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"The Palestinian strategy is to declare a state and then have the nations recognize it, in spite of having no peace agreement with Israel."

"By gaining recognition without the price of a peace agreement, they can avoid danger to themselves and maintain an anti-Israel stance."

Proof that Israel is not to Blame for the Lack of Peace in the Middle East

Although many of the nations blame Israel for failing to reach a peace agreement with the Palestinian Arabs, the evidence is overwhelmingly against this viewpoint. While we may have considered the merits of this criticism before the 21st century, in the last decade we have sufficient evidence to be sure. There are three reasons why we know this to be the case.

The first is the agreement offered by Ehud Barak in the last days of the Clinton administration. It was amazingly generous. Denis Ross, one of the key mediators from the United States said that no Prime Minister could ever offer more. Barak offered almost all of the West Bank, Gaza, and East Jerusalem as a capital, a very limited return of some refugees to Israel proper to unite families, and an open door to all refugees to be part of the new Palestinian State. He only required border adjustments for the major Jewish settlement blocks near the border and offered to give better land in return. 95-97% of the land would be returned for a contiguous state. Instead of agreeing, Yasser Arafat walked away and then called for an Intifada, which led to the death of many Israelis and Palestinians. The result was increased terrorism and the construction of the security fence. Palestinian propaganda said that Israel did not make such an offer, but only offered a patchwork state without contiguous territory. President Clinton and Dennis Ross both said this was completely false.

Second, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert offered an almost identical agreement in recent years. This time, the leader of the Palestinians was Mahmud Abbas. He also walked away.

The third proof of Palestinian refusal to make peace on any reasonable grounds came during the administration of today's Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu. The Palestinians, with the very unwise support of the Obama administration, required Israel to freeze settlement building and even included the Jerusalem Jewish neighborhoods on the other side of the Green line armistice lines. Some of the neighborhoods were Jewish before the '48 war and some had been built completely on virgin territory. Prime Minister Netanyahu, in spite of the opposition of many of his cabinet, froze settlement construction for 10 months. He did not have the political support to continue beyond this. Mahmud Abbas continued to resist coming to talk until weeks before the freeze was to end and then used this end of the freeze as an exuces to discontinue talks. Israel is still in a semi-building freeze in the West Bank and Jerusalem, east of the Green Line. The Oslo process never required such pre-conditions and there were no such pre-conditions during the administration of Ehud Barak and Ehud Olmert.

I have often thought that the reason for this was in part fear of making peace. Anwer Sadat lost his life because he made peace between Egypt and Israel. In addition, I thought that the Palestinians wanted no state unless it was a take over of all of Israel. This would await a united Arab victory in a future war.

The Palestinian Scheme

About two years ago I came to a new and firm conclusion on the issue of the Israel-Palestinian peace process and the intention of the Palestinians. As stated above, I used to think that they simply wanted to avoid making a real peace agreement. I now think that the Palestinian leadership does want to have a state on the West Bank and Gaza. This is a major motivation behind the recent reunification deal between Hamas and Fatah. The Palestinian stategy is to declare a state and then have the nations recognize it, in spite of having no peace agreement with Israel. This would be the 22nd Arab state. I think that President Abbas and Prime Minister Fayad want to improve the lot of their people. They are building up infrastructure and the apparatus to have a state. They have greatly improved the economy. Yet they still allow their media to incite against Israel and foster anti-Semitism. By gaining recognition without the price of a peace agreement, they can avoid danger to themselves and maintain an anti-Israel stance.

Resolution 377

The Israel press has noted that the Palestinian scheme is really more insidious than just having their own state without peace. Rather, they want to attain the destruction of the State of Israel though a United Nations resolution. Here is the plot. Almost everyone thinks that Security Council is the real international power in the U. N. The United States has veto power in the U. N. and will not allow the Security Council to recognize a Palestinian state without a peace agreement with Israel. However, there is one provision of the U.N. Charter that has been used only ten times (three of those ten in connection with Israel) and is mostly unknown: Resolution 377. It was used during the Korean War in the 1950s and was used again in opposing South African apartheid in the early 1980s. Resolution 377 states that "if the Security Council, because of lack of unanimity of the permanent members, fails to exercise its primary responsibility for the maintenance of international peace and security," the issue can be taken to the General Assembly. In turn, the General Assembly can pass a resolution that will not have the same binding force for all members as a Security Council resolution, but can invite all of the willing member states to take action on the basis of the resolution.

This is the Palestinian plan, and I believe that it has been the plan for some time. The Palestinians intend to go to the U. N. on the basis of Resolution 377, knowing that the General Assembly is dominated by states that do not practice human rights and that hate Israel. The resolution will be to recognize a Palestinian State with the 1967 armistice lines as the border, with no provisions for any change or for the large Jewish settlement blocks. Of course, Israel could never accept such an agreement. There was never an approved border and all such previous border plans became moot after their rejection by the Arab states and the subsequent wars initiated against Israel. (This is why the claim that Israel violates international law by building in the West Bank is debatable.) In addition, Israel needs to keep security control of the Jordan valley, especially in light of today's upheaval in the Arab world.

