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"... a shocking indictment of the nations ..."

Well, sadly it happened. President Obama has left office with a terrible betrayal of Israel.

The United States failed to veto a U.N. Security Council resolution condemning Israel for the settlements built over the 1949 armistice line. President Obama instructed the U.S. ambassador to the U.N. to abstain. The resolution was passed 14-0, a shocking indictment of the nations currently making up the Security Council, including Britain and France.

This resolution by the U.N. contradicts its own 1947 partition plan. Why? Because the original plan did not cede East Jerusalem to a future Palestinian state.

Some commentators have noted that this U.N. resolution makes illegal all Jewish residences and institutions on the other side of the line. Wow! That would include all the Jewish owned locations from before the 1948 war in those areas.

Now I am not claiming that former President Obama is anti-Semitic, but that there is an anti-Semitic spirit behind all this.

When you think of Northern Cyprus, Tibet, and so many other examples of real occupation, it is amazing. And Russia and China voted for this resolution when they really are occupiers! What is wrong with this picture? What hypocrisy! Then think of the disasters and genocide in the nations like Syria. Consider North Korea and so many other tyrannies, but the U. N. concentrates far more attention on what is a much lesser problem.

This is more than imbalance. The scale is broken.


Asher Intrater

Revive Israel
"... it is not the settlements that are causing the Jihad."

In light of the recent UN resolution against Israel, it is often repeated that the primary problem preventing peace in the Middle East is the Israeli "occupation" and "settlements" on Palestinian land. The reasoning goes that if we could only get rid of Israeli occupation and settlements, then peace would come. However, is Israel occupying someone else's land, or is someone else occupying Israel's land?

Geography - There are over 20 Arab and Muslim nations surrounding Israel. If there is to be any land for Jewish people, it has to be in the present location. A quick look at a map of the Middle East makes this fact obvious. If Israel were to give the entire "West Bank" over to Palestinian sovereignty according to international demands, the width of central Israel between a Palestinian State and the Mediterranean Sea would be less than 10 miles!

History - Today Islamic extremists want to destroy archeological sites in order to deny historical truth in the Middle East. Notwithstanding, the Jewish people have had a presence in the Land going back to before 1,000 BC and had sovereignty here for hundreds of years. For most of the years between 1517 and 1917 the Land was occupied by the Turkish Ottoman Empire. From 1917 to 1947 the British were in power.

Terrorism - Jihadists want to conquer and annihilate Israel today, not live side by side with it in peace. They try to use the settlements on the West Bank as an excuse to murder innocent people around the world, but it is not the settlements that are causing the Jihad. The controversial Amona settlement has 30 families living in mobile homes. Thirty families! In the last few years just over the border in Syria and Iraq 450,000 people have been murdered by radical Muslims, 10 million have lost their homes and countless women have been raped. The Christian community in every Muslim nation throughout the Middle East has been viciously and violently decimated.

Diplomacy - Perhaps having "Two States" is the solution: one for the Arabs and one for the Jews. If all Jewish villages will be removed from the Arab side, does that mean that all Arab villages will be removed from the Jewish side? (Of course not.) Furthermore, if Israel pulls out security forces, Hamas will most likely take over the "West Bank," and Hamas doesn't want two states. They want only a Palestinian state with no Israel at all.

Spiritually - There does not seem to be any viable, practical political solution one way or another. The roots of the problem are spiritual. Israel is not occupying and settling someone else's land. They are repossessing the only land in which the Jewish people have had a living presence throughout history. That history is recorded in the Bible. The resettlement is also prophesied in the Bible. The inordinate and disproportionate opposition to the State of Israel cannot be explained logically. Psalm 2 states that the nations rebel against God, against the Messiah, and against Zion (Jerusalem). Ezekiel 38 and Zechariah 14 describe a huge war in which the nations of the world will attack Israel, and then the future Messianic Millennial kingdom will have its capital in Jerusalem as we see in Isaiah 2.

This article was previously published on January 5th 2017 here on the Revive Israel website and on January 8th 2017 here on Kehila News Israel

By Daniel Juster
Dan Juster is on the board of Tikkun International and oversees the Tikkun America network of congregations. Donate to Restoration from Zion.
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23:12 01Feb17 Anonymous -
God will avenge the wrongs done to those who worship Him, those who are murdered, raped, robbed by God's enemies. We must believe that one day there will be peace for us and for the whole world, when our enemies are destroyed.

04:39 02Feb17 Britt-Marie Aspenlund -
Remember the San Remo resolution - 1920, all of the Palestinian Mandate a national Homeland for the Jews, which the League of Nations, the UN, Turkey and the US have confirmed and is legal.

  -- Yes, you are right, of course, but the UN declares this irrelevant since 1948. replies:

09:10 02Feb17 Tom -
A new expression has been recently coined which describes the problem exactly. Quite simply, the leftists have infected Western Civilization with an intellectual disease called PARALYSIS OF ANALYSIS. Vigorous intellectual exercise AND a healthy SPIRITUAL diet is the only defense at the moment; but the CURE will eventually arrive.

  -- Dr Juster replies: Let's hope so!

13:04 02Feb17 Jasmine Jackson -
We should not be surprised that the enemy uses nations that are not completely submitted to Adonai Elohim Ts'vaot through Yeshua's sacrifice. We should not be surprised that Israel faces betrayal and injustice as Adonai's chosen people. Especially before they have fully accepted Yeshua as Maschiach. We should continue to pray that Jewish eyes (especially Israeli eyes) are opened to the revelation of Yeshua as Mashiach. That revelation will bring victory in the midst of persecution, life from the dead for the b'nei Yisrael, and healing and restoration to all nations. "Loved ones, do not be surprised at the fiery ordeal taking place among you to test you as though something strange were happening to you. Instead, rejoice insofar as you share in the sufferings of Messiah, so that at the revelation of His glory you may also rejoice and be glad." 1 Peter 4:12-13

13:45 02Feb17 Stacy Rae Lorang -
This article was a blessing and speaks bold truth knowledge is power and biblical prophecies are coming forth.

13:54 02Feb17 Charles Reece -
I think that you "answered" your own implied question of "bewilderment" for the hypocrisy of the UN. As you already stated in this article, this "anti-Semitic" bias is actually "spiritual" in nature. Plain and simple! No more, no less! It is truly literally "demonic" in nature! There's no other explanation for it. And yes, ultimately, it is all part of God's prophetic will as a "means" by which to bring His People to finally "accept" their "Jewish Messiah" -- i.e., "Messiah Yeshua", who they've collectively "rejected" for the past two millennia. The Lord will indeed "bless" the Jewish People with full and total possession of the entire Holy Land (or the ancient "Canaan Land")-- and thereby get His eternal "glory" at the end of it all, when Ezekiel 38 and Zechariah 14 finally fulfilled.

06:30 03Feb17 EPP -
Thank you for sharing about this Betrayal and Hypocrisy - it was an eye opener!

08:13 03Feb17 Nanci Craig -
To me the question is ... why doesn't Israel have authority in the UN? And my inquiry to the Lord would be ... how do we get that authority and establish His Kingdom in this global agency. No nation can tell Israel what to do ... the question is how can Israel rise up and influence the nations because that is her calling!

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