"The revolutions are fraught with danger for Israel and the West, but most do not want to face the danger. The word democracy seems more important than the content of the democracy. Democracy is not an automatic force for justice."
"I wish I could be more optimistic, but until we see a change in the hearts of peoples, we will have to support a balance of power arrangement between blocks of nations and a judicious navigation of foreign policy that is not given to fantasy. Many of Islam's top scholars say that democracy is only a temporary expedient since Allah should rule through a council of top religious leaders who enforce Shariah law. That law is a disaster for minorities and for women."

By Daniel C. Juster, Director

Euphoric Media

Most media leaders have been euphoric over the revolutions taking place in the Middle-Eastern Arab world. Dictatorships are being swept away; power is now in the hands of the people! Or at least this is the officially perceived wisdom of the day. Many are the editorials in the conservative and moderate newspapers in Israel warning of the great dangers ahead. Few are such reports in the Western press!

Many political leaders in the West are not in touch with reality. The head of national intelligence in the U. S. declared that the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt is a mostly secular organization. The head of the Muslim Brotherhood, who has returned to Egypt from exile, is said to be a moderate according to many Western politicians. In such a context, the word moderate is stretched beyond any reasonable definition. This particular leader is an anti-Semite, vilifies the Jewish state, and calls for a world Islamic Caliphate! It is said that he (that is the Brotherhood) is almost assured a great electoral influence because his views are considered absolutely mainstream in Egyptian society. By some estimates, two million people turned out to welcome his return. Is this not uncomfortably frightening?

The revolutions are fraught with danger for Israel and the West, but most do not want to face the danger. The word democracy seems more important than the content of the democracy. Democracy is not an automatic force for justice.

Arab Dictatorships

Am I defending the dictatorships of the Arab world? No. These dictators are getting their just deserts because they did not train their people in the moral and civic virtues that could have led to a true republican form of government. That training should have fostered values that have been a key in free societies. They could have moved their societies toward greater freedom, while still banning parties and individuals who professed Islamic radicalism, just as Germany continues to ban the Nazis. In their hearts, these dictators were simply not committed to the values of human rights, dignity, and political empowerment for groups affirming true human rights.

Wisdom from the Founding Fathers of the United States

The founding fathers of the United States were very clear on several crucial axioms for government. First, the vote is only one part of a republican form of government. They were careful to note that they did not believe in democracy and associated it with mob rule. They actually wanted only educated voters. After all, the 51% could vote to destroy the 49% in a pure democracy. True democracy is mob rule. This is why the idea of true democracy horrified the founders. Constitutional checks and balances, the separation of powers into three branches of government (legislative, judicial and executive), defined rights and freedoms, representative government and more were seen as crucial to a republic. In addition, they understood the character of the people as foundational. For John Adams, this character was formed by Christianity, and without that character formation, there could be no lasting free society. Adams said that the form of government he supported would only work for the kind of biblically rooted people that populated the colonies.

Alarming Tales of Democracy

So let's look at a few cautionary tales in regard to the call for democracy: Iran, Gaza, Lebanon and Germany. Many Western leaders backed the removal of the Shah of Iran, who was slowly westernizing his country. They welcomed the return of the Ayatollah Komaini. Within a short period, he overthrew the moderates and, years later, had one of the early prime ministries, Shapuar Baktiar, a man who stood for human rights, murdered in France. In the Palestinian territories, free elections put Hamas, a terrorist group, in power. In Lebanon, democracy has given Hezbollah, another terrorist organization, enough votes to veto the rest of the Parliament and to essentially control the government. We should never forget that Hitler was elected. Why Western leaders and media deny that this is a likely but not certain scenario is amazing. It is either denial and blindness or incredible ignorance! Few reported that some of the revolutionaries chanted that they would march on Israel - all the while shouting, "Death to the Jews."

The Danger of Our Times

We are now entering a very dangerous time in the Middle East. If Egypt falls to an Islamic controlled government, in the pattern of Turkey (it took some years) or Iran, it will be very bad for Israel. Can we be confident in a people where the majority of women are still forced to undergo genital mutilation? The backwards nature of many of the people should not give us confidence in their readiness for democratic government. People have to first be trained or discipled in human rights.

Justice, Israel and the Arabs

This leads to the issue of justice in the Middle East. Some focus on the microcosm. They get all worked up over Jewish injustices to innocent Palestinians. Sometimes the issues are valid and sometimes they are trumped up. However, if one focuses on the macrocosm, we note that there are 21 Arab nations and only one Jewish nation in the whole world. Jordan is predominantly Palestinian, and if a Palestinian state is created in the West Bank and Gaza there will be two Palestinian majority Arab states. Whatever one's view of forming such a new state, the macrocosm justice issue is very clear in the whole light of Jewish history. The Jewish state must be supported as a foundational issue of justice.

