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"Is your head spinning yet? ... The sexual revolution is now heading towards anarchy."

The current issue of "National Geographic" features a transgender child on the front cover. Indeed one of the most amazing phenomena of our day is the movement to destroy gender distinctions. This movement claims that one can be a girl in a boy's body, a boy in a girl's body, a homosexual man in a girl's body but attracted to other men and a lesbian woman in a man's body attracted to women. Is your head spinning yet? These orientations can apparently also change. A former lesbian had a falling-in-love experience with the present mayor of New York, and they are now married. Bruce Jenner is Kaitlin now, but would a woman ever have won the men's decathlon at the Olympics as Jenner did? And of course, a woman in a man's body cannot have a period, get pregnant or nurse. So gender application is more about how one feels than any factual realities. The sexual revolution is now heading towards anarchy.

The Challenge of Homosexuality in Israel

I am concerned for Israel because these same trends are very prominent in the non-religious sector here. Secular Israeli society seeks to be like other nations. Hence all the Western aberrations are here, and many Israelis brag about it. They call Tel Aviv the capital of the gay world.

Yet contrary to the United States, Israel has a state religion - Orthodox Judaism - which clearly differentiates between male and female. Since the Orthodox are consistently part of the government coalition, the State has to show deference to that part of the population. In addition, one fifth of our citizens are Arab and they also tend to support conservative sexual ethics. So one portion of the population tracks with the decadence of the Western World while the other resists.

Is it Genetics or Perverted Desires?

Homosexuals want to argue that their orientation is fixed by genetics, but there is no convincing genetic evidence yet. (Even some gay activists say this argument is only a ploy.) Many in the LGBT movement do not want to think of sexuality as so fixed. They want to support every possible orientation of consenting adults.

Cultures and Gender Distinctions

The issues of the gay revolution and all its permutations are contrary to the Biblical foundations of creation order and the intuitive grasp of reality in almost all cultures. This used to be called perversion. Rather than seeing gender distinctions as something to be made more amorphous, almost all historic societies grasped the importance of fostering and enhancing gender distinctions and their importance in maintaining stable family order. Most considered it important to raise women to be prepared to bear babies, nurse, nurture and focus on young children. Men were raised to go out and provide, to be responsible for their families.

It was generally understood that the attracting and bonding of male and female in marriage requires clear distinctions of gender leading to role distinctions. For example, distinctive clothing for men and women, and boys and girls; and the way women and men comport themselves were, and are still, fostered from the earliest ages in almost all cultures. To totally remove these distinctions would destroy a stable society and marriage itself.

Biblical Balance and Gender Distinctions

The Bible clearly fosters gender distinctions in many texts. Gender is a fundamental part of both the Hebrew and Greek languages and the biblical writers, from Moses, the prophets, the Psalmist, the gospel and letter writers all spoke and wrote in a fully gendered way. The Bible not only recognizes the difference between male and female but celebrates and protects both roles so that neither men nor women should be oppressed or coerced. Prohibitions of same-sex relationships are clearly specified throughout the Bible.

Unfortunately some cultures are oppressive to women in the way gender roles are defined and enforced. The Chinese bound the feet of girls so they would walk in a particular way. Muslim cultures tend to prevent women from fulfilling their gifts and talents, and some still practice female genital mutilation. Many Muslim women are forced to embrace a very restrictive existence. In contrast, the biblical requirements for gender distinction give boundaries yet still provide broad freedoms for both sexes to exercise their gifts and talents and to be all they can be in Kingdom life.

By Daniel Juster
Dan Juster is on the board of Tikkun International and oversees the Tikkun America network of congregations. Donate to Restoration from Zion.
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16:23 04Jan17 Don D -
Heres a great way to make the distinction between what's considered male and female - both of which are defined clearly by God:
If you have XX chromosomes

  -- Dr Juster replies: Indeed - I agree!

20:29 04Jan17 Craig Willoughby-Green -
I like your conclusion that the biblical requirements for gender distinction give boundaries yet still provide broad freedoms for both sexes to exercise their gifts and talents and to be all they can be in Kingdom life.
I believe that we each have a responsibility to provide for and nurture our children as we have capacity and are able with God's help whether male or female in this world. As a male, I think we need to be nurturing our feminine qualities on earth as too as we are ultimately the Bride of Christ and this includes not shutting out traditionally female endeavours like caring for children, singing and dancing with abandon and skipping through the meadow. Clothing is very much a social construct that helps us visually distinguish between the sexes and allows us to embrace the separate but equally wonderful nature of the opposite sex which is essential to a strong society as you say.
What we are not good at in the church I feel is helping people be liberated to be all they already are in Christ. To be free to wear a bridal gown in the Lord's presence and sing joyfully and skip boundlessly is a freedom that men in our world do not know ... to the point where our emotions are crippled with a distinct lack of feminine expression. I wonder how we can address this in the church and honour the distinct nature of the sexes ... as in heaven we are either male and female (as God must Himself be in order to create us in His image) or distinctly female in relation to Jesus?

08:37 05Jan17 Don Burr -
Very simple, but to the mind of the flesh chaos.

12:11 05Jan17 Shirel -
This clarifies our roles as male and female. Growing up on a farm in Iowa you see these roles in animals, which God gave them. Thank you for making it simple.

15:51 05Jan17 Intrater -
I work with congenital adrenal hyperplasia patients (more common in Jews). Tragically they can have hormones and genitalia that do not match chromosomes. Also, more than 82% of fish in the Potomac River are intersex due to pollution. Humans drink that water and eat those fish. Not unique to DC rivers. Sometimes these issues are biological, not "sinful".

  -- Dr Juster replies: I know there is some of what you describe. However we have to take each case by itself when we have such evidence. And the great issue is not with such folks. I think one thing that is central, is that our society makes sexual expression the height of human meaning.

01:05 06Jan17 Ruth -
Actually, I have read some books about the orthodox and hasidim. One problem revealed is the strict separation of men and women creates an environment where homosexuality will default. Abuse is happening. The lack of interaction is a also a problem toward a successful marriage. Hence I pray often for those groups.
But this is also a marker for the end times ... people will deny their Creator and the way they are created. You are right - it's also creating confusion. Some are confusing the "gender" of God as well. Oy. This topic will separate the believer from the world.

13:59 01Jan17 Lori Shelbourn -
The biblical requirements for gender distinction give boundaries yet still provide broad freedoms for both sexes to exercise their gifts and talents and to be all they can be in Kingdom life. This says the TRUTH of it all, and the best prayer point I have seen written.

18:49 28Jun17 Lynn Baker -
It is a complex issue. I believe when a xx woman is not attracted to the male sex, she should remain a chaste woman. If she desires a homosexual relationship she should not pursue that as the Bible is clear that homosexual relationships are an abomination to God. Remaining in the acceptance of chastity will be blessed by God.

  -- Dr Juster replies: I agree with you.

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