A Deeper Look at Atheism
by Dan Juster, Director, Tikkun Ministries International

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My heart is again burdened in ongoing dialogue with young people in Israel who are wrestling with the faith of their Messianic Jewish upbringing as compared to agnosticism and atheism. The percentage of young people following in the faith of their parents here in Israel is higher than in some Western nations. Yet, I continue to have periodic discussions with a local contingent of young adults who are not at present following the faith of their parents.

In one of these recent conversations, I noted that there is no foundation in atheism for moral ethics or for right and wrong. As Yale philosopher Stevenson argued - for an atheist, ethical statements are not really statements that can be called true or false. Right and wrong become only expressions of what we like and urge others to like - for example, "I hate killing and urge you to hate it too." Such a society creates norms out of what people commonly like and dislike. However, these norms are not based on true absolutes. So in the end they don't really have any more force of validity than say, urging people: "Please eat broccoli because it is healthy."

Professor Singer, a Jewish teacher of ethics at Princeton, has argued that a developed dog has more differentiated consciousness than a retarded baby. According to this line of reasoning, the dog has more right to life than the baby, and therefore the human baby can be killed!!! This concept prompted and inspired my essay.

Five Societal Principles of Atheism Taken to its Ultimate Logical Conclusions

Atheism views man as merely a product of naturalistic evolution. As such, it should fully develop a world view to arrive at practical societal principles that fit this conception of human origins and possible destiny. These principles would be based on the maximum fulfillment of those human beings most advanced in evolutionary progress - "survival of the fittest". To attain that goal, atheism would seek for society to discard all talk of humans as existing in the image of God or being intrinsically different from animals. In this view, human beings only have value because of what they can do and experience better than all the other organisms with which they are competing to survive. Their competitive edge is only in superior intelligence and creative ability.

1. Atheism Would Embrace Social Class Distinctions

If atheism were to create a human civilization based on human achievement, it would be crucial to also discard the whole idea of the equal value of every human being. In this view humans would be rated on the scale of capability, both individually and as societies. According to this thinking, those societies more advanced in evolution should rule those less advanced. Those less advanced as individuals would serve those who are more advanced.

2. Atheism would Breed Out or even Eliminate non-Productive Populations

According to naked atheistic logic, evolution of the human race requires breeding out or even terminating those dragging the planet down. This would mean the humane elimination of the underclass that manifests inter-generational poverty. Those societies that have shown centuries of backwardness would also be marked for eradication. War as a means to terminate those backward societies would be considered a worthy end. With advanced weapons, war would be waged with less loss of life for the advanced and productive. Subsequently, in this atheistic view, lands that have become vacant of (backward) inhabitants would now be populated by more advanced and productive members of the human race. Hence ultimate atheism would fulfill the vision of a better world for fewer and more advanced people. Overpopulation by the under-classes would be perceived as threatening humanity. Great feelings of love would be cultivated for those who are high achievers, and lesser love for those who are only adequate achievers.

3. Atheism would Transcend the Family

According to full atheistic logic, the family arrangement was merely an interlude in evolutionary history and can now be transcended. In this view children should be raised in a communal way under experts who can maximize their achievements. Even during elementary studies, teachers would begin deciding what roles their pupils will perform in society as adults. The menial roles would be done by those of lower I. Q. and discipline, and the more significant track would be reserved for high achievers - who can improve the human condition of those seen fit to live into the next generation and bear children. Some would be raised for leadership roles in society, and only those would vote. According to this fully developed atheistic mentality, it is a foolish idea that all kinds of ignorant people should have the right to choose representatives.

4. Atheism would Institute a New Sexual Approach

A fully evolved atheistic society would have a new sexual approach. This approach would foster sexual fulfillment of all kinds to maximize pleasure for the dominant race of super-evolved humans. This approach might also include raising a subclass of individuals for a high level of promiscuity and enjoyment by the most evolutionarily "advanced". New drugs and precautions would be developed for pleasure without the physical danger of diseases.

5. Atheism would Use Genetic Engineering

In the fully developed atheistic mindset, genetic engineering up until now has been crude, and it should eventually be possible to breed a worker class and a ruling class. The ruling class would be made up of people who are all smart and beautiful, eliminating negative feelings and producing greater self-esteem and happiness in the road to evolutionary "progress".


The above principles are the ultimate implications of atheism and agnosticism. Of course, today, most atheists and agnostics will vehemently disagree with these conclusions. Yet history has already shown only too clearly that a society can be indoctrinated to accept them. Indeed, some of these ideas were put into practice by Adolph Hitler, who used naturalist/evolutionary theory to justify exterminating much of the Jewish race in Europe for the evolutionary advancement of the Aryan race. The subtitle of Darwin's seminal book was "Preservation of favored races in the struggle for life". Hitler said that in the great struggle among the races, the Jewish race was inferior. [Nazi doctrine also viewed African races as inferior.]

The above principles were also anticipated in the description in Aldous Huxley's Brave New World (a prophetic warning on his part). Most of today's atheists do desire to have a truly humane society - without God. Yet the above principles are irrefutably the ultimate result of consistent relativistic and naturalistic logic. One can see that such a world would be dark, cold, merciless and tragic. Truly, without God human society is heading for trouble. Biblical ethics - based on the Torah and the Sermon on the Mount as taught by Yeshua - are the foundation for humane human society. Our ethic is Theistic, an ethic based in the will of God and the view that every human being is sacred because he or she is created in the Image of God.

We seek your prayers that our former Messianic Jewish young adults who currently profess atheism or agnosticism will come to see the very shocking ramifications of the naturalistic world view.

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