Does God have the right to speak and to allocate one very small piece of land? Derek Prince rightly pointed out fifty years ago, that the primary issue of Israel is the world's rebellion against God and His Word.


If the nations invade Israel to force an unjust settlement and/or Israel's elimination, Israel will fight to the death. It is amazing that such a scenario so well fits the words of Zechariah 12 and 14. All nations are described as coming against Israel in Zechariah 14. Islamic countries are especially described in Ezekiel 38, and 39. Could this be it? Are we near to events leading up to Armageddon? We can not know. Surprises may be in store. But, never has such a scenario looked more realistic.

Of course, none of this takes into account the biblical promise, to individuals and nations, "I will bless those who bless thee." (Genesis 12:3, NIV) The true dynamics of these times can only be understood by those submitted to an open Bible. As we speak, prophecy is also being fulfilled by more and more Jewish people embracing the Good News. This is end times stuff. The anonymous author gives only partially right policy suggestions and then gives dangerous, destructive hints at abandoning Israel. This is why only followers of Yeshua from every nation will know what is right. They will shape history through fasting and prayer.

By Daniel Juster


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08:31 11Nov04 Carolynne Lewis-Arevalo -
I appreciate this article by Dan, but am surprised to see this information presented as NEWS; I thought this was understood by all Messianic Jews.

10:16 11Nov04 Karin Paparelli -
Excellent thought provoking article. We too see these things on the horizon ... and agree prayer and fasting are essential during the days to come. This is an age which requires much wisdom, discernment and courage.

11:52 11Nov04 John Glueck -
Outstanding. The USA has only two paths: a quick descent into global compliance with forces seeking to abandon Israel or continuing to stand up for the God of Israel, at the very least in our support for her right to exist. Certainly, more severe and yet incremental judgment awaits the nation who takes the first path. As an American and a Jew, it is critical to understand that the severity of judgment will be measured according to the light we have enjoyed! All Messianic Jews and Christians must undertake to fast and pray in this hour.

12:08 11Nov04 Scott -
Shalom, as the article says, God does not ask much of the world, he requires only a small piece of His creation for His people. I will never abandon Israel, the Jewish people wil always be in my daily prayers. The USA is going the way of saying the God of Israel is the same God of Islam and Budda etc... Big mistake to conform to the world views just to keep them on their side. If we turned a cold shoulder on Isreal I would have to turn a cold shoulder on America. I am a Messianic Jewish beliver that would love to have a reason to move to Israel.

13:29 11Nov04 Pelham Gross -
THanks, Dan, for this one page book report. I would never have bought it with a title like "Imperial Hubris"! Your point very well taken and understood.

13:31 11Nov04 amonymous -
I think that there IS a strong sentiment that the United States should abandon Israel, and it comes from diverse areas in this country. There are still many people here that subscribe to the "white is right" theory, and they would be fine with the idea that the Jews have no right to any piece of land on earth. Obviously, this theory defies holy scripture and God's promise to His chosen people. We must, as God-fearing people, continue to appeal to Congress and the President to support Israel and its sovereignty. Michael Evans, in his book, Jerusalem Betrayed, spoke to this apparent desire by the State Department to give the whole nation of Israel to Palestine. It's another look at our government's willingness to cave to the Arab nations despite the mandate in Psalm 122:6 "Pray for the peace of Jerusalem; those who love you shall prosper."

14:15 11Nov04 anonymous -
Completely right; it is very dangerous to hint ideas about abondoning Israel. Unfortunately for the earthly thinking it makes sense, even partially the Church will agree, because she does not know and teach the roots of Christianity and our absolute one-ness; Jews and Gentiles in God's eye. Only those understand the dangerous violation of standing against Israel who know Yeshua in their hearts.

03:33 12Nov04 Don Thomas -
Thank you, Dr. Juster, for pointing out these trends in current foreign policy thinking. In the updated version of your book with Keith Intrater, there seems to be a backing away from interpreting Ezekiel 38 and 39 as preliminary to Armegeddon. Some classical Dispensationalists put this Gog and Magog event before the 7 year tribulation, forcing the antichrist to emerge to bring peace. Is it possible that Israel may be temporarily used by the devil to bring in a false prophet-messiah that will align the world to the European-developed one-world order? Could portions of an ideologically divided America then be used as "cities of refuge" or "Goshens" for the trying times ahead for the international Church and for deceived-betrayed Israel? Who knows what may happen after the President finishes his term in office.

