It was the most alarming and depressing article I have read in years. A professor of Middle Eastern Studies at Ben Gurion University, Dr. Benny Morris, authored a piece entitled This Holocaust Will Be Different. This Jerusalem Post article was not written to warn Israel and the West of a possible scenario, rather it was presented as something that will happen; as inevitable.

Iran as Israel's Greatest Danger

The center of Dr. Morris' concern is Iran. He is quite certain that no one will act to stop Iran from getting the bomb. As appeasement is part of the human condition, it seems that the West has this disease in its last stages. He believes that the present economic sanctions on Iran from the U.N. are limited. The U.N. Security Council will not approve serious economic sanctions - China, Russia and possibly France would veto any truly onerous measures. Further, Dr. Morris anticipates military action is a non starter; the U.N. or N.A.T.O would never approve this option. Only the United States seems to have some resistance to appeasement but after the Iraq debacle, the U.S. will not stop Iran through military action. So, Iran will get the bomb.

Additionally, according to Dr. Morris, when Iran has sufficient bombing capacity; multiple warheads with missile delivery systems and the decoys to assure missile penetration, it will bomb both Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. Yet because Israel would receive total rejection from the rest of the world, she will not act before it's too late with a pre-emptive strike against Iran. The loss of life in Iran would be far too great for Israel to embrace such a strike. Dr. Morris states that after Israel is devastated, she will not retaliate against Iran because there would be no purpose; there will be no future for Israel or any other population in this land. Why kill millions of Iranians for no reason? The United States and N.A.T.O. will not retaliate for the same reason.

Dr. Morris then believes that the United Nations will undertake sea and air rescue for the few survivors. Some will be maimed and dying from radiation poisoning; others will be rescued who will have a greater potential for survival.

Some would ask, "How could Iran do this, since millions of Moslem Arabs would die?" One of the leading Ayatollahs from Iran has already spoken concerning this issue. I list the points of his response:

  1. The Muslim world can afford to lose a few million souls since the Moslem world counts a billion people. The Arab Muslim population totals hundreds of millions. A few million is an acceptable price for eliminating Israel and again making the land part of the Realm of Islam (Dar al Islam).

  2. In twenty or thirty years the land could again be re-populated, at least in the areas less contaminated.

What About the Holy Sites?

Someone might say that Iran would not bomb Jerusalem and destroy the holy sites. However, the holy sites of Jerusalem on the Temple Mount were built by hated Sunni leaders; and Jerusalem does not have the same level of meaning for Shiites. So again, this is an acceptable price.

The Devastation of a Nuclear Attack

Of course a major nuclear attack against Israel would actually be more devastating than the author describes. The radioactive fallout would reach across to Syria, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and beyond. Again it is said that those who would be martyred in such an attack will have great reward. It is worth it. The ideology and hatred of the radical Shiite Moslems is so strong that these doomsday scenarios are not unthinkable. The ideology of a nuclear empowered communism was not nearly as dangerous. In an interview in the Jerusalem Post, Professor Bernard Lewis of Princeton wrote that mutual assured destruction is not a deterrent to radical Iranian leaders but a motivation.

A Messianic Jewish Response

I am very saddened by this article because it will cause many who read it to lose heart. It is our task as the Messianic Jewish community to respond in hope and discern that this is a great opportunity for the Gospel of Yeshua. The Bible makes it clear that the present return to the land of Israel does not smoothly lead to a wonderful time of peace and prosperity. Rather, the Bible describes a time of trial, climaxed by a devastating multi-national invasion in the last chapters of Zechariah. The details of the invasion indicate that Israelis will be given supernatural ability to fight the invaders. Zechariah 12:8 tells us that, "The feeblest among them will be like David." This invasion ultimately fails when Yeshua himself intervenes, and Israelis are anointed to fight with supernatural anointing. (Zech. 12:14)

We only find one description which could speculatively be taken as a nuclear bomb. In Zechariah 14 we read that flesh melts on the bodies of Israel's enemies.

God will ultimately protect Israel, and Israel will ultimately confess Yeshua. His feet will stand on the Mt. of Olives. (Zech. 14:3) This refers to the Messiah. After their deliverance, they will look upon Him "whom they have pierced, and mourn for Him." (Zech. 12:10) Those of us living in Israel must be part of a word of hope and comfort for our people; a light that will bring many to Yeshua. We should note that the descriptions in these passages have never happened before. The situation in our day fits the possibility of their fulfillment.

