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"A central insanity in our world today is the refusal of the Western political ruling class to recognize the nature of the Islamic threat."

"There is a demonic blindness around us. It prevents many from seeing that Islam cannot accept any Israeli state no matter how limited its territory."
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No doubt many of our readers are familiar with the great controversy surrounding revelations made by Edward Snowden, a computer analyst working under contract for the NSA. You are probably already asking why this subject is important to those concerned about Israel and world redemption. Please allow me to connect the dots.

The NSA Collects All the Telephone Data in the United States. Why?

Many people in the United States were stunned by the revelation that the National Security Agency, one of the two leading intelligence agencies in the United States, was gathering data on all the telephone calls being made within as well as to and from the United States. The data was used to find patterns for anticipating terrorist activity. NSA was also spying on leaders of allied foreign countries. The infrastructure to accomplish all of this is mind-boggling. Literally square blocks of storage facilities and tens of billions of dollars were needed for the whole program, and expanded facilities are now being built. Civil liberties campaigners were incensed and protested strongly. Some in Congress embraced the program as legitimate, while others disapproved and saw a real threat to civil liberties.

It is true that such NSA information in the wrong hands and used for the wrong reasons could be dangerous since someone could exploit it against political enemies. Supposedly there are safeguards, but human beings are corrupt. It is not my purpose here to deal with the justification of Edward Snowden or the civil liberties issues involved. There is a deeper issue showing the real nature of the elite culture involved.

Why are Billions of Dollars Being Wasted on this Program?

It is for the sake of political correctness. Although virtually all terrorist acts are perpetrated by radical Muslims, the cultural elite that controls USA political institutions believe that it cannot just pursue telephone data on only Muslims or Muslims who are living in areas where radicalism is fostered. This would be classed as discrimination and religious or racial profiling. After all, as we learned from President Bush, Islam is a "loving, peaceful and tolerant religion." Just ask the Christians about the wonderful freedoms they have in Muslim countries. (I am being facetious.) No Muslim country practices human rights according to the Universal Declaration on Human Rights that was adopted by the United Nations and is binding upon all UN member states. So at a fraction of the cost, the USA could just collect data on Muslims or even collect data only on Muslims who are subject to radical preaching. Monitoring Muslim sites on the internet and those who frequent the radical sites does help. This could cover nearly all the intelligence needs. One could add to this list the North Koreans who ally with radical Islamic states. What would be the response to those who cry discrimination? It is simple. The government should say, "We do not like to do this, but since your religious communities are producing virtually all terrorism today, this is something you will have to live with until you are able to change your societies and communities." Though people scream against corporate punishment, a corporate way of dealing is correct when there is a corporate problem at this level. Instead, the answer of the political elite is to punish everyone. Everyone goes through airport security hassles; everyone has their data collected and their privacy violated. It is not literal punishment, but it feels as if everyone is getting punished so that society can be fair to the Muslims. So a Swedish grandmother, who is traveling with her small grandchildren, gets put through a special random pat-down just to prove there is no discrimination.

In Israel, profiling is embraced and keeps us safe. It is the only rational way. As one security expert from Israel said of USA airport security, "You have my toothpaste, but the terrorist just got through."

Connecting the Dots:
Western Denial, Political Correctness and Israel

A central insanity in our world today is the refusal of the Western political ruling class to recognize the nature of the Islamic threat. Many government officials in the West will no longer use the words "Islamic terrorism", or "jihadism" or "radical Islam." Those few voices that speak out from among moderate Muslims do use these words. There is almost a choice to be blind in the political and media leadership. Acres of storage space to gather all the telephone data for all Americans at the cost of untold billions of dollars is the same insanity that cannot see the root of the Israel-Arab conflict.

