A New Level of Partnership
by Avi T., Associate Pastor, Tents of Mercy Network

By Avi

Tents of Mercy began from a small seed of vision - to see people's needs met spiritually and physically. Every seed carries its promise through a refining, sacrificial death process to make a new plant. Passover is the celebration of slavery and death giving way to freedom bought with the life of the Sacrifice Lamb. We share an element of sacrifice in helping to give His life and freedom.

Testimony & Partnership with Local City Government

During this Passover season of giving back into the community we are excited and humbled to see that a whole new level of partnership with our local city has been reached. An entire office of the local municipal government cancelled a day's regular work so 15 city workers could come to our building and help prepare 650 Passover holiday food packages for the economically challenged. The city employees were joyfully engaged in serving others. We were able to host them, laugh with them and eat with them - while drawing closer and seeing God's love displayed. They got to see us as normal Israelis, part of the country, but with a different spirit. Something changed in their mindset.
City Employees at Tents of Mercy

The municipal workers commented: "We love working with Tents of Mercy. They have always shown genuine care and concern for our community. Now that we have come and worked up close we know that even more. This partnership has been great for our city." They view us as one of the most major, organized and generous N.G.O. charity organizations in the region. They said it is important for them and others to see what we are doing. It is now more evident to them that these efforts are not just a symbolic exercise, and that they are done without ulterior motives.

A public school also approached us, wanting to help. A group of government tax officials volunteered and prepared packages a few months ago. New avenues are opening up for outreach. An army officer approached us regarding helping soldiers from difficult family economic backgrounds. Monthly help has also expanded, reaching nearly 400, including ultra-orthodox Jews.

A special thanks goes to Tents of Mercy's financial partners. Your giving makes it possible for us to offer increasingly large-scale, tangible expressions of God's life in helping meet people's physical needs.

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