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The ruthless assassination of former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto was a terribly sad and tragic event. By all accounts, this lovely woman was intelligent and committed to bringing progress to Pakistan. She certainly was not a perfect leader and her critics have raised serious concerns about her last administration; however, she professed a desire to fight for democratic reform and to more effectively fight terrorism. Though she had many supporters in Pakistan, she was hated by those who are part of radical Islam. How could they accept a modern woman to lead Pakistan? Any ideas of democracy are abhorrent to them. Once again, we see a clear revelation of the nature of radical Islam. A woman with three children was cut down. Twenty-three by-standers were indiscriminately killed after the gunman blew himself up, having achieved his end of murdering the former Prime minister. All this was very painful to me. I hate to see evil gain its ends.

The Pakistan Dilemma

The dilemma for the United States, and those who want to fight Islamic radicals, is a seeming impossible one. We support a leader in Pakistan who only half heartedly fights the terrorists. His security organizations have been compromised with radical elements. The schools for the young, 'midrassas', are raising thousands of young extremists in the most horrendous indoctrination. Just two days after the assassination, CNN correspondent Anderson Cooper gave a tour of a 'midrassa'. There sat hundreds of young people chanting and studying the Koran all day. How vacant their faces appeared. If we support Musharef we get ineffective leadership in this fight. But who else is there? Pakistan has nuclear weapons and if it falls to the radicals, we are in grave danger. Yet, it seems that it is in danger of falling because the government will not take the steps to stop the growth of the radicals. Furthermore, the primary center of Al Qaeda is rumored to be in Pakistan.

For several years I have been spreading the message that God was setting up a great clash that would simultaneously challenge the Islamic world, the Western relativistic world, and the Jewish world, all of which deny that Yeshua is the Messiah, the savior of the world. The goal is a great harvest in all three cases. I now want to speak to the matter of Islam as the worst Yeshua-denying force in the world today.

The Nature of Islam

First of all, let us not succumb to political correctness with regards to Islam. All religions are not created equal. A foundational and cardinal doctrine of Islam is the denial of the incarnation of God in Yeshua. It is inscribed on the Dome of the Rock on the Temple Mount. It is written on mosque after mosque. It was Mohammed himself who established this denial after he knew of the claims of Christianity. According to 1st John, this is the spirit of the Antichrist. As such, we should expect great evil to be part of Islam.

Religious Freedom, Islam and the Nations

The Gospel is progressing in every culture, even in the Islamic world, but the difficulty in the Islamic world is the greatest. While there are many regions of the world where true and full religious freedom is not permitted, no cultures are as restrictive as Islamic cultures. According to Islamic Law, leaving Islam is punishable by death. In Saudi Arabia, even foreign Christian workers cannot carry a Bible.

Let us make some comparisons. In Russia, after many years of severe religious persecution, there is now significant freedom. It is not as free as in the Yeltsin years; however, Orthodox churches are being built, Messianic congregations thrive, the Jewish community is religiously free, and evangelical churches grow in spite of meeting restrictions and regulatory hindrances. There is also freedom in Ukraine, and in most of the countries of the former Soviet Union that are not Muslim dominated.

In India, there has been severe persecution, yet the Church grows. The government does not protect Christians as they should, but religious freedom is enshrined in the Indian constitution in a way that is not true of any Muslim state. There is significant growth of the Church in South East Asia. Japan is religiously free. Religious freedom and Evangelical growth is the rule in South America. There is religious freedom in sub Sahara Africa, though some tribal Muslims do persecute Christians. Western Europe also has religious freedom but there is secular pressure against religion.

Despite all we hear of human rights violations in China, the Church is growing there too. Although there is persecution, the Chinese government does not have the will or ability to stop the progress of the Church. The Body of Messiah in China is now one of the most important Christian churches in the world.

The Islamic world is unique. Its violence, oppression of women, doctrine of radical jihad and laws limiting the rights of non Muslims makes Islam the most horrendous force against religious freedom. Religion can be summarized in the simplest terms, as what adherents of a religion believe God approves or requires of human beings. If we think divinity loves blowing up infidels in suicide bombings, then this becomes religious duty. If we think God likes leading people to Yeshua, building hospitals, and caring for the poor, then this is our religious duty. Religion can be good or evil.

God is Waiting for Us to Face the Truth

How much carnage must there be before the world faces the truth? I believe that God is waiting for the world to once and for all wake up and conclude that Islam is an evil religion. Billy Graham's son, Franklin Graham had the courage to declare this a few years back. Islam does not give courage to moderate Muslims to fight the radicals, and Islam spawns more and more radicals. The world shudders but still professes that Islam is ultimately good. It is not. We know with certainty that it is of the spirit of Antichrist. Yet Islam claims that it supercedes Judaism and Christianity. When will the world finally come to face the truth?

The defeat of the evil dark prince behind Islam is the key to saving untold multitudes. A billion are held in the clutches of this oppressive religion that explicitly denies the Word of God and is based on many lies.

