I am writing to you about an unparalleled opportunity that has been presented to Congregation Shavei Tzion, led by Leon Mazin. Leon was the associate leader with Eitan Shishkoff at Tents of Mercy. He was sent out in 2001 and planted a vibrant, growing, and talented congregation in Haifa, the first Tents of Mercy daughter congregation. He is part of the network led by Eitan. Leon is a wholly dedicated and sacrificial servant of God. Shavei Tzion practices a high level Gospel witness, of hospitality and service, including food and clothing distribution, special ministry to holocaust survivors and more. They have also planted a congregation in Upper Nazareth.
Now Shavei Tzion has an opportunity to purchase the building in which they rent space for their congregation, classes, offices and guest housing. It is a great downtown building; like nothing any other Israeli Messianic Jewish congregation now owns. The quality of the facility, its multi-use potential, and its central location makes this a truly inspiring project. The price is very reasonable. I urge you to consider becoming part of this great project though prayer and giving.
Shavei Tzion Building Proposal Synopsis:
Shavei Tzion is a Messianic Congregation situated in Haifa's downtown core. They offer a full range of ministries:
  • Soup kitchen producing 1,700 meals per month for needy residents of downtown Haifa
  • Ministry to 450 Holocaust survivors - holiday celebrations, recreational/educational tours within Israel, humanitarian aid and Torah instruction.
  • Publication of bi-monthly, 12 page feature magazine, "Oasis"
  • Outreach to artists through collaborative exhibitions and workshops
  • Shavei Tzion planted a daughter congregation in Nazareth, Netzer HaGalil. Netzer HaGalil also operates a soup kitchen ministry producing an additional 1,500 meals a month. Shavei Tzion actively provides spiritual oversight and ministry Netzer HaGalil.
  • Shavei Tzion is a founding member of the Haifa Theological Institute and will be hosting classes for instruction of future Messianic leaders and pastors in the Haifa region. (www.htinstitute.co.il)
Shavei Tzion was established in December 2001 and is affiliated with Tents of Mercy. It is situated in Haifa's downtown core. Typically, Messianic congregations meet in homes or have rented facilities in industrial areas to avoid conflict with Orthodox anti-messianic organizations. Shavei Tzion has answered God's call to establish a work in a visible, high population density area. As a result, over a 5 year period Shavei Tzion had 4 rental agreements terminated. At the last moment, all the landlords bowed out of contracts because of pressure from anti-messianic groups. In September 2006 Shavei Tzion finally signed a long term lease on their current property.
Shavei Tzion is presented with a unique opportunity to purchase the building where they currently rent two floors. This is a five story, (10,000 ft2) commercial property located on Herzilya Avenue, downtown Haifa. The building has undergone an architect's inspection; construction is sound, there are no structural defects or problems. Remarkably, Shavei Tzion has special favor with the landlord of the building. In order to facilitate the purchase he has agreed to reduce the price by nearly 30% from $1,000,000 US funds to $700,000 US funds (including taxes). This is an exceptionally good price for a building of this quality at this location.


It is Shavei Tzion's vision to secure a permanent space for Messianic ministry in downtown Haifa and to expand their ministry center to include:

Benefits: Shavei Tzion has a proven track record of caring for needy people and reaching out to the Jewish community through an indigenous Messianic presentation of the Gospel. Purchase of the building would have tremendous value.

Stewardship: The asking price is an exceptional bargain, $700,000. Purchase would be a better allocation of funds than the current rental status.

Ministry: Expanding from two floors to five would not only consolidate ministries under one roof but would allow for needed expansion.

Stability: This is a crucial and unique issue facing Messianic congregations in Israel. A permanent building establishes a public face for Israeli Messianic ministry, removes the threat of eviction and sends the message that Messianic congregations are an integral part of the social landscape of the community. The landlord of the building is elderly and wants to sell. He is willing to reduce the price to help Shavei Tzion purchase the building but if they cannot do so someone else will. There is no guarantee that a new landlord will be favorably disposed towards Shavei Tzion.

Thank you for your consideration and prayers.

For further information contact Leon Mazin at:
phone: +972 (0)50 201 0251
fax:+972 (0)4 851 0876

By Daniel Juster

Dan Juster leads the overall ministry Tikkun International. Donate to Tikkun International.

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