The Palestinians will also call for total freedom for all refugees to return to the land of Israel itself, not just the West Bank. This would destroy Israel as a Jewish state since the population growth of the former residents of the land would shift the demographics of the Jewish state towards a Palestinian Arab majority. The third provision, as was done with South Africa, is to call upon all member states to enact a severe economic boycott against Israel. The Palestinian hope is that the boycott will destabilize Israel and lead to Israel's destruction. I am convinced that this is the plan.

What Can Be Done?

Israel will need great wisdom to fight this plan and to bring countries with democratic values to their side to support thwarting this effort. In addition, I believe that there will need to be a massive Christian effort to support Israel in the challenges ahead. The danger from Iran, the new regimes in the Middle East that may turn out to be more radical than the ones they replace, and now the Palestinian scheme, will make Christian support for Israel essential. It is a time for a great amount of prayer.

By Daniel Juster
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14:29 31May11 Jim Boswell -
I am convinced that only the angelic warriors of Heaven can protect Israel from the planned attack on the Nation. I will be praying for His power to be released in the Jewish nation. I am also praying that the Holy Spirit will reveal Jesus as the Messiah to all Israel. And that there be a great and powerful surrender to His Lordship. This is your/their protection.

  -- Dr Juster replies: Yes, let's pray indeed, Jim.

15:03 31May11 Susan M -
This is a very astute article and clarifies the issues behind the "Palestinian" approach. Thank you for clarifying how we as Christians can continue to pray for Israel. We know based on Scripture, that the Lord Himself protects Israel. There is no greater defense that being under His care. Yet God also uses people ... and engages Christians to fight with weapons of warfare in the spiritual realm - which are mighty through God. Praying for the peace of Jerusalem, and thanking God that He who keeps Israel neither slumbers nor sleeps.

16:14 31May11 James Brophy -
Very good article as it uncovers in precise manner the "true" intentions of the Palestanians. I pray that the UN is wise enough to "see through" the scheme of the Palestanians. It would be most wise to listen to what Dan Juster says.

19:50 31May11 Allen Hemmerling -
A very good article, Daniel I agree with all that you have said. The PA plan right from the beginning is to destroy Israel, I believe they are jealous what the Jewish people have done to the Land, made it a Land of opportunity and productivity; we cannot say that about the Arab countries around Israel. I will also say this is not something that has started only sixty years ago, but has gone on for more than two thousand years.

21:32 31May11 Brian Barton -
Many thanks Daniel for this wise piece of insight into the enemy's plans against God's Chosen people - but Israel will live and survive - Psalm 83 and 124 give us every hope Israel will be delivered.

03:28 01Jun11 Robert Tucker -
It is written: "Now Adonai said to Avram ..." Genesis 12:1-3.
We bless you,the people Israel and the land Israel, all the land that was given to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob ... Shalom Shalom

11:33 01Jun11 MB -
II Chron.34, Joshua 1: May there be a Great Awakening in the hearts of the tribes of Israel to raise up servant leaders with the power and authority of God to inspire others to trust and obey the spirit of the Law and to communicate God's instructions as His chosen, blood-bought prophets.

16:10 01Jun11 Philip Latham -
Absolutely sound article. Christians must pray for the protection of Israel. We are now getting towards the end of the End Days and fervent prayer is needed as aggression against Israel and the Jews intensifies.

22:04 01Jun11 Tony Rolt -
A well written article. It is good to know The God of Israel neither sleeps or slumbers regarding the protection of Israel. We as committed christians and lovers of the Jewish people need to stand with the nation of Israel in prayer and support at this time and forever.

16:05 04Jun11 Keith Miller -
It is extremely difficult to comprehend why anyone would doubt the true Palestinian (Muslim) mission; the complete destruction of the state of Israel. To Jews and true believers in Yeshua, their motives are quite clear since their own lips have testified against them many times. Yet, let us not forgot G_D is always in control and Israel is the "apple of His eye." He who watches Israel never slumbers or sleeps. Perhaps the next prophetic occurrence could be Psalms 83 and the book of Obadiah - the judgment of Israel'2s immediate neighbors. We know this will come to pass, perhaps soon. Let us all continue not only to pray for the peace of Jerusalem and Israel, but for our fellow Arab believers who are severely persecuted around the world.

07:52 08Jun11 Carol M -
Why can't people such as Rick Warren and Mr. Shuler see that joining hands in our churches with Muslim people does not help Israel in its battle for peace. We need to pray that our Nation will rise up and support Israel in a time when it is most needed.

02:33 16Jun11 Kaytee -
I dont make any money so I can not support Israel that way

05:26 11Jul11 Sandi -
This opens our understanding, if we care enough to read it and think about it. Some of the records of the Israel/Palestinian conflict are already not available online and some of the historical information is corrupted. This article tells us how to pray. I once saw an article with the image of the Palestine Post 1932, it was a Jewish paper yet the West does not believe Jews were ALWAYS in the land. Shaalu Shalom Yerushalayim.'

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