A Golden Age
by David, Editorial Staff, Tents of Mercy Network

"... your old men will dream. Your young men will see visions" (Joel 2:28).

Tents of Mercy's seniors have banded together into a group they call "The Golden Age". Albina, herself a senior, leads the group. A few weeks ago I was an impromptu participant at a special seniors meeting attended by all four of our elders. Albina enthusiastically shared with me about the group.

There is joy in fellowship
We began in summer of 2006. I had a particular vision for this age-group. Many of the elderly members of our congregation were dispirited and dejected. They felt a lack of belonging - disconnected from the community and culture of this country that was new to most of them. So we started to meet together each week. In the beginning, we were just learning to sit, wait and listen to God. Now every time we get together, we ask that God would give us His heart, and He is doing it! Many of our members used to live without a daily awareness of God. Now we come to pray and to be prayed for. We have new life in God.

I want to tell you that this is not just a bunch of old people sitting in a circle passing time. Most of our meetings have a time of teaching from the Bible. Moshe Morrison has blessed us greatly with a series on the foundations of the faith, with a depth of insight that is hard to obtain on our own. Personally, with the help of our pastors, I have grown so much in this congregation. I know that our entire group of seniors feels the same way.

The seniors say that every time there is a meeting, they are delighted to come. We are almost all of a similar age, and are dealing with the many of the same circumstances in our lives. We pray to strengthen each other. We encourage each other not to worry. We are learning to give God all our hopes and concerns. For most of our group, with all of their aches and pains, it is a huge accomplishment just to leave the house and meet together. Yet the testimony and feedback is that they are changed by the fellowship and mutual encouragement and guidance. Each time they make the effort to come, they return home filled and refreshed.

The Golden Age Group
together with Avi and Eitan
Larissa is an excellent example. She comes to the congregational facility almost every day for early morning prayer and returns again on the day when we have the golden age group. Larissa would appear to be alone in life. She lives in housing for seniors - without a husband; without children, without relatives. But she has wonderful giftings. She is a woman of prayer. God's love is in her heart, and the congregation is her spiritual family. She knows that true life is only to be found in God and she is able to keep on going because of prayer.

Each time we come together we pray for the teen group and the soldiers and the government. Afterward we move to personal prayer. Many of our relatives are not yet believers. We are seeking to pray and love our grandchildren into spiritual awakening, and it is beginning to happen.

"Even when I am old and grey-haired, God do not forsake me,
until I declare your arm and your might to a generation yet to come
(Psalm 71:18)!

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