by Daniel C Juster, Director


The land of Israel is the promised possession of our people. Yet since the days of Joshua son of Nun we have struggled to attain it. This struggle is in part due to the condition of our people. Most of our people are not committed to live in covenant faithfulness to God. Comparatively few have embraced faith in the Messiah Yeshua. We have failed to obtain this promise, because its full attainment is contingent on covenant faithfulness (Deut. 19:8, 9). Christians are called to stand with Israel and affirm God's promises to her. However, it is not wise to counsel Israel to seek to attain this promise before returning to God in the Messiah Yeshua. The day will come when all of our people embrace him. Then and only then will we attain the fullness of God's promise to us.


The kingdoms of this world resist Israel's full attainment of the promise of the Land. This brings the judgment of God. In the prophetic books of the Bible, we read that those who were instruments of judgment upon Israel were also judged, and were severely judged if they were wicked and inhumane. Currently, Israel is resisted by its immediate Arab neighbors, most non-Arab Muslim nations, and liberal secular regimes in the West. This situation will lead to judgment of these nations.


The Koran explicitly denies the promise to Isaac as Abraham's son. Incoherently, the Koran, though frequently referring to Moses, Israel and Yeshua, denies that Israel was God's chosen people. The extension of Islam was mostly through violence and forced conversion. This is how Islamic Arabs obtained the rule of the Holy Land.

God has a serious case against all the nations that deny his Word. The teaching of the Bible does not support the radical view of the separation of Church and State. Yes, the institution of the State is not to govern the institution of the Church and visa versa. However, while the State may legitimately make room for different views, even atheism, the Bible is clear that all nations are to acknowledge God and his Messiah. Indeed, the nation that will not acknowledge the place of Israel will perish (Is. 60:12). All nations are to submit to the universal dimensions of the Law of God. The vision of world peace in Isaiah 2 does not come through U. N. resolutions, but by the nations coming to embrace the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Yeshua and submitting to his Law.


God has spoken about his allocation of the Land of Israel to our people. There is no equivocation. God has asked the world to acknowledge His right to allocate one very small piece of Land. If the world acknowledges this, all peoples will come into their inheritance. However, the world has its reasons for not acknowledging this. It is a world that mostly denies God. For Arabs, it is not really about displaced Palestinians. Indeed, the Arab world rejects Jewish settlement on land that was never settled by Palestinians. They reject even the legitimacy of Tel Aviv! Why? Because, land once under the rule of Muslims must never again be ruled by so called infidels, Islam must always progress. This is dar al Islam doctrine, or the realm of Islam.


The West desires to appease the Muslim world. They say that Israel's possession of the whole Land is a violation of International Law. God's Law and promise does not count for them as any part of International Law. What laws are being spoken of here? Was there an elected legislature that passed international laws? No. We are speaking about a recent doctrine. It is the doctrine that the status quo of borders determined after World War II, confirmed by the U. N. and rooted in the prior League of Nations mandates is to be forever enforced. Thus we have U. N. resolutions 242 and 338 that demand Israel's return to their Pre-67 boarders. Some even declare that Israel must return to the pre-War of Independence borders (1948). A recent secret British position paper, leaked this last month, declared that several Jerusalem Jewish neighborhoods were in violation of International Law because they were built on land that was, in 1947, allocated to the intended Arab state. The Arabs had never settled there! These were fully new neighborhoods.

The U. N. declares that nations must never for any reason expand their territory by war against another nation, even if clearly necessary for defense after a war. This is selectively applied! It is not applied in Africa. Russia had veto power in the U. N. Security Council as it swallowed up Eastern Europe and established puppet governments. Russia was not indicted for violation of International Law!

The fact that the Jews and Christians lived in Israel and had prior claim to the Land before Islam's violent conquest does not count. The judgment of conventional wisdom is this took place too long ago. Was it too long ago for God? Do justice issues before 1948 have no relevance? The Jews were cast out of their part of Jerusalem and their holy places desecrated after the 1948 war. Jordan was not found in violation of International Law from 1948-1967. Jordan also claimed and ruled the land allocated for a Palestinian State. Again, Jordan was never accused of violating International Law.

In the history of warfare, aggressive nations were sometimes punished. More defensible borders were the gain of the nation that successfully resisted aggression. Land expansion was considered a just result of winning against aggression. When the U. N. affirmed its partition plan, the borders drawn were terribly wrong. These borders made Israel's defense almost impossible and tempted Arab aggressors to think they could easily conquer and destroy Israel. So in Israel's wars, and especially in 1948 and 1967, she expanded her territory.

Here are some important facts. Though Israel in 1948 accepted the borders proposed by U. N. resolutions, the Arabs never accepted the partition. Therefore the original resolution became moot. The Arabs went to war and lost their right to this solution. Israel rightly gained territory and more defensible borders. It is indefensible, that in spite of multiple Arab wars of aggression, Israel must return to the original untenable U. N. borders. The so called International Law that Israel violates is an unjust law and in violation of God's true International Law that supercedes all other law. There are hundreds of millions of Arabs in their own states. There has never in history been a Palestinian State. A Palestinian state partitioned from Israel was rejected by the Palestinians and the Arab States. Israel may negotiate a new solution but this should be based on today's realities, not upon a solution whose time has long since passed and has always been impossible.

Actually, we really do not see any solution but reconciliation through the Messiah Yeshua. Only when our people turn to him will they enter into the fullness of His promises to them.

So while the nations resist Israel, they are also storing up judgment for seeking to divide the Land (Joel 3:2). For Israel, compromise for peace is another matter. That the nations would take this stand against Israel even after the holocaust is worse than immoral. Yet, it is just this situation of injustice and pressure that opens Israelis to question their situation in life. Through such questioning, Israelis are turning to God and His Messiah Yeshua. This is the most important fact of all.

