Arab-Jewish Resurrection Service
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By Betty Intrater

While Messianic Jews in Israel celebrate the death and resurrection of Yeshua as part of Passover, we have not found an appropriate public celebration of Messiah's resurrection. Some fifteen years ago Asher had an idea to join in with our Arab brothers and sisters to celebrate "Resurrection Day" at the Garden Tomb in Jerusalem. Although the exact spot of the burial of Yeshua is not actually known, the modern day Garden Tomb is the most reasonable and suitable site.

Arab believers from Jerusalem assemble here every year to give glory to Yeshua and His resurrection. They welcome the attendance of local Messianic believers. While the numbers from the Messianic community have not been large, the statement made by this united worship service is significant.

Worship is led in Arabic with some Hebrew songs included. The main message is given by an Arab pastor, while a Messianic leader adds a short inspirational word. After the service the entire assembly proceeds to a local church building for a special snack and fellowship. Many of us from Ahavat Yeshua attend this service and look forward to it every year.

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