The present situation in Israel, the perception of the loss of the war in Lebanon, the concern about Iran, Hezbollah, and Hamas, has produced great hopelessness. Many ask if Israel can survive. We have a great opportunity to extend hope and to proclaim that our ultimate deliverance is in Yeshua.

By Daniel Juster

Dan Juster leads the overall ministry Tikkun International. Donate to Tikkun International.

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05:13 07Mar07 Phil Norcom -
Alas! For that day is great, so that none is like it: it is even the time of Jacob's trouble, but he shall be saved out of it. (Jeremiah 30:7)

08:03 07Mar07 anonymous -
NO PRE-EMPTIVE STRIKE. NO WAY. There is no justification whatever, in any case for this. Period.

08:44 07Mar07 anonymous -
It sure is depressing to read about this reality especially in light of the fact that the world seems to be against Israel. I don't think it's coincidence that it's happening to a greater degree. Nevertheless, it's important to be advised and reminded about the possibilities of such things happening.

09:27 07Mar07 Donna Diorio -
Amen, Dr. Juster! There are so many people making predictions about Israel who have no investment of real love in the Israeli people, and who do not have their hope placed in the Lord. The world's 'prophets' may indeed paint a picture of sheer hopeless for Israel, but what is impossible to man IS possible to God -- who will arise according to His own promises and in answer to the CURRENT prayers of the faith-full who place their trust and hope in Him ... and love THE PEOPLE of Israel. I am so happy to stand with the 10-15,000 Messianic Jewish believers of Israel who are the "living letters" of God's love to the people of Israel. Your existence there is like the parable of the leaven hidden in three measures of flour until it was all leavened. You are the bearers of Israel's hope.

10:01 07Mar07 Susan Warner -
I believe that all these dire predictions always leave out the mighty hand of God which can cause confusion in enemy camps and destruction of mighty armies. At the same time (and I think the confusion lies) in the very fact of the holocaust which left only a remnant of Jews in Europe. Our job as intercessors is to pray that God's will be done and remind Him of His promises for the Jewish people and pray for Israel to turn back toward the one and only true God.

10:17 07Mar07 Lisa -
The prophetic plans of God for these last days will not be averted; they must come to pass. But until those appointed days, we as Messianic believers, must speak what we know. We must pray that the minds and hearts of this generation that has been numbed to the truth of the past holocaust, will be taught and made to understand the cost of prejudice and hatred allowed to thrive without intervention on the part of faithful believers. My children are being taught and shown pictures, movies and told stories so they will know the truth. We need to pray as a nation that the film footages and movies come out of storage and be seen on television and computer, exposing and reminding minds that such evil is possible, and inevitable, in this modern day and age. Human beings hating so deeply, other human beings, with callous and vicious intent, are living upclose and personal. They are wicked spirits alive in our own neighborhoods, and we need to realize that! Time to rise up believers, and be at the feet of the throne in petition for the protection of Israel and Jews everywhere. This article is scarey, no doubt, but is a call to face the truth and prepare spiritually for the future.

12:20 07Mar07 Cleveland Roebuck Mann -
Thank you, Daniel Juster, for sharing this information on Iran, and the Biblical view of events taking place. Your emails to me are always a blessing.

13:08 07Mar07 Donnah Haisley -
God's blessings upon you, Mr. Juster! Please continue to be the voice that brings the knowledge of God's plan and what that means for us today. May you walk in the anointing of Elijah, the wisdom of Solomon and the Grace of Jesus (Yeshua) all of your days.

07:45 08Mar07 Rose-Line Simon -
While all those predictions have a great potential to be true, the Zech 12:14 passage could also be for a later time. What we must pray is for Israel to have their ears plugged to international pressure that would tend to minimise or respond with apathy concerning this serious threat. Israel need to heed and react before radio-active material is created; we have an estimated 2 to 4 years for this to become reality. We need to seriously pray for God to thwart all evil plots and confuse their understanding of mathematical knowledge, that Israel would not be intimidated but react as God empowers our people and show Himself glorious.

