By Daniel C. Juster, Director

In my last article, I wrote about the abuse of language by the radical left, especially in relationship to Israel and their reporting on the Israel-Arab Muslim conflict. This month, I want to continue on the same track.

Anti-Israel Bias

Last month we saw some amazing events - a U.N. conference on racism in Geneva that was really a conference supporting Anti-Semitic racism! This conference was held at the same time that Yom HaShoah (Holocaust Remembrance Day) was taking place in Israel. The speaker at the conference was Iran's leader, Ahmadinejad, a Holocaust denier! The bizarre set of circumstances was not lost on Israelis. Yet, the European mindset continues to see Israel as a greater danger than either Iran or radical Islam. Israel is being portrayed as the racist society.

Around the same time, thirty socialist members of the British parliament planned a live streaming video conference with the head of the Hamas terrorist group who lives in Syria.

Homosexual Bias

In a seemingly disconnected event, Miss California placed second in the Miss U.S.A. beauty pageant. Many thought that she lost the contest because of her response to a question on her view of homosexual marriage. She gave a soft answer: she was glad that she lived in a country where people had a choice, but in her opinion marriage is a relationship between a man and a woman. The judges thought her answer was divisive and lowered her score. Seventy percent of Americans still agree with her answer. California recently passed a referendum rejecting state marriages for homosexuals. So who is divisive? Certainly it is the homosexuals who are pushing their agenda on the population against the historic consensus of most civilized peoples. There are some homosexuals who only want civil rights and not marriage recognition. They value traditional marriage and see its connection to children. Yet it is the radical view that prevails in the media, and the media hammers away in favor of the more radical "Gay" agenda. We should note that as the years pass, support for traditional marriage is declining and acceptance of homosexual marriage is increasing. Why? It is because the culture formation institutions, especially in education, arts and entertainment, and the news media support the gay agenda.

Leaders Lean To The Left

Whether it is the homosexual agenda, the Arab Israeli situation, or socialist versus free market economics, the leaders of culture formation institutions are supporting a leftist orientation: socially, politically and economically. (The reader should be aware that I am not a supporter of unregulated "no holds barred" capitalism and am quite weary of big corporate organizations.) It does not matter that these leaders represent only a minority view of the population. With the left in power in the United States, many political leaders will follow them.

News Media In Totalitarian Countries

I want to now concentrate on the news media. Dictators who control totalitarian governments know that control of the media is crucial to gaining their ends. I am frustrated by media reports in countries that speak about the response of the "Arab man on the street" to Israeli or American policies. The so called "view from the street" is in reality nothing more than selective clips chosen by the media to express their own bias. All of this is the product of incredibly corrupt governments. There is no free press in most Arab countries, and this is also the case for most, but not all, non-Arab Muslim countries.

Leftist Media In Free Countries

However, the problem in free countries is another story. In these countries, those who control the news media are indoctrinated in leftist and relativistic approaches to life. While there are a few deep thinking news media people, most are quite shallow. In my opinion their perspective lacks the wisdom and critical analysis required in these days of double speak and political correctness.

How many journalists really understand the intricacies of economics and why socialism does not work? How many know of the benefits that faith has brought to the world? How many really understand how bereft of evidence is the homosexual case for genetic pre-determination? How many have investigated the historical realities of Israel and the Arab nations; do they consider Islam's theological underpinnings that will not accept a Jewish state in the Middle East? The anti-Israel bias of the left is not defensible on any objective basis. How many are familiar with the tactics of terrorists, including the use of human shields and the creation of civilian casualties that can be used for their propaganda? Why is the leftist media so taken in?

The British tradition of a free press, which was embraced by the founding fathers of the United States, reflected an optimistic hope that a free press would analyze many different views and that honesty, truth and objectivity would prevail. In this respect, the founders could not have anticipated the possibility of a free news media that would be controlled by people who are themselves captured by an ideology and indoctrinated against much that the founders held dear! This has led to results that are dire and to a culture that approaches the totalitarian control of the news media.

Alternative News Media

Today we have alternative news media through the Internet and on cable. This media is very helpful to those who understand the bias of the mainstream news media and maintain connection to it. However, this media does not have much influence beyond the already informed and does not yet have culture formation power. Culture formation is still moving toward the anti-Israel, anti-Christian, pro-abortion, pro-homosexual, and pro-socialist biases. It is so great, that some think that the present liberal turn in the United States cannot be stopped. They fear that the media will defend the liberal trend no matter what, and that they will blame the previous administration for any failures of their policies.