My view echoes that of John Adams. I do not really even trust the long term prospects in the West for freedom, justice and respect for human rights because the West has drifted, and is now drifting further, from its Biblical roots. I certainly do not trust the long term prospects in countries that profess Islam. I believe that the answer is always and only in the Gospel. Only coming to Yeshua and embracing His teaching in the Sermon on the Mount can deliver Arabs from violence, hate and tyranny. We say that the Gospel is to the Jew first, but there is no greater second focus for prayer and witness than the Gospel to the Islamic world and especially the Arab world. This is why our related ministries support, in large ways, Arab Gospel witness.

I wish I could be more optimistic, but until we see a change in the hearts of peoples, we will have to support a balance of power arrangement between blocks of nations and a judicious navigation of foreign policy that is not given to fantasy. Many of Islam's top scholars say that democracy is only a temporary expedient since Allah should rule through a council of top religious leaders who enforce Shariah law. That law is a disaster for minorities and for women. Only a balance of power arrangement can limit the potential damage of the dangerous Islamic Arab and Islamic Iranian expansionism. Containment and eventually defeat have to be the order of the day. As followers in Yeshua, we need to also face the fact that the relativistic and multi-cultural West may not have either the will or the means for a strong stand. We may not see victory until the return of Yeshua.

Let us pray for our political leaders in the U. S. and the West. Some do have open eyes and some are speaking out, but they are the minority. May we yet see these many peoples under the bondage of Islam delivered and come into the glorious liberty of being children of God in Yeshua.

By Daniel Juster
Dan Juster leads the overall ministry Tikkun International Donate to Tikkun International.
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16:55 29Mar11 David Cannon -
Thank you for saying it the way it is, Dr Juster! Western Christians tend to be woolly thinkers who see everything through rose-tinted glasses. Yes, Hitler was elected, yes the Shah was replaced by a regime much worse, but that WONT happen this time - it CAN'T happen this time. Absurd

17:15 29Mar11 Debbie Smith -
Ignorance is not bliss. We should be so blessed to have such clear thinking in the West. The U.S. is not a democracy, but a republic. It is too bad we cant seem to figure that out.'

17:24 29Mar11 Gwenda Coleman -
How refreshing to read an article that tells the truth. I pray that the blinkers will come off peoples eyes and the truth be revealed in all of this. Come Yeshua we need You.

21:53 29Mar11 Daniel Buffenmeyer -
I feel the same way as Dr. Juster feels. The West seems particularly naïve about democracy, thinking that democracy is the means to a free society. The reality is this: any form of government would work, and work well, if men's hearts were right before God. A dictatorship, democracy, or socialist communism would all be efficient means of government if men had the hearts that Yeshua spoke about. Let's pray for a return to authentic Godliness for all men and a circumcision of the heart.

  -- Dr Juster replies: I think the checks and balances of a Republic are best, but you are right on the primary character issue. Indeed, I would add that when we have a majority with a Biblically formed character, a republic works well, but when we don't, we are on a dangerous slide.

04:48 30Mar11 Philip Latham -
A most sobering article, which needed to be written. The tragedy is that, as Daniel Juster says, we in the West are fed the impression that "Democratic government" is inevitably good governmnent when clearly it is not.

07:49 30Mar11 Jeremy Jarvis -
Great article, very true and informative. Thanks so much!

11:51 30Mar11 Christopher & Deborah Welch -
The root of the problem of the American people is their lack of knowledge. Most don't even know who their congressman is. They are mesmerized by the Babylonia Beast.
We believe if the America people were educated to the truth of Islam's agenda (Islamic Caliphate & Shariah law) they would be emboldened to stand against this real threat to America and the world. They would become a strong force to reckon with.
We also believe there is another shadow force in operation, who are also an enemy of the free world. Their agenda is to befriend & stand with Islam to defeat and control the ignorant ones of their eyes. After control/annihilation of these insignificant ones, they will reckon with Islam. Here's the real deal, the shadow force and Islam, are blinded to the fact they are on the same side which is evil ... And a house divided can not stand.
We are holding to the belief that God formed America from the beginning to be a Light of His perfect Law, and stand with Israel, especially for this last day. We believe America is a refuge picture of God and will return to the belief of John Adams - "Adams said that the form of government he supported would only work for the kind of Biblically rooted people that populated the colonies" [quoted from above]. We believe America is at the door of a renaissance revival. We also believe we are not alone in our beliefs, and know that God Almighty wins! We read the end of the book.

