"So, what's more fun, to be giving or to be receiving?" I asked my fellow congregation member, while we handed out the packages. Her face was radiant as she greetedeach recipient and handed them the prepared box of basic Passover goods. I could see that she was genuinely having a great time and enjoying every moment of this Passover outreach. The line of people waiting to receive a package was long and diverse - young and old, Jewish immigrants from Ethiopia, India, Russia, South America, as well as native born Israelis. One by one they stepped forward to receive a package. When their names were crossed off the social worker's list, the hesitant, uncomfortable looks were replaced with relief and thanksgiving. Some of them spoke frankly with me and told me that the heart approach with which the package was given was more significant than the actual receipt of the goods themselves.
In all, 400 Passover boxes were distributed to needy families in the area, who responded gratefully. The distribution went smoothly and was a unifying experience for our congregants who volunteered to help assemble and give out the boxes. The project was a mutual effort with local municipal offices. Each package contained a holiday greeting signed from "Tents of Mercy and Lovers of Israel from all over the world," signifying a prophetic proclamation that God cares and uses our combined hearts to express His love and accomplish His purposes.

We are humbled to see followers of Yeshua act so generously to feed the hungry during this pivotal part of our nation's history - Passover. It was also during this Passover celebration that Yeshua washed the feet of His disciples. It is our mandate as believers to be willing servants that have been freed from slavery and darkness; to wash our cities with the hope of the Messiah.

By Avi Tekle

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13:18 05May09 Pelham Gross -
Thanks again for being our (Gentile) heart, hands, face, and feet of love to Yeshua's kin.

00:46 07Jan10 Louise Wohltmann -
Wonderful endeavor -- will pray for Tekel -- proud of all of us who stand straight for Zion -- proud to serve Yah ...

04:53 15Jan10 Margaret Reuben -
It is both a blessing and a challenge to understand that indeed the words "Those who seek Me shall find Me.." can be realized when we diligently seek the LORD. Our God reigns and His Word shall surely come to pass. Nations of Africa need more teaching from Israel's experience that they may in the end work together in this season.

12:07 19Jan10 Cristy M. -
This is the move of God! This is so prophetic, I see God moving in your midst. It is truly a time that God is raising up His faithful remnant to partner with His heart and His purposes in the earth. I pray that the Lord will bless you abundantly beyond what you could ever ask or think. Stand strong for Yeshua!

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