Israel is boycotted as the occupying power of the West Bank while Muslim peoples slaughter the Christian population in their midst and kill and oppress their own women and minorities at terrible levels. Israel is said to be a violator of human rights, but the terrible Islamic records of slaughter and torture do not get nearly the proportionate attention as alleged Israel human rights violations. The Palestinian Muslims have systematically destroyed or purged what used to be a substantial Christian population in Bethlehem. No one calls for boycotting Saudi Arabia for its oppression of women, or other Muslim nations for their human rights records with the exception of Iran. Might I mention China? China is too strong for such treatment. Israel is an easier target. Anyone for boycott, disinvestment and sanction for Moscow's occupation of parts of Georgia and most recently the Crimea, China's occupation of Tibet, and Turkey's occupation of northern Cyprus?

There is a demonic blindness around us. It prevents many from seeing that Islam cannot accept any Israeli state no matter how limited its territory. Islam states that this land, having once been ruled by Muslims as part of the Dar al Islam, or the Islamic realm, cannot revert to being non-Muslim.

Israel has committed sins in its rule of the Arabs, but its human rights record is stellar in comparison to how Muslim and Arab nations treat their minorities. One of the Supreme Court Justices in Israel is an Arab, and Arabs in Israel west of the green line have full voting rights and political freedom. If they would organize and vote as a block they could have upwards of 20% of the members in the Israeli Parliament. In addition, though there are unofficial pressures or light persecutions of Messianic Jews, people really are allowed by law to share their faith, and people can change their religious convictions. Yet the world does not see, or does not want to see. To face what we are up against is too scary. So Israel is vilified and the Islamic world is given a free pass. It is said that the Muslims are only angry because of the Colonialism of the West or the abuse they have experienced. Really? I thought the Arab nations were ruled by the Turkish Ottoman Empire until after World War I, and that the Western nations prepared them for independence which many could not handle.

The deception in regard to Islam and the injustice that results from not facing the Israel-Arab reality are leading to great destruction. Hopefully the West will wake up. My primary concern, however, is that the praying Church be awakened and stand for the truth.

As Messianic Jews from Israel, we minister in the Church world with the goal that Christians might be clear-eyed and not be taken in by the spirit of the age. Our strength is in prayer and testimony according to the wisdom of God.

By Daniel Juster
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13:40 05May14 Doris Escurriola Allemann -
I can understand you so well, I have the same problems with many Christians, who still have not noticed what is behind the Islam. One only has to read the Koran: with hate for Israel, and everyone who does not think like them. Unfortunately the world - and many Christians are blind. Europe and the States sold themselves to the Arab countries for petrol. How can lies and false acusation run to people or a nation so easy? I don't know!
Last week I met with a sister and her mother, both Christians, they invited a sister of the mother - a non Christian, Carmen. Talking with her about the Lord, there came up the theme of Israel. I was shocked to hear Carmen's opinion about Israel: all bad people because they are rich, etc. We taught her the principals of God's economy, and how the God of Israel commands them to help the needy and weak ... and obeying, it was becoming a blessing for the nation of Israel. Living in Spain, not many Christians are taught to love Israel and to pray for their peace. But there are some who really do love Israel. I would like to say, as the prophet from Samaria saw an army of angels, so I believe to see an army of Christians who do love Israel and pray for you, we do love you, we are very proud of you! If I dare to say something, then I would sugest that you pray for the Christians of the World, that we become this strong army of intercessors for you. Yes, probably the enemy will try to conquer you, but they all will fall, and hopefully, many many will see the light of Jesus - Jews, Muslims and of all nations. Do you think so too? God bless you richly, He is with you, dear and beloved people!

  -- Dr Juster replies: Yes, it is so important that Christians not be taken in by the spirit of Islam. We are spending untold billions in the West to maintain a deception.

14:56 05May14 Bob Colver -
The spirit of this world, dominates the "secular church", as well many secular Jews in their lack of support for Israel. The dispensation movement is blind to Acts 3:21, expecting God to handle the Jewish question same time in the future. But, the future is NOW. We have lost the Biblical Mission to become ONE NEW MAN here & NOW. Unless we become Spiritual Israel and act as one, going through this period of Recompemse will seen like the Great Tribulation. We most prepare for warfare and Victory, because the enemy is at war and we must Overcome.