Understanding the Middle East

Israel's existence proves that Islam has not superceded Judaism or Christianity. I believe that this is crucial to understanding the Middle East. This is why Islam cannot accept the existence of Israel and there can be no lasting peace. The fall of Islam is a key to world harvest. Messianic Jewish witness in Israel is necessary to strengthen Jewish people to face the battles ahead with courage. Our presence in the Land is the testimony of the ultimate victory of Yeshua.

I am pleading with the Body of Messiah worldwide to mobilize concerted prayer for the destruction of Islam and the salvation of Israel. The heart cry of all true followers of Yeshua toward this end is the most important world level prayer that we can offer. Only concerted prayer can defeat the enemy and bring the harvest!

By Daniel Juster

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10:58 30Jan08 Andre Tavares -
R. Juster, I think that the worst danger Islam represents to western, Christian and Jewish worlds is the destruction of some achievements as modern science, arts, democracy, civil and human rights, etc., that were made possible by "sphere differentiation" provided by religion reformation (Reform) that helped to disclose the world/creation richness. In the same way as Catholic Church ruled and prevented civilization development, reducing all things under "pistic" (from "pistis", faith sphere) parameters and laws in Middle Age, Islam wants to destroy the manifestations of creation redemption and avoid G-d's mercy and (common) grace through human work and creativity led by theological basements.
The Jewish-Christian world is threatend by Islamic hunger of world and life total control by religion, and the secular western mind that wants false freedom by religion vanishment. I think is necessary that Jews and Christians demonstrate inferiority of both.

  -- Dr Juster replies: These are very good thoughts. I generally agree. However, in spite of the sad dimensions of the Church-State alliance with State churches there was still inspiration from the Bible that produced gain. Rodney Stark's great book the Victory of Reason confirms this and also confirms your thoughts on Islam.

11:54 30Jan08 Rose-Line Simon -
I cannot agree more with you, concerning your comments of the Islamic nature. About Benazir, I am still perplexed, the background of her family was a strong Muslim one, her father Ali Butho was killed by those more extremists than he was, after he tried to institute shariah law. But I certainly can praise the courage she had, by stepping to this dangerous position, she responded to this call knowing to possibility of being killed, previous attempts to her life had been made, but she still went forward, animated with much passion, and as you said the desire to make change.
Everyone need to know about the evil nature of Islam who is rooted from the pit of hell. Islam calls for violence, there is no middle ground, and I believe that the moderate are not true to their religion. Radical Islam wants to eradicate ALL infidels which includes anyone who does not have Muslim faith and especially Israel as a land and as a people. As long as Israel is, they cannot see to fruition the fullfilment of their prophecy. The existence of Israel stands between their rule over the whole world. It demands a radical Christianity (a love that is stronger than their hatred) and prayers that will demolish strongholds and forteresses in the high places.
We can be encouraged because the knowledge of Yeshua is spreading at a great rate among the Muslims, many are receiving the gospel with much eagerness and enthusiasm. Iran is flourishing with many underground church activities.

01:50 31Jan08 Diane Cocke -
Thank you for telling the truth. May others be encouraged and emboldened to SPEAK the TRUTH that Islam is the antiChirst.

11:39 31Jan08 John R Peacher -
I agree wholeheartedly with your conclusions regarding the violent nature of Islam. Would that our leaders in western nations would admit to this truth. Until they do, we are only advancing the cause of violence and terror throughout the world. We need a man of action and integrity the likes of Phinehas, the son of Eleazar, the son of Aaron the priest who will go into the tent after the men of compromise and Islamic fanatics and run a spear through this religion of terror and expose it for what it is (Numbers 25:7-12). If such a one does not arise of our own free will and out of common sense to confront this evil, I fear that The Almighty will put us into such a position that our very survival will depend on such an action and we will have no other choice but to take drastic action. What is so sad is that tens of millions of lost souls who will never find freedom or be able to chose for themselves will perish during the time of decision. The truth will set us free; it is time for truth and your article contributes in the effort to confront head on this spirit of Anti-Christ.

12:40 31Jan08 Ramona Hubbard -
Good prayer request. God, who knew the beginning and the ending is setting the stage for His return. We must all pray for the destruction of Islam and the salvation of Israel, so we can see the great harvest of souls. God bless Israel and her people.

18:34 06Feb08 Gail Stoddard -
Thank you for writing this article on Islam. It is indeed an evil religion not from our God Who is true and blessed forever. I will continue to stand with and for Israel and for the salvation of all both Jews and those held under the bondage of Islam. He whom the Son sets free is free indeed.

00:49 09Feb08 Zachary McCoy -
I agree completely that Islam is anti-Yeshua. It's important that you emphasize concerted PRAYER to bring down this false religion. I fear that more and more Americans are being stirred with a spirit of warfare, rather than prayer. Also, I hope the Israelis do not trust in the United States for their help (see Isaiah 31:1-3). Thus far, the U.S. has prodded Israel to divide promised land and given billions of dollars worth of weapons to Israel's enemies. I'm not bashing the U.S. I am a citizen of the U.S., and I praise HaShem for the freedom to worship Him here! Remember, the Most High fights for Jacob. He who watches over Israel needs no help. Baruch HaShem!

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