"When Visions Come Together"
The Kansas City Israel Mandate Conference
| Dr Daniel Juster, Director |

The Kansas City International House of Prayer (IHOP), is a prayer community of about five hundred, many of them young people, who live in Kansas City and are committed to maintaining prayer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They are reminiscent of the famous community in Hernhutt, Germany, under Ludwig Von Zinzendorf in the 18th century. (That prayer outpouring launched the modern missions movement.)

Twenty-one years ago on March 7, 1983, Bob Jones prophesied to Mike Bickle of a future House of Prayer in Kansas City, and of a coming global youth prayer movement in the spirit of the tabernacle of David, to be directed towards the nation of Israel. This prophetic word is beginning to come to pass as IHOP has continued in non-stop prayer and worship for the last 5 years. in 2003, the Israel Mandate was birthed and since then, prayer for Israel has been a major focus in their prayer meetings.

The International House of Prayer in Kansas City hosted their first annual Israel Mandate conference on March 7-13th, 2004. Centered around the holiday of Purim, the call went out to churches and ministries internationally to mobilize fervent prayer and fasting for the salvation of the Jewish people and to make a commitment to support the Messianic Jewish ministries that are building the kingdom of God in Israel.

Mike told the most amazing story of how the Israel mandate was given by God and became one of the seven pillars of the fellowship in Kansas City. Even the choice of Kansas City to carry an Israel mandate was not an accident. This city was the childhood home of President Harry Truman. Truman gave vital support in the UN vote for the establishment of the state of Israel, contrary to the counsel of his Secretary of State, George Marshall. Mike Bickle and I became friends and began to correspond starting in 1989 on issues of the ministry of the Holy Spirit, apostolic-prophetic ministry, the end times, the unity of the church, and the restoration of Israel. It was during this time that Mike became convinced of the need to join with Tikkun to truly undertake the Israel mandate. The 2004 Israel Mandate conference marked 21 years to the day from the time that first Bob Jones' prophecy was given to Mike Bickle. Over the years, many people have asked Mike why he had not done something about the "Israel mandate" part of the prophecy, and all he could say was, "God has not told me yet what to do." But now is the time for this vision to come to pass.

That was part of the stirring message given by Don Finto, who spoke of those special times when the promise of God and the timing of God intersect. Jim Goll also spoke of the coming together, or "confluence" of prophetic streams.

At the conference, significant teaching was released by Israeli and American leaders. There were times of deep worship lead by Rachel and Avner Boskey, Robert Stearns and the IHOP-KC worship teams.

Over 1,000 guests showed up for the conference over and above the local IHOP community, which made for an overflow situation, so that many of the locals had to give up their places at the conference. Our thanks go to the local volunteers who put a lot of effort into arranging the conference. Our friend Mike Frank has taken responsibility to oversee the IHOP Israel mandate in the coming years.

Mike Bickle gave an urgent call to the western Gentile church to understand the end-time significance of Israel and the importance of prayer, fasting and commitment to stand with God's purposes for Israel. Based on Romans 11:20-33, he shared revelation about the coming apostasy (falling away) of the church due to ignorance of the mystery of Israel, under the pressure and persecution that is coming. There was a strong warning against deception and distractions that are preventing Christians from praying God's will and being prepared for end-times trouble.

Asher's evening message spoke of seeing Yeshua as the King of Israel coming back to take dominion over the earth. Many were impacted with new revelation, relationships and deep insight into the realities of life and ministry in Israel. The young adults were particularly impassioned by Ayal Frieden's message on youth evangelism to visit and serve in Israel.

The conference ended with a deep, symbolic marriage of covenant friendship between the Jewish and Gentile leadership present, inspiring full-scale "wedding" worship celebration by all present. This relationship speaks of the unity of the Church and Israel, as well as the covenant of cooperation between Tikkun and IHOP.

The IHOP-KC community has a commitment to make the establishment of the Messianic Jewish Body in Israel a top priority in prayer. They will pray for us. This was a conference worth waiting for. There was great worship, preaching, prophetic power and practical commitment. May God bring many more into such commitments for the restoration of the Church and the salvation of Israel. This restoration will lead to the redemption of the World. The two communities have received the same vision and understanding of the word. These visions are now coming together. When people with common vision come together, great things happen.

The full series of tapes and DVDs can be ordered at the Kansas City bookstore at www.fotb.com or (816) 763-0200.

By Daniel Juster


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13:00 24Jun04 David L Craig -
I have envisioned 24/7 Messianic worship and prayer in Montgomery County for many years now even though most say this is not feasible. But I believe with God all things are possible. This area needs this level of heavenly connection for the Gospel to go forth and I believe it will have a global impact. I am encouraged (and a little bit jealous) to hear this concept is happening in Kansas City.

14:53 24Jun04 Bruce Lavery -
Awesome - we need to do more of it.

16:21 24Jun04 Nick Marziani -
I appreciate the update on these strategic concerns. Please keep them coming!