  -- Dr Juster replies: One wonders why the radical left supports Islam and China seems to too as does Russia; but for Chechnia (they sell anti-ship weapons to Syria). Amazing is it not?!

20:36 30Mar11 Doug Morgan -
The church in America has stood idly by and allowed prayer and bible reading to be taken from our schools, we allowed the Supreme Court to approve abortion, we are yielding to the pressure to accept homosexuality. We have been spiritually and politically dumbed down.
My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou has rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou has forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children. Hosea 4:6

  -- Dr Juster replies: Very sad and very true. We are to have a separation of civil government from Church-Synagogue government, but not a separation of the State or civil government from God. Indeed, the civil-State is responsible to God and his law and should acknowledge it or the State becomes the highest authority and a tyrant.

01:08 31Mar11 Ruth -
What I understand: In Nebuchadnezzar's statue (Dan. 2:31-33) the bronze represents the 3rd kingdom - Greek. We are still in the Greek kingdom: our government is republican; our philosophies are Greek and the church has always honored Plato and Aristotle; western history starts with the Greek empire; Roman gods are basically Greek Gods with different names. The fourth kingdom - is ISLAM. It is clay and stone. It has at least 10 kingdoms, and the rulers are/will vie for power. It will blaspheme the Almighty, and try to crush the Saints. They will try to change the times and seasons. Keep in mind, both Daniel and John, do not name the 4th kingdom. If it was the Roman empire like St. Augustine claims, John would have said so. The violence of the fourth kingdom made both of these men (Daniel & John) very ill after witnessing it.
We cannot stop what God will allow. Daniel 2:21,22. HE put Obama in place - and the USA will join the rest of the world as they rise against Israel. Zech.12:3.
Scary, I know. But that is what scriptures says is "coming down the pike". Psalm 20:7 - Some trust in chariots and horses. We trust in the Name of the LORD our God."

06:21 31Mar11 BD -
The gospel of Yeshua is the power of God. As I read your article and as the alarm against Islam arises it has made me consider how such an entity existed with the Roman occupation of the fist century. Yeshua and the Apostles conquered through a different arms race. Theirs was lifted arms to a merciful and compassionate Creator of heaven and earth whom we serve and worship. Their weapons of warfare were love, goodness, hope, joy, faith, self control, peace and humility. Theirs was the determined walk of the three young men in Babylon's furnace and Esther's willingness to perish. Without a sword or weapon of this age they walked straight into harms way. So too did the Apostle Paul into the angry hands of his own Jewish brethren. So too do Mesianic believers who live among angry Orthodox Jews. Islam is not alone in its hatred. It can even be found in the religious right which can sometimes be all wrong. Yeshua was high and lifted up and cried out victory as He breathed out forgiveness toward those who had deserted and toward those who were Roman and those Jewish leaders who hated him. This love and forgiveness has reached through the ancient years of wars and kingdoms against kingdoms to my heart. The real question is, will those who proclaim the Name of the LORD be as powerful, mighty, faithful, loving, forgiving as those 3 young men in Babylon, Esther, James, Peter, Paul and countless others who died so that the good news of Yeshua could march on through the ages to my heart? The question is will I be able to not only stand before Yeshua ... but can I even face such faithful ones and say I loved to the end as they did. Do Christians and Jews really believe in the goodness of the Scriptures as much as Islam believes in the sword for Allah? The sad truth is, Islamic jihadists understand the power of the grain of wheat that dies. But do we? My greatest fear is not Islam, my greatest fear is my own wicked deceitful heart. The good news is only and has ever only been Yeshua. He alone is my only hope.

08:01 03Apr11 CH -
Much evil can be done under a "facelift" of "democracy". I for one am waiting for the Kingdom of God.

17:53 06Apr11 IG You are sadly correct as I see it. It seems that the malaise that engulf many people, Christians included, is that the ones in power are placed there by God. We fail to see that our guilt for having forsaken God's Commandments and prayer relationship with Him has resulted in our nation's people departure from integrity and clear understanding. -

06:56 03May11 Scott Ranney -
Here in the USA it is going to take much more than prayer, our nation has been on a donward spiral into Progressivism for 100 years. We are now in a bad economic situation, debt 4 trillion, printing money. Our nation could fall, because of the dollar collapsing. Oil is priced in dollars, this is why the gas price is rising. We need the folks in the church to get into POLITICS!!! The church has been asleep for a long time. We must speak about the ills in our churches, or we will lose our country...

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