The Answer To Media Bias

So what can we do? Should we despair? Well, I have good news about the Good News. There is only one power that can break the bondage of this control. It is the power of the Gospel. The Gospel can transform lives despite biased culture formation institutions.

China is a significant case in point. In a country with a tightly controlled media, the Gospel has expanded exponentially. However, it is a Gospel movement that looks very much like the pages in the book of Acts. It is a Gospel where the Kingdom breaks in with power, with signs and with wonders. It breaks through mindsets and media control. Without broadcasting, Internet, or news outlets, untold millions have been swept into the Kingdom of God. This can also be true in the United States, Israel, Europe or any other land where there is an ideological stronghold controlling the people. Prayer and revival leading to a Book of Acts type movement can overcome all obstacles.

In Israel we face a mindset and media bias controlled by centuries of indoctrination against belief in Yeshua. It is a powerful stronghold but it is no match for the power of the Spirit.

By Daniel Juster

Dan Juster leads the overall ministry Tikkun International. Donate to Tikkun International.

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08:36 04Jun09 Darren -
Great article Mr. Juster. It is sad that our media takes seriously the media of countries without a free press. I will say that most of the time they at least point out that the media is "state-run," but I've noticed more and more that is a point that is left out when the state run media backs the editor's viewpoint.
I have to disagree somewhat that our founding fathers couldn't have seen this coming; our news media, that is. Americans are ideological creatures, and our founding fathers were very wise. I think they knew that no human truly has the ability to be perfectly objective -- why else have more than one supreme court justice? I think the founding fathers' hope in the free press is that it would challenge the government as vehemently as a lawyer represents his client. That in its distrust of government, or most other things, the truth would come out. I think what our founders had in mind was a free press with investigative journalistic powers--one that has the power to expose the truth when power corrupts.
I think that the mainstream media did a relatively good job upholding this standard during Bush's years (many exceptions). Their obvious hatred for Bush led them to vehemently oppose the decisions by he and his people. Unfortunately, the news media has left the idea of truly investigating claims for doing what is substantially eaiser. Now, through the power of the 24-hour news cycle (and it began long before that), mainstream media has such a captive audience that they need not investigate anymore, but what they "believe" seems to be good enough. If they don't like the president's position, they can simply object, not based on any reasonable evidence, but because they don't like it. This has given rise to journalism that's not journalism at all, but simply a new political party that's not elected--one that has the power to control minds through propaganda.
I say that I think the media did an okay job while Bush was in office not because I'm siding one way or the other on any situation, but that they didn't trust him. And I don't think we, as the people should trust our government. We should always be critical -- always be watchful when our freedoms are stolen and slight-of-hand goes on behind close doors. What saddens me now is that the media has moved so far to the left that now there is no reliable media source to distrust the new government. The left-leaning (not leaning--it's laying on it's left side) media is now in a state of bliss with the Obama administration. No conservative media source has the credibility or integrity to take on the claims of our new government, and that scares me. Fox news, while many conservatives like it, is not the answer. They are like so many of the others -- not interested in investigative journalism, but rather in pushing an opposite viewpoint. While it gives another side of any argument, it's not exposing truth, only allowing other opinions, which really isn't helpful at this point.
We need to pray that the Lord would raise up news media in our country and every other that would truly investigate, distrust and challenge our government so that we have the truth, not just competing sides of what too many Americans believe to be gray areas.

  -- Dr Juster replies: This is a very wise comment. I think the founders thought a free press would more represent different viewpoints. For many years there were credible newspapers that leaned left and leaned right. One could read both and make up one's mind. Though Fox tries and their news programs are good, some of their comment shows overstate their case and lose credibility. The extent to which the "Arab Street" is simply the product of state run media and then this becomes news in the US as if some quality is in the response is amazing.

08:49 04Jun09 Henry -
So many people/churches and institutions want to be people pleasers and forget about pleasing God and that's where our problem lies today, yesterday and for the future.But the Moschiach is comming soon and all will know then what Hashem and who Hashem is.

