By Daniel C. Juster, Director

The Goldstone Report on Operation Cast Lead, the Israel military response to the Hamas missile attacks on Israel, will soon be presented to the United Nations Security Council. This amazingly one sided report vilified Israel for war crimes against civilians in their prosecution of the Gaza war. Many analysts see the report as a stunning miscarriage of justice that violated the canons of corroborative evidence. Recently Professor Alan Derschowitz, professor of law at Harvard, wrote a scathing critique of Goldstone. Arab Muslims are notorious for lying to the infidels. The claim that Israel deliberately targeted schools, factories and hospitals, when no military action was initiated against them, is belied by Israeli films. That some shells fell where they were not directed is to be expected. Israel took unprecedented steps to avoid civilian casualties. Israel dropped flyers to warn civilians of attacks. But in asymmetric warfare, terrorists intentionally wage war from civilian homes, factories, schools and hospitals, hoping to score a propaganda victory when Israel responds. Perhaps hundreds of civilians died who were not directly engaged in the hostilities. Hamas is mostly to blame.

Israel continues to be blamed for the blockade of Gaza although she allows many tons of humanitarian and other supplies to reach Gaza. Egypt also blockades Gaza. She fears Hamas as a terrorist organization with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. Yet there is hardly a word of criticism of the Egyptian side of the blockade. Israel would be very glad to see Gaza simply become a Palestinian province of Egypt, but Egypt does not want Gaza Palestinians as citizens, though Egypt controlled Gaza from 1948-1967.

Why do the Nations Rage?

The nations rage against Israel. Today this is mostly on the political left in Western nations and, of course, most of the Muslim nations. She is accused of humanitarian crimes by regimes that are the most oppressive and violent Muslim regimes in the world! She is accused of occupying Palestinian land where there was never a Palestinian state. She would be glad to give up the West Bank as long as the borders and security arrangements were good, but this is not an allowable position for negotiation by the Palestinians. After two intifadas and war in both Lebanon and Gaza, started by the Arab Muslims, some few thousand Palestinians have died. The world blames Israel. Russia's suppression of the Chechnya Muslim revolt where tens of thousands have died is not the subject of world censure. There are no U.N. resolutions, no condemnations. Criticism of the Chinese suppression and occupation of Tibet does not nearly come close to the condemnation of Israel. The crushing of the Tamil tigers by Sri Lanka led to tens of thousands of civilian deaths. There was no great world outcry. In addition, the brutal genocide of Darfur is condemned, but not with nearly as much persistence of focus or anger. Who calls for a boycott of Sudan? Hundreds of thousands have died by the brutal hand of the Sudanese government. Rape and pillaging are common in these conflicts. They are unheard of in Israeli military actions and any criminal acts are those of soldiers who act against policy and are prosecuted accordingly.

How do we account for world hatred for Israel and the Jewish people? Is it the power of Muslim oil money? The Arabs and Iranians have a product, oil, which the world desires. So the world placates the Arab and Iranian Muslims. The same money supports an amazing propaganda machine. Mosques are built in Western nations; Islamic studies departments are financed in universities and more. In addition, the West fears the Muslims and appeasement is forever a tendency of human beings. The Muslim populations in the West are large enough to have significant effect. In most cases they are larger than Jewish populations.

George Gilder's Defense of Israel

George Gilder has recently published an amazing book, The Israel Test. Gilder is an important thinker whose book, Wealth and Poverty, was the economic game plan for the Reagan administration. Gilder's thesis is that the Jewish people and now Israel are the subject of persecution and rejection due mostly to envy because the Jewish people are the highest achievers on earth. Gilder is the son of a New England, patrician, Anglo-Saxon family who deeply respects the Jewish people. Gilder describes a catalogue of Jewish contributions to science, business and art that are stunning. Many have noted the Nobel prizes won by Jewish people, all out of proportion to their numbers in the world. Guilder includes Jewish scientific contributions to winning World War I and II, amazing advances in computer science and medicine and also in business and finance. Jewish contributions have benefited all. However, the Jewish prosperity that has resulted has brought envy, in Germany before Hitler, in Europe historically, and among the Arab nations today. Gilder lauds the turn of Israel away from socialism toward free enterprise. The unleashing of Israeli creativity though free enterprise is bringing and will bring blessing to the whole world. Guilder lists the contributions in science, business, medicine, and technology. More start-up companies begin in Israel, by percentages of population, than in any other nation. The Israel test is whether the world will allow Israel to bring great blessing to all the nations or will the sin of envy among the Arab peoples destroy this humane and productive democracy. Gilder rejects the Muslim criticism of Israel as grossly unjust.

Is Gilder's Analysis Correct?

As a Jew, I would be embarrassed to list the kinds of contributions Gilder trumpets. However, I think he is wrong to think that the reason Jews are hated is that they are the smartest and most contributing people on the earth. This is a factor, but it is more than normal sinful envy. It is rooted in a religious deception from below. We might note that the Romans were not anti-Jewish because they were envious of great Jewish achievements. Neither was the Christian Church of the past centuries that rooted its anti-Semitism in an interpretation of the fall of Jerusalem as God's final rejection of the Jewish people. Many Christian denominational institutions have recently repudiated their past religious anti-Semitism. However, Islam is rife with such anti-Semitism. In addition, the fact that the Jewish people controls the Land of Israel and Jerusalem is a great shame according to Muslims, for Jerusalem is understood to be where Islam demonstrated that it superseded (replaced) Judaism and Christianity.

Derek Prince said it best when he said that the existence of Israel would solve the Jewish problem if it really was merely a sociological problem. However, if it is a spiritual problem, and Israel's re-gathering is fulfilled prophecy in preparation of the reign of Yeshua, then Israel's existence would provoke the greatest anti-Semitism that the world has ever seen. It is important to note as well that Islamic literature is filled with the most virulent anti-Semitism and today Muslim publications are rife with the vilest anti-Semitic hatred. Israel even faces the possibility of a nuclear Iran. Though it seems impossible, God will somehow bring the victory of His Kingdom out of all of this, a victory for His Church and Israel. Stay tuned for the next chapter!

By Daniel Juster

Dan Juster leads the overall ministry Tikkun International. Donate to Tikkun International.

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14:53 02Mar10 Pelham Gross -
I'm tuned, Dr. Daniel; I'm tuned! Just keep broadcasting. As J.D. Quitman would say, "Just Don't Quit, man!"

18:03 02Mar10 anonymous -
The history shows us that the Jewish people were a key progressive element in ancient Babylonia, in Rome, in Spain and even in Germany, before the nazi crimes. And the Jewish people have had economic wealth, due to their intelligence and the solidarity between them. We can mention the great contribution that Albert Einstein did to the science with his theory of relativity and with the physical analysis of the universe. That explains the envy that some nations have against the Jewish people chosen by YHWH.

13:52 08Apr10 Georgia Lucyk -
As long as the Jews believe in Jesus I can't see our God doing anything else but continue to bless Isreal.

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