By Daniel C. Juster Th.D.

Mina Fenton's worst fear is that Messianic Jews would be successful and that great numbers of Jews in Israel would become disciples of Yeshua. She thinks this would destroy the Jewish people.

Who is Mina Fenton? She is an Orthodox Jew who serves on the Jerusalem City Council. Has she gone on a campaign against Messianic Jews? No, not Messianic Jews, but against Christian Zionist organizations! We spoke about this in last month's newsletter. Why the campaign? Because she claims that Christian Zionist organizations are fronts for "missionizing" Jews. In addition, Christian Zionist organizations, in her view, lower the resistance of Jewish people against Christian belief.

Mina Fenton is seeing some success. Recently a high Rabbinical Court ruled that it was against Halakhah (the application of Jewish Law) for Jews to participate in events sponsored or co-sponsored with Christian Zionists. One Rabbi noted that while Christian support for Israel looks helpful in the short run, in the long run, cooperation was dangerous and could lead to dire consequences.

On the other side in this battle are the Christian Zionists and the Jewish leaders of Israel who cooperate with them. This especially includes the recently formed Christian Allies Caucus, which is an official group from the Israel Knesset (Parliament).

Evaluating Mina Fenton's Viewpoint

Materially, Mina Fenton is wrong. Christian Zionists organizations do not focus any evangelistic efforts on the Jews. Their role is to garner support for Israel from around the world. However, they are of different minds concerning sharing their faith with Jews. Some will not do so. Some will only do so if Jews ask concerning their faith. For them, there must be a clear mark of the Spirit's leading. None of them will denounce Messianic Jews, which Mina Fenton would require for any relationship.

Of course, Christian Zionists generally accept that Messianic Jews are part of a movement raised up by God, even though most Messianic Jews are not directly part of the Christian Zionist movement per se. In addition, the Christian Allies Caucus requires all Christians with whom they work to expressly vow to not engage in proselytism. Some Christian Zionist organizations have refused to do this, while others have agreed. With regard to Mina Fenton's campaign, the focus is on the organizations that have accepted the vow! She opposes them anyway!

Mina Fenton is Important

Mina Fenton is important for two reasons: not because she is right - she is terribly wrong. In this time of world abandonment of Israel, Christian support is absolutely crucial. She is really doing damage to the cause of Israel. She is important because she reveals the mind-set of a significant segment of Jews in Israel. The visceral hatred of Christianity and anything with parallel beliefs like Messianic Judaism is important to understand and to combat with great prayer, love and negotiation with Israeli officials.

Secondly, Mina Fenton unknowingly anticipates prophetic fulfillment. According to the Bible, true Christians (Gentile believers in Romans 11) will play a significant role in making Israel jealous. Their mercy will soften hearts; and this is happening today. There are many articles in the Jewish press in Israel that call Evangelicals "our best friends." Mina Fenton does not want hearts to be softened towards the gospel.

What If Messianic Jews were fabulously successful?

For Mina Fenton and her ilk, Jews embracing Yeshua is a great existential danger to the State of Israel and the Jewish people. So, I want to respond by painting a word picture of a very successful Messianic Jewish movement in Israel. I believe we are to pray for this success, and I believe it is possible.

The Book of Revelation describes 144,000 Jewish believers from all the tribes of Israel (Rev. 7:14). They are described as virgin men. Many interpreters think that this is a description of Jewish disciples in Israel before the return of Yeshua. I take virgin to be symbolic of spiritual purity. If so, many may be married. So we may actually be seeing 500,000 to 600,000 Messianic Jews in Israel. This would be ten percent of today's Jewish population in Israel. Can we picture this many? I can. It is only a third of the number of men gathered by Promise Keepers in Washington, D.C. a few years ago.

What would be the effect on Israel if there were so many Messianic Jews?

