Everyone Has a Song
by Avi T., Associate Pastor, Tents of Mercy Network

"When you come together everyone has a holy song, or a revelation ... for the common good." (1 Corinthians 14:26 BBE translation)

Tents of Mercy Congregation has recently finished a series of teachings on realizing, developing and using the giftings God has given us. Each one of us has diverse and different backgrounds. Each one has different gifts. God created us to grow into a place of bearing fruit in our lives, particularly in these areas which God has given us (Isaiah 5, John 15). Therefore it is important that each of us realize - and walk in - our calling.

When we see the growth and expression of unique giftings it brings encouragement to the whole community. We want to be cheerleaders for each other. When victory and fruitfulness blossom forth for one of us, we all move forward: "If it can happen for them, it can happen to me as well."

"A gift opens the way ..." (Proverbs 18:16 NIV)

God has gifted one of our member couples with musical ability - both the husband and the wife. Together they have a vision to not simply play musical instruments, but to create a musical message, with a heart to reach out and share the good news. The husband composed music for many years in Europe, including theater and ballet productions. Here in Israel he and his wife have been creating an original musical arrangement orchestrated with video clips and verses to express a redeeming message about human existence.

The musical story follows a boy and girl growing from childhood to old age. The path of their lives sometimes feels like a maze, and successfully arriving at the final destination is only possible through sacrificial atonement. Each stage of life was given its own distinctive piece of music, inspired by Ecclesiastes and Isaiah 53: God's hands hold up the earth; each of us has gone his own way; God comes down in human form to take our sin.

In June this original audiovisual composition premiered before the congregation. As a community we witnessed the work of this creative duo. We stand with them and appreciate what the Lord is doing in and through them. At the conclusion of the concert, they shared the clear sense of God leading and guiding them, even without knowing exactly where God is taking them with this music and this journey.

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