09:04 04Jun09 An Old Friend -
I could write a lengthy essay on the truth about the America Media ... all of it: news, film/theater, music, art, publishing, et al. Through a series of "coincidences" (?) I began to become aware of the TRUE nature and ambitions of the media while still a teenager. As a result, I became a careful student of propaganda and its methods and motives. In regard to your article above, I'll say only this: Western media despises Christianity and Judaism ... they FEAR islam. They think they can pander to terrorism and avoid any personal abuse "IF" islam wins the war on terrorism (which the media believes they will). Even homosexuals side with islam (!!!). They REFUSE to believe that "when" islam wins homosexuals and non-moslem media people will be rounded up FIRST and beheaded! I personally know moslems (yes, I say "MOSLEMS", not "muslims"). I have been in the news business for decades. I personally know other news people, people in the information/entertainment business. I know what they say and think in unguarded moments. They are ready to commit TREASON at every opportunity. All they really believe in is personal self-preservation and increased personal power. ANYTHING you find in the arts, news, entertainment IS propaganda. Beware.

  -- Dr Juster replies: Yes, it sadly seems so. Why does the left identify with radical Islam in its fascist forms? This seems to be an anomaly until we dig deeper. Jamie Glasov's recent book, United in Hate, gives the right analysis, I believe.

09:51 04Jun09 Doug Morgan -
You have articulated my thoughts very clearly and concisely. Praise God for your influence in the world, especially Israel. My wife and I pray for Israel every day and especially as world sentiment seems to be moving rapidly against her. Our current administration in the USA appears to have little love or respect for Israel. God help us if we ever drop support for Israel.

10:28 04Jun09 Andrea -
Good article. I will forward it to my Christian friends. And some of my not so Christian friends.

11:05 04Jun09 John R Peacher -
I look with dismay at the direction of societies in Western nations. What are supposed to be citidels of freedom are turning into pits of despair, uncertainty and outright rebellion against the Word of God. In that context, I was led to a passage of Scripture that from a heavenly, eternal perspective, brought comfort to my soul; Psalm 92 addresses this issue in a profound way ... "When the wicked spring forth as grass, and when all the workers of iniquity flourish; it is that they may be destroyed forever."
This thing is like a tree growing; it takes time to mature and produce its fruit. It is the way God set things up in both the natural and spiritual. The relativism, pro gay rights anti traditional family forces and anti-Zionist forces and pro anything that opposes God will produce their fruit in the very near future. They are sowing to the wind and without fail will produce a whirlwind. Only those who have chosen to follow God's well established and documented paths will succeed in the long run. Thus, the innocents who have got caught up in this spirit of the age will have a place to run for guidance, comfort and direction. "For, lo, Thine enemies, O LORD, for, lo, Thine enemies shall perish; all the workers of iniquity shall perish, all the workers of iniquity shall be scattered."
But my horn (strength) shalt Thou exalt like the horn of a unicorn: I shall be anointed with FRESH OIL!!

  -- Dr Juster replies: Yes, this is what is happening; the wheat and tares maturing until they are ready for harvest, some into judgement and others into salvation.

12:10 04Jun09 Jeff Jackson -
As a citizen of the United States, I am extremely concerned about the growing anti-Israel bias in the government and media of this country. The headlines for the past week here in the U.S. are all about Obama "reaching out" to the Muslims and the "tough love" that is needed against Israel. I believe in my heart that one of the only things that has kept God's judgement from falling on my country is its support of Israel. With that support fading and the moral decay of this country worsening, I am very concerned about the future of the United States. Thank you Dan Juster for being a voice of wisdom and truth to Christians like me who support Israel. I am thrilled to support Tikkun International and encourage everyone with a heart for Israel to support this vital ministry as well.

15:35 04Jun09 Pelham -
Thanks for putting it all together and sharpening our perspective!

19:25 04Jun09 Susan St. Clair -
Amen to the Power of the Holy Spirit, Dan! We need to believe this and keep praying. It reminds me of our Lord's statement from Luke 18:8 "Nevertheless, when the Son of Man comes, will He really find faith on the earth?"

21:16 04Jun09 Solveig Ranneklev -
It is good to read your "common sense" and insightful articles, an encouragement! Thank you!

12:50 05Jun09 Sarah Keparutis -
What an eye opening article for me - a resident of the USA who hears only the news on the television and newspapers for the most part. It causes me to intercede for our nation AND for Israel - God's firstborn and beloved nation. Thank you for ending with hope - true hope because of Yeshua.

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