11:02 25Jun04 Laurie Sullivan -
I think that it is important for us to get this word out. As we need to usher in the millenium and the reign of Christ. I feel time is very short and as I watch world events, this feeling is only stregthened.

21:11 25Jun04 Judith Grominger -
Excellent. I'm glad to have had opportunity to read this account. Also learning of the strategic gathering of leaders with the Knesset in New York City, God is doing something very sovereign, uniting the church with Messianic believers, one new man in Messiah Yeshua. Glory Hallelujah!

22:27 25Jun04 Pete & Stacie Hengy -
We relate profoundly to Mike Bickle's urgent call to the western Gentile church to understand the end-time significance of Israel and the importance of prayer, fasting and commitment to stand with God's purposes for Israel. Even in little ole Panama City, Florida where there is a very small Jewish and Messianic community, Yeshua is moving Gentile believers to stand in support of the original olive branches. We are originally from Jimmy Mas' church in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and remember the call Dan Juster gave to the Gentile church in the early 1990's. We were listening then and are walking now in this call as our Messianic community grows.

12:57 26Jun04 Mickey Coffman -
This is a blessed article that needs to be in hands of every believer and in every church and messianic synagogue. Thanks for this article - I rated it as a "must see" article.

10:58 27Jun04 Pastor Eduardo Emia -
Great to learn about IHOP, for the past 10 years of praying Israel, the country and her people, I am so happy to know that this kind of ministry exist. Because of this, I am considering to open IHOP in my country if you agree. I would like to inform you that millions of Filipino Christians are praying for Israel. Thank you so much and God bless you more abundantly.

13:15 02Jul04 Mark Blitz -
Shalom! In Tacoma, Wa there is a 24 hr prayer group that has started and is growing and trying to add many churches to fill one hour time slots to make it a 24/7. Let's intercede for Israel!

19:38 15Mar05 Nancy Kelly -
All my promises from the Lord, and all my dreams are to see God's gentile believers be together with our messianic brothers and sisters. To see one new man. To see the heart of God satisfied. My heart is so full I can't express it. For the last four years it is on my heart day and night. Psalm 137: has been my prayer to the God of my salvation. Psalm 137 4,5,6 How shall we sing the Lord's song in a strange land? If I forget thee, oh Jerusalem let my right hand forget her cunning. If I do not remember thee, let my tongue cleave to the roof of my mouth,if I prefer not Jerusalem as my chief joy. I am so grateful for what God is doing in Kanses City the Israel Mandate. My husband and I are reading from Iraq to Armageddon and Israel the Church and the Last days. I'm glad we are not alone anymore in what we believe about Israel and the end times. I pray for Israel's salvation.

16:57 02May05 Jim Rouse -
It has been fascinating to read these articles today. This is a subject that has largely been ignored by the gentile churches. The depth of this mystery is truly unending. May the appropriation of this mystery fulfill our calling to be the Church that will truly raise Israel from the dead by the power of God.

18:00 25Oct05 Stephen Shores -
Found this article via Google, and what a blessing! I'm a staff member at IHOP-Atlanta and have been blessed to see the Lord moving in the Messianic arena and bringing Gentiles and Jewish people together. It's wonderful to see the Spirit of God moving to bring his people together like this. 10:27 1Jun06 Bob Colver -
I totally agree. The Church is still split and confused but The Lord will change everything and restore the Jewish people and Messianic Kingdom theology to its rightful place in the understanding of Yeshua in the near future.

01:43 13Apr07 Henry Hutchinson -
Since my adult rededication to Christ in 1986 I have believed that God would re-establish his relationship with the people of Israel. For ten years now I have held the opinion that leading Israel to Christ may be the most important task of the church. This is not a widely accepted opinion. It is with great joy that I stumbled onto a televised session of the "Kansas City Israel Mandate Conference." Praise God! I did not catch any mention of the 144,000 from every tribe of Israel.

01:37 12Mar08 Kevin Smith -
Music to my ears & eyes! Bless these wonderful things that are being seen these days; thank God that we are in His revelation/river ... for eyes to see all things coming together!

18:22 07Nov08 Heather Kaufman -
We just moved to the Kansas City area from Florida where we were part of a wonderful Tikkun congregation. We heard about IHOP through your writings and from our Rabbi, thanks so much for supporting and encouraging IHOP. We just went for the first time last night and are so excited to go again, God is on the move in and through that place!

04:06 24Oct09 Jim Larson -
Praise God! It is absolutely true. We must support Israel in every possible way and pray night and day for their salvation.I belong to a holy spirit filled house of prayer in Elma WA. Many of us are taking a theology class so that we may know and love God more and also bring more lost to Jesus and glorify the Almighty One.I love IHOP's ministry.I believe their vision is as clear as it gets.

16:36 Relda Castles -
I was not aware of IHOP's vision for Israel, but I was directed to be there for the Israel Mandate. I came, I saw, and heard! After praying for many years (my heart's desire was fulfilled) at the conference. IHOP's commitment to the restoration of the Church and Israel's salvation is the fruit of their prayers and many others. I was blessed beyond measure.