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Associate Pastor
Tents of Mercy Network
"While history tells the stories of trade and exchange from the Middle East to the Far East, we are on the verge of a new era. I believe the Lord will trumpet a move that will provoke Israel to zeal for Him."

"Let them give glory and give Him praise in the Islands ..."
Isaiah 42:12

Tapei Tea Plantation

Walking through the tropical forest in Taipei, my senses were flooded with vibrant sensations. Various shades of bright green stretched out as far as I could see. Light rain sprinkled off and on, feeding the already thick humidity. Exotic birds called to one another through the thick foliage above in a language even more foreign to me than the Mandarin spoken by my friends and hosts.

We (David and I) were visiting the tea region in the North of Taiwan, an area populated by families who had been growing tea there for many generations. Interspersed through the tea tree orchards we could see temples erected to honor Buddhist idols. Local residents, as well as visitors from other towns and countries, make pilgrimages to these temples to bring incense and seek spiritual guidance from their gods.

Coming from the desert land of Israel, where everything but the sea seems to be in shades of light brown, the scene was refreshing to my eyes. It was beautiful, exotic, foreign - a totally different world than any that I was familiar with.

And then we arrived at a gate. Our kind host Pastor Joseph and dear friends showed us the Chinese writing at the gate. It read something like "tea harvesting six times a year." We went in through the gate up the stairs and greeted the farmer. When he heard we came from Israel and we were Jews, he leaped with joy and could not contain his emotions of deep love and bewilderment...then he quickly sat us down and told us his story.


Ching is the fourth generation working his family's plantation. Though their farm is not large, they have always maintained a high level of quality tea making. His heritage is not just tea making but also a deep seated faith in God and His son Yeshua with a passionate and devoted love for Israel. He told us how he wakes up early before sunrise and goes out to his tea field to meet the Lord in prayer for Israel. According to Ching, it is these prayers in the field that have made his plantation fruitful enough to harvest six times a year (usually a good harvest would be three to four times year).

Sign at entrance to Ching's tea plantation: "Tea harvested here six times a year"

To hear this man's heart, even with translation, transported us to God's throne and we marveled at His faithfulness. This experience will remain in our hearts for a long time. Here was a man of faith, who prayed for Israel, meeting "Israel redeemed" as it were, in David and me, continuing in faith and hope renewed. That was the purpose of our trip. Our hope was renewed that even in the remote hills of Taiwan, God had raised faithful watchmen to stand guard over Zion.

Bread of Life

Shortly after this encounter we were blessed to attend an important meeting for the community of believers from the Bread of Life Church in Taipei. This mega gathering was to honor the senior pastor as he entered into a new season of ministry.

Touring their facility, we were inspired to see two large prayer halls in which the community devotes time to prayer. On a regular basis they pray with a focus on Israel and her salvation. Pastor Chou, the father of this ministry is handing over the baton. In our brief time with him, we could see the mark of humility coupled together with a bold faith like David - able to conquer the Goliaths confronting Taiwan.

We went there to represent Israel and took part in praying over the leaders. Standing before thousands of believers we prayed the Aaronic Benediction over the community. Standing in this prophetic, priestly role moved us to tears.

Tokyo "Love March"

Avi and David in Tokyo

In the wake of the natural disasters that have literally washed over Japan, we had been invited by our dear friends in Tokyo to march with them in a "Love March" for Japan. Almost 1,000 people strong, we walked in the streets of Tokyo, local believers together with other foreigners, Taiwanese, Brazilian, and we two Israelis, declaring in the spirit the love of God for Japan. More than anything else, what was evident to us during the march was the stark contrast between the mute desperation for change and the explosive joy of redemption available in Yeshua. Revival has been slow to come to Japan, and as our brothers and sisters there believe, when the Japanese open their heart to receive the love of the Father in the "land of the rising Sun," the movement of salvation to the Gentiles will have come full circle; and then this wave of salvation will flood back towards Israel.

Marching in Tokyo

Discovering over and over again the love and devotion of beloved friends in the nations, who pour out themselves in prayer for Israel was an awesome and humbling thing. We were immeasurably blessed to extend a declaration of blessing over Japan and a prayer that indeed revival will come to her.

While history tells the stories of trade and exchange from the Middle East to the Far East, we are on the verge of a new era. I believe the Lord will trumpet a move that will provoke Israel to zeal for Him. Both Taiwanese and Japanese culture place high regard on honor and respect for ancestors. How fitting that believers in these two nations are being connected together through their mutual honor and respect for the patriarchs of Israel, the ancestors and fathers of their faith.

In this priestly pilgrimage we saw these two island nations, Japan and Taiwan, interlinked with a common destiny. My travelling companion, David, received this verse from Isaiah 42:4 just a few hours before we received the invitation to go: "and the islands shall long for His instruction". This trip was a reminder to these two islands to long for His Torah that comes out of Zion. We add our prayers that He would meet their cries and fill the Islands with His Glory.

By Avi Tekle
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12:34 01Sep11 Deborah Woods -
I loved the above written article. Indeed God has sent His Holy Spirit through out the earth which includes island nations. I was so filled with joy to read this article. God has His people (believers) everywhere, in every corner of the earth. I am so glad to read that these island peoples revere the patriarchs of the Tanach and that Jewish believers went to encourage them.

15:01 01Sep11 Natasha -
I read this with great interest. I am leading a prayer and study ministry for Israel at Bread of Life Christian Centre in Montreal. This is a Chinese congregation. I am not Chinese, I am gentile with very distant Sephardic ancestry, but the Lord led me to this church and placed me in this ministry as a sort of honorary member.
I learned that members of this church are descended from Jews who settled in China in the 2nd century. They are also zealous for Zion just like the Taiwanese in your article.
I learned also from Pastuer Jean-Marc Thobois of France that many Japanese are descendants of the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel. If you can read French he has written compelling evidence to support this. I heard him teach at a conference.
This is all part of God's plan to bring back the "dispersed of Judah" and the "banished of Israel" as some of these will some day make aliyah.

07:19 06Sep11 Geraldo Araldo Stumm -
While I was reading this article about the Chinese farmer who beautifully prays for Israel and the salvation of the Jews, I was really full of joy, because this is exactly what I do every morning in my prayers. I ask the Lord to bless Israel and his people, cattle, bees, water, enviroment, IDF, and everything more that compounds the Holy land, but more of all I ask the Lord should open the Jews' spiritual eyes to see the truth about Jesus ... Here in Brazil there are many believers that love Israel too.

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