By Daniel Juster

Dan Juster leads the overall ministry Tikkun International. Donate to Tikkun International.

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06:58 02Feb06 anonymous -
I just read this article and I emphathize with it 100%. I work for the UN in economic development and not in peacekeeping or security but it still makes me sad that the UN can inadvertedly stand against Israel and God. I just want to say that no matter what, I will always stand with Israel and their God given right to its land. Please don't be discouraged by current events because we all know that the end is a HAPPY ENDING!!

10:24 02Feb06 anonymous -
Thank you for this article. It helps me a lot and clearly understand more the current facts both physically and spiritually. Be strong and take courage! As a gentile christian from Asia, I stand with Israel and God's convenant to the land. May peace through Yeshua our Messiah to Israel!

11:14 02Feb06 Beverly Gottfried -
I believe the Holy Spirit is calling the Esthers and Mordecais to come and join the Esthers and Mordecais in Israel to fast and pray joining our hearts together as one in the land.There is a stategy for this as we fast and pray, for this is such a time as this..... It is time for Haman (Hammas) to be hung on the gallows with all his sons. No longer will Israel be humilated among the nations. I hear a sound of victory on the horizon. The King is in the court and we have found favor with Him. The enemy never counted on the Esthers arising around the world to gather in the land. Yeshua has called my son and I to Israel this summer to fast and pray with many of the believers and bless the people. We were in the land a year ago for 3 weeks praying and declaring His word and blowing the shofar over the high places. We are not tourists...We are connected with many Messianic ministries their and are connected with the House of Peace we are End-time Handmaidens.My son (messianic jewish believer) just turned 15 yesterday and has been in 4 nations ministering with the shofar in the last 2 years. We attend Chuck Pierces' church- Glory of Zion in Denton, Texas. We are also connected wuth Shaul Katsav- Marty Waldman @ Baruch Ha Shem in Dallas. We join our hearts with you for the nation of Israel. We are in the crossing over time, focusing on our promises and will conquer through the strategies of the Kingdom. Blessing on you all through our Mighty King Yeshua and our ALL Powerful G-d.

12:30 02Feb06 Sharon Mount -
It's sad that the world does not understand that the land belongs to God and God's chosen people, Israel. I just read something in my home work, about the first world war and the holocaust. What I read upset me and that how can we treat God's people that way, I just cried to the Father and there is this fire in me to even more to take a stand for Israel and why we should pray for Israel, why we should protect the Jewish people. You see I am taking a class called defending the faith and what the Father has placed in my heart is to defend the Jewish people, their way of life, the Torah, etc. about the land. Even though I am not Jewish my heart is Jewish. Just to let this country know the truth about God's chosen people.

15:47 02Feb06 MJ McNeil -
The article is truth. In these evil days people unsaved and sadly many calling themselves born again most likely will object. At those times I always ask myself who do I want anger with me? Those who can kill my body or the ONE who can kill my soul? Keep standing up for the WORD, these are very very "dark" days and during the times of great objection coming at you from very side when you speak the truth just keep in mind what Mordecai told Esther Esther 4:13-14

19:16 07Feb06 Diane Whitlock -
Thank you so much for the article,I have been so encouraged by the reports from Asher and also from JAMM, Ariel and others in the recent conversions taking place in Isreal. Although things are pretty rough now,scripture assures us when Yeshua comes all things will be put in order, I say with all of you, Maranatha Lord, Come Quickly!!! May God continue to shelter you and yours under his wings,I pray for all of you daily and for the PEACE of Jerusalem! Blessings to you Dan and on the Isreal of God, your article is right on,hoping our Saviour returns soon!

08:32 08Feb06 Darlynna Rush -
G_d bless you, Dan, with all the blessings of Heaven ... thank you for your article. It causes me to pray "Lord Jesus, COME!" (and QUICKLY, please!!) as are so many others praying collectively, without ceasing, for beloved Israel and the peace of Jerusalem. Is there any way this message can get into the hands of President Bush? I'm from Midland, Texas and we love and pray for him mightily, also. May the L_ord give us all strength, endurance, perseverance and protection!! (Ps. 91) HALLELUJAH AND AMEN!

16:16 13Feb06 Doug Morgan -
It breaks my heart to realize the suffering that the people of Israel have gone through since the first century mostly inflicted by "Christians." I am a gentile who prays for God's blessings to be on Israel.

02:42 16Feb06 Martin Kingsburgh -
I am a Gentile Believer. I had held onto the concept that the "church" has replaced Israel for the first 8 years of my faith in Yeshua (Jesus). The veil is starting to lift, I have many questions, but am seeing the Messiah and Israel from the people of Israel's perspective (I hope) and am humbled by my Western arrogance. I pray that Your God, who is my God through Yeshua, will teach me who He is, who He's always been. I am deeply hurt by the Gentile's repsonce to the Jews since the fall of the temple in 70 CE. I know that Israel is your land given on oath and covenant by God Himself. I pray you will receive your inheritance in the land. Please pray that He would teach me how to live as a Gentile believer in Yeshua the Messiah in a land outside of the holy land. Thank you for your wisdom, May the LORD, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob bless you wonderfully.

18:01 17Feb06 anonymous -
This is an important article. You mention the importance of God's promises and international law and also God's law, which is for the nations. But you forgot to mention the Torah given to Israel. Wasn't Israel expelled from the land for not keeping Torah? I sincerely hope that doesn't happen again, since most Israelis are not religious and do not keep Torah. Are these new Israeli converts becoming Torah-observant?

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