Bar Mitzvahs at Ahavat Yeshua
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Bar Mitzvah at the Western Wall
This past year we have hosted no fewer than 10 bar/bat mitzvahs! These events are central in Jewish practice. They are a 'coming of age' ceremony, a passing from childhood to adulthood. The bar/bat mitzvah is a time when the young person starts to think for himself, take responsibility for his actions and make his own personal commitment to the Lord.

We often mark this event with a ceremony at the Western Wall of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. Our talented worship leader leads the training, Torah reading and prayers. The ceremonies at the Temple Mount are a stirring, joyous, covenantal and historic experience for everyone involved.

Last month, at the bar mitzvah of "G," family and friends attended our services for the first time. They listened as this young man gave a clear message of his faith in Yeshua while making a spiritual commentary on the weekly Torah passage corresponding with his birth date. The family was deeply touched by the sincerity of the message and love expressed for "G" by the congregants.

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