There would be an influence for reverencing the Law of God, not in the Rabbinic way of multiplied legal restrictions added to the Bible, but in the broad biblical lines of Law which have application to both universal morality and to Jewish life today. This would elevate the whole of Israel as a more law abiding society, both in regards to moral and civil law. At the present time, Israeli society is very lawless. The true Torah of God would be extolled through Messianic Jewish influence. As a consequence, the conscience of the people of Israel would be restored and the whole tone of society would improve. Abortion would be greatly diminished. Sexual immorality and prostitution would decline and fidelity in marriage and family would increase. Because Messianic Jews do not live in an Orthodox ghetto, they could be an influence in much greater ways than the Orthodox. Corruption in government would diminish and political leaders would act with greater integrity. Some Messianic Jews would even serve in government!

New Age spirituality would greatly diminish. The Torah explicitly condemns the idolatry, magic and witchcraft that are part of New Age spirituality and Eastern Religions. In the Torah, involvement in these practices is a capital offense. Yet, it is common in Israel. There is even an Orthodox Jewish form of such magic in some Kabalistic practices. There is no Orthodox outrage about such clearly anti-biblical influences. Yet, because Messianic Jews believe that Yeshua is the Messiah, that He is deity, and that God is uni-plural, they are condemned. These beliefs are not condemned by Scripture; in fact they are implied in the Hebrew Bible.

Such is our ironic, strange situation! The issue of Jewish continuance is dependant upon our world view and the spiritual purpose for living a Jewish life. The world view of Messianic Jews commits us to Jewish preservation, continuity, the Torah, the reality of God and so much more that is consistent with Judaism. Yet strangely, the Jewish establishment allows world views that are diametrically opposed to the historic Jewish world view, including materialistic atheism, New Age spiritualism and more. Messianic Jews would be a great antidote to these errors.

There would be a renewal of Jewish life. The biblical Sabbaths and Feasts would be celebrated with a new joy throughout the Land. Messianic Jewish celebration would become a model for all. The presence of the Spirit would make such celebration attractive. Instead of days at the beach, the Feasts would become both joyful and serious. There would be a balanced biblical appreciation for the Jewish heritage without idolizing and canonizing Rabbinic Judaism.

Commitment towards a more Biblical Zionism would be enhanced. The important conviction that we are living in this Land for a divine purpose that leads to world redemption will provide a raison d'étre for true Biblical Zionism. This is the answer to the disillusionment of the youth of Israel who find it difficult to see a purpose for the sacrifice and suffering entailed by living in the Land.

Christian support for Israel would become even greater as Messianic Jews make their case to their brothers and sisters from among the nations.

There would be a new movement of love toward the Arabs of Israel. This would include joining with Christian Arabs in a new quest for treating Arabs with justice and respect. The Gospel would be successfully spread among the Arab populations of Israel.

All of this assumes a Messianic Judaism whose constituents are spiritually dynamic and deeply committed to Jewish life and calling. It assumes a great discipleship pattern to be established in the community of Yeshua's followers.

Contrary to Mina Fenton's fear, the success of Messianic Jews is the greatest thing that could happen for the preservation of our people in this land. When the last days wars come, Messianic Jews will be in the forefront of prayer and witness. They will demonstrate confidence in the deliverance to come through the return of Yeshua. Our witness may be a key to Israel's confession to Yeshua, "Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord."

By Daniel Juster

Dan Juster leads the overall ministry Tikkun International. Donate to Tikkun International.

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11:22 01Aug07 anonymous -
Good article. Gives us more perspective and leads us to better know how to pray for Israel and it's many leaders.

12:03 01Aug07 Jannai Warth -
Outstanding article! I could not agree more with what you have written. I will continue to pray for the work of Adonai to unfold in the Land through His believing remnant. Blessing to you in Yeshua.

12:20 01Aug07 Sue Blake -
Awesome article and very true.

13:32 01Aug07 Tjeerd Klaassens -
Really outstanding article! Very well structured text which makes it easy to read. For me as a 'believer out of the gentiles' it was a blessing to read this article. Thank you so much!

14:09 01Aug07 anonymous -
I am somewhat new to the importance of Israel in the heart of God and how important they will be to end time prophecy. How many Messianic Jews are in Israel?