20:12 12Nov04 anonymous -
Praise God! He is sovereign and has promised to perform His Word. Thanks for more info on this complex situation. We recently found out what prayer and fasting accomplishes, didn't we?

08:40 13Nov04 Eli -
One cannot be a fanatical Bible-Torah-Tanakh-Brit Hadashah Y'shua Believing Hebrew-Israelite & not have read that in the end of days Eretz Israel & the Hebrew-Israelites (G-d only knows which tribes we belong to) BE BE DESERTED BY THE WHOLE WORLD & LEFT STANDING ALONE! That includes every nation in the world leaving Israel ALONE! That is why it is so important we as individuals HAVE TO STAND WITH ISRAEL & BE BLESSED EVEN IN OUR DEATH FOR HIS CAUSE! WE MUST STAND WITH THE G-D OF ISRAEL Y'SHUA THE G-D OF AVRAHAM, ISAAC & JACOV - end of story (IF WE PLAN ON HAVING ANY CHANCE OF BEING WITH HIM INTO ETERNITY).

23:28 16Nov04 Wesley & Stacey Campbell -
Hey Daniel, You've done it again. Thank-you for your keen awareness of the real issue's and helping us to see what might otherwise be over looked.
What you are describing is of huge importance!!!! What can and should we do about so troubling a scenario?

16:05 19Nov04 Werner Halbeck -
I agree with your article fully. My fear is that President Bush will follow some of the advice offered in this book thereby loosing G-d's protection for this country.

17:42 20Nov04 Lee Zaker -
I appreciate the insight. I follow the news in Israel with great interest since out trip in 2000 to Eretz Yisrael.

13:44 25Nov04 Vernon "Bud" Truitt -
Enjoyed this article - as a matter of fact, I enjoyed the whole magazine. 14:55 26Nov04 Jim Wallis -
Thanks, Dan, for letting us know about this book. It prompts me to pray even more fervently for President Bush and, of course, for Israel. God bless you.

15:29 27Nov04 Roger Walkwitz -
Very accurate and very true! We have concluded the same for a long time, only waiting for the pieces to be put in place. Hopefully the governments will back off their stated policies and got back to the biblical truth they both profess to know and believe.

15:03 28Nov04 Pieter Siebert -
We need spiritual understanding more than political understanding; may God give us the discernment. Thanks for the article, it will communicate with the right people - it has with me!

03:28 2Dec04 Rosemary Baca -
Thank you for this wake up call to fast and pray, amidst a confusion of international politics that besets many of us as night comes upon the world. You can never give too many reminders, whether news or history, it's all relevant to the times we're in and should continue to be shouted from the rooftops. It's too unbearable to even think that phrases like "resettlement of the Jews" are being uttered among political leaders--a thought, once again, too, too horrible to perceive as reality. I gather from your report, that the author seems clearly to bring out that negotiation has never been in the Islamic mindset. A clear signpost for the U.S. not to abandon Israel, don't you think?

23:28 22Dec04 anonymous -
Great article. I appreciate Mr Juster for putting this book under the proper lighting. The best deceptions are a fine mix of truth and lie. This article based on the book which represents the view of this so called CIA Analyst does not suprise me. Even worse I know from personal experiences that many people share the same views as this CIA fellow. However, there are many Americans who do not share this view...and I would be one of them. I am a Christian, Patriotic American, and a strong supporter of Israel. Even though I've never been to Israel...I feel a special kinship with the people of Israel. I will never forsake Israel and as for my Country...better we should forsake the whole world than to forsake Israel. I have defended my Lord, the Bible, the Church, and Israel many times in many different places. I spread the Gospel with every opportunity the Lord puts before me. I have no fear when it comes to serving my Lord...I enjoy being his servant...We all must do what we can to promote the truth and defeat deception in service to our Lord!

19:22 23Dec04 Vernon "Bud" Truitt -
I agree completely with your comments! I am a pastor (Emeritus) Church of God, (Cleveland, TN) with Irish background and a Jewish heart: What more could I say! God bless you and your work for HIM!