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"... God's Word as a foundation for our workday."

The Olive Tree Ranch just finished the 5th session of the discipleship work-study mentoring project. The session lasted from October 2016 through January 2017. The vision of the indigenous Hebrew program is to form "DNA" habits, for a lifetime based on daily meditating on God's Word as a foundation for our workday. The agricultural work takes place in two Galilean farming villages and includes the olive harvest season as well as the season in which goat kids are born. We even had the bonus of a few days of artistic expression - carving olive tree statuettes out of olive wood.

The response from the participants was very positive. Shmuel remarked about how he experienced healing benefit from the balance of spiritual discipline with hard work. Noam said the habit of time in the Word has become so natural that it has been easy to continue on his weekends back at home in the city.

If you want to help fund the next session, please feel free to donate to Olive Tree Ranch through Tikkun. The project is under the oversight of the Tents of Mercy Network.

By David
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