15:50 05May14 Sinikka Elers -
All are like the blind and deaf are waiting to play the guitar and scale entertainment as the captivity joe's shores was it Babylon [translated from Finnish by Google]

17:23 05May14 Roger Walkwitz -
Thanks for saying it all "like it is!" And no need to be soft on George Bush, who to this day still sticks by Islam as the "peaceful religion," a total lie! Yes, the elite of both parties have their prejudicial blinders on regarding Israel. WHY?? I think they have rejected Yeshua and therefore are under the control of Satan, compounded by the "delusion" that God is sending on those who have refused to believe Him, according to 2 Thess 2. It is amazing that they just "do not see it, or don't want to see Truth," because the Truth and Facts are very clear to those of us who are in Yeshua's Family. Keep sounding off, loud and clear!!!

  -- Dr Juster replies: I agree that the blindness is terrible, but I do see people who profess to walk with Yeshua involved in the blindness as well. I wish that just believing in him would deliver, but the culture seems so powerful. We must seek God and ask him to show us the truth.

19:41 05May14 Jesse Bruton -
Thank you for sharing your insights, Dan. I learn something every time I read something of yours. This is excellent!

06:47 06May14 Philip Latham -
Well said! It should be obvious even to the blind that Islam via the Arab states that surround Israel - and Islamic states further afield - will NOT accept Israel; would prefer to wipe it and its people from the face of the earth. Politicians, alas, too often have a selective blindness.

  -- Dr Juster replies: Indeed, they do have this selective blindness, but it is a very great blindness.

09:50 06May14 Jay Axtell -
Thank you for highlighting this important subject. The Dar al Islam in Muslim ideaology is not something that is broadcast in the Western world which must be taken seriously. May this message be heard throughout the world.

22:30 06May14 Sarah -
"Theres a demonic blindness around us." I never thought of it that way. I think you are right.'

04:04 07May14 Elsje Stroh -
Darkness is a squatter. It has no permanent residence. The earth was meant to be full of the glory of our God and as He is rapidly fulfilling all the prophecies, THE EARTH SHAAL BE FILLED WITH THE GLORY OF THE LORD.
God is LIGHT and as the sons of God move into their position of sonship, the earth will be filled with His Light. Light has permanent residence in us and where the light shines, the darkness wil have to go.

06:13 07May14 Chris Moyler -
I would like to respond to Bob Colver's post, 05May. He makes a hugely important point in my opinion, when he mentions the impact that Dispensational teaching has had on the American Church. Here in the UK, the problem is more one of Replacement Theology, but in the USA it would seem that a major problem, especially among evangelicals, is the problem of wrong teaching.
I didn't used to pay much attention to when the Rapture would take place, but I now believe it will quickly assume great importance. This is why I am delighted that Mike Bickle is teaching on this in great detail. The most damaging part of the teaching would seem to be the teaching concerning a pre-tribulation rapture, and within this teaching the idea that the Rapture is imminent - that it could occur at any time. I read Arnold Fruchtenbaum's article on this. I have been greatly blessed by his writings, but on this issue he would seem to me to have been over influenced by American Evangelicals.
The fruit of all this is that the Western Church is blinded to her holy and most urgent task, the restoration of the Jewish Messianic community, especially within the Land of Israel. I long for the increasing emergence of the Jewish Messianic apostleship, that would help us Gentile believers who dearly love Israel, to sort these things out.
I am sure the work of Kings Seminary in training Messianic leaders will be enormously helpful, but for those of us who will never do such advanced courses, we would like to participate in Messianic teaching at a congregational/layman level.

13:20 10May14 Alex -
I live in Indonesia, the most populous Muslim country in the world. History tells that our nation suffered Western colonialism (especially Dutch). It could be true for Indonesian Muslims, that they are angry because of Western colonialism in the past. Some Muslims go even further to make an association of the West and Christianity. But they are wrong if they accuse Christians of being pro colonialism, since many Indonesian National Heroes were Christians.

  -- Dr Juster replies: Yes of course. Nations like China, India, Cylon, and Pakistan, for example were quite different. But Arab history is about Turkish rule.

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