22:47 08Mar07 Sue Hill -
I read a lot and there are many that believe that Israel again will be driven from the Land ... but I can't find this in the Word ... but it does look like we may be closer to the "Day of the Lord" then some have thought ... the Father is in control ... not Iran. Take courage, Israel is the apple of His eye ... nothing can happen outside of His perfect Will.

21:53 10Mar07 Lynne -
Oh, how sad this is. But - our hope is in Jesus the Messiah. He is as close as the air that I breathe - He is so real to me and how He loves the nation of Israel. We pray for the peace of Jerusalem. We pray that He will "Comfort Ye, Comfort Ye my people"

12:02 11Mar07 Benjamin Ruiz Sr -
Thank you! Right on target!!

17:34 11Mar07 Elisabbath -
While reading the comments, the thought came to me of the report of the 12 spies. Only 2 saw with the eyes of the Lord and believed God to bless them (Numbers 13). But now God has placed believers throughout the land and a cloud of witnesses about the earth, that Israel will see the glory of God as did the Israelites who left Egypt, who only experienced some of the early plagues but walked by faith into the promise of the Lord. As the mountains surround Jerusalem, so do the intercessors - God bless Israels intercessors, and foot soldiers.

03:53 12Mar07 Suzanna -
We do appreciate the ministries under the Tikkun banner, with great insights from Dr Dan & Asher Intrater. For us there is such blessing: a) In the words of Jeremiah 49:35-39 ... some of which has & is being fulfilled in the dispersion of many from Iran around the world - & also coming to know the Saviour Jesus / Yeshua for themslves! We need to pray for them in & out of Iran. One day THEY WILL enthrone Yeshua as their King in their hearts as it clearly says in 49:39!!!
b) We are sure God is going to bring the M.E. & Israel to a time of false peace - perhaps with the price of being forced to make terrible concessions, but only for a time, as indicated in Ezekiel 38 & 39 ... God's priorities are for many to come to know Him in the interval of 'stand-off' both within His precious People of Israel & across the M.E. THEN HE WILL GLORIFY HIS HOLY NAME & BRING ENORMOUS BLESSING TO ALL JEWISH PEOPLE WHO CALL ON HIS NAME! [Romans 11] Also finally they will possess the whole Promised Land! HALLELUYAH & SHALOM IN YESHUA to all readers! (We appreciate your shared thoughts too! - The LORD bless you.)

04:28 12Mar07 anonymous -
Great article especially the Messianic Hope. At first I thought this is not right G-d would never allow this to happen to the Jewish people. Thank you for sharing insight what is really going on here.

16:35 12Mar07Paloma C. Broun -
Dear brothers in Yeshua. Israel will suffer once more. Israel also will profess faith and receive Him as Lord and Saviour. The nations of the world will come to understand that Israel is the People that God chose onto himself, and Jerusalem the only place in the Earth were His Name resides. God once again, I pray, bless the Jewish Nation and People. Bombs, death? Our God is The Mighty One of Israel!!!

17:59 12Mar07 John R. Peacher -
As sure as the sun rises, Israel will NEVER cease to be a nation before the Holy One. One day soon, so very soon, He will arise and the LORD of Hosts will silence all who rise up against His people. He allows death to enter and the situation to become totally hopeless from a human perspective; then He moves and rescues as only He can. Pray for the peace of Jerusalem. Israel is the apple of His eye and is secure as she goes through her time of trials; all events will cause her to finally cry "blessed is he who comes in the Name of the LORD."

10:51 24Mar07 Lolita Fowler -
This is heart-breaking and shocking news, but we know God has a plan for all. I write for my Church each week. As I think on sharing this news, I can not keep it from people who love God and His people and His Land.

17:01 30Jul07 Tjeerd Klaassens -
Very good article. I have no doubts about the outcome of this confrontation; it is the way to the outcome which we don't know. I feel very sorry for the people of Israel to have to go through this ordeal (again). It will lead to them crying out to the Deliverer. I wish there was a more easy way. God will use this issue to show the world that He is the Only one. The Israeli goverment needs a lot of wisdom to formulate an answer to this threat. Perhaps they go for a pre-emptive strike which will be very difficult to execute. I would not blame them but will defend them before the critics. One thing for sure ... we must multiply our prayers for Israel.

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