14:55 01Aug07 Gordon England -
Thank you for your insightful conclusion that Messianic believing Jews would lead to justice and respect of Christian Arabs. This would also create a more open climate for the witness of Jesus amoung Muslim populations by these Arab brothers.

15:42 01Aug07 Sharron Diehl -
Todah! Dr. Juster for your insights! And for sharing your understanding of the importance of how we (Christian zionists) are perceived by some Israelis. It is critical to have this understanding if we are to minister to them in the manner of Messiah Yeshua!

20:30 01Aug07 anonymous -
This article could help to know what is going on in Israel and a guidance what to pray. Very good article.

21:10 01Aug07 Vern -
I am embarrassed to say my favorite part of the article, as good as it was, is the 50's terror genre at the top. Thanks Dan ;-)

01:02 02Aug07 anonymous -
We need more information like this disseminated among both believers and non-believers. It's unfortunate that most people still think that Rabbinical Judaism is sound and the only form of Judaism.

14:51 03Aug07 Wagner Gratao -
The article just shows us that the coming of the Yeshua is just around the corner. Mrs. Fenton's fear is not going to change anything because what have to happen, will happen anyway because of God's plan. Most of the Messianic Jews are not recieving Yeshua because of Zionistic Movement. Many of them never had any contact with any Christian, they just had an experience with Yeshua showing Himself to them. There are thousands of Jews in Israel who never had any contact with Christians and they are Messianic. We just have to keep praying for a revival in Israel and Yeshua will do the rest. He is a citizen of Israel. That is His land and His people.

23:37 11Aug07 Alan Whitmoyer -
Thank you Dr. Juster for more great spiritual insight into what is happening in the political life of Israel. I pray that Mina Fenton comes to the saving knowlege of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. I am a gentile believer who has been praying for Israel. Now I know to pray for Mina and continually lift up Tikkun International as well. I know you have quite a challenge ahead of you, but it is good to see you are fighting the good fight.

08:29 13Aug07 Harvey A. Smith -
Surely your take on Kabbalah is a little off. It was practiced in Israel during Y'shua's day and was not refuted by Y'shua. True, some of the practices are on the magic side, but you painted it with a very wide brush. The laying of hands on the sick, etc were utilized by the Kabbalists before Y'shua and Y'shua commented about it when he was healing the sick when He said, "If I cast out demons by the devil, then whom do your children cast them out by?"

  -- Dr Juster replies: I continue to say that the Kabalistic tradition has some of the strongest parallels to Messianic Jewish belief. However, it has strong origins in 2nd century Persian mysticism and Gnosticism. I would urge anyone who doubts this to read Gershom Shalom's Major Trends in Jewish Mysticism. There is a world view syncretism that is truly Gnostic.

15:32 14Aug07 Michelle Kante -
May Mia Fenton receive the revelation of her Messiah's great love for her, may she walk in her destiny as a priestly Bride unto Him. May the Ruach Ha Kodesh penetrate her spirit now and remove the veil from the eyes of heart. May she hear what Ruach Elohim is saying ... all dullness removed, all apathy, fear, anguish of spirit and heart removed in Y'shua's precious Holy Name. May the love of Messiah overflow in her as the Kingdom of God comes into her and through her as it is in heaven. Amen.

07:09 14Nov07 Lonnie Lane -
Indeed, Dan! I have been giving thought to how the church would be affected by taking Torah seriously as the early Jewish disciples did. You paint the picture beautifully. The effect of Messianic Jews anywhere in the world besides Israel, plus the increasing openness of Christians to their Hebrew roots should begin to have the same effect of elevating society around them to godly standards. May it be increasingly so. Awmein!

03:38 13Apr08 anonymous -
We need to pray for this lady - she could be another Saul on the Damascus Road. Take a look at what she did about getting future Gay Parades cancelled in Jerusalem. A Catholic friend of Israel

07:19 19Nov10 Roy Blight -
This will come to pass. The Messianic Awakening is on the horizon.

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