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"'The voice of my beloved is coming ... Rise up my love my fair one and come away with me'"

Springtime is a season of new life and also of ... spring cleaning. In Israel this is typically done before Passover. While removing the leaven from their homes, people take stock of their belongings and spruce up their apartments.

At Tents of Mercy, spring cleaning came a bit later this year. After Passover, during the weeks between Passover and Pentecost (Shavuot), members of the "Ark" (the youth and young adults' ministry) spent time before the Lord and one another. The physical appearance of the youth center needed to be improved. In parallel, the spiritual state of the youth groups was stagnant. Our young people were not experiencing breakthrough in their regular meetings and gatherings.

So we cleaned and painted and announced three days of fasting and prayer for the teens and young adults culminating in Shavuot. For three weeks we prepared physically and spiritually.
Going out from the prayer room
at the break of dawn

Then came the anticipated days of fasting and prayer. The first two nights were not highly attended, but the Lord spoke to us about new wineskins. Another Scripture we were led to was: "The voice of my beloved is coming ... Rise up my love my fair one and come away with me" (Song of Songs 2:8, 13). These verses spoke to us about the longing of the groom for the bride and the bride's need for the sound and voice and security of the groom. It was a call to rise up, to come away, to separate and dedicate ourselves to being with the Lord. The youth responded with repentance, proclamation of the Word, and intercession, along with an enthusiastic style of worship that is unique to the youth.

On the last night, we came intending to spend the whole night in prayer and worship. To our surprise, almost 40 youngsters showed up, filled with expectancy and hunger. Words cannot express what we experienced together as a group. There was a transformation in many of the youth regarding their walk with the Lord. People received a burden to pray for the lost. They prayed for the congregation and our visions and activities. They went to war against mediocrity and hypocrisy. We sensed the Lord's presence and His pleasure.

The power and motivation from the youth themselves over a full night of prayer was far above and beyond what we had anticipated. The youth had a desire to seek God in a new way that we had not seen before. Several times during the night we put the live internet broadcast of the Revive Israel Shavuot prayer on the projection screen. It was a great encouragement for our youth to see, and to pray in unity with the prayer directions that Revive Israel had set out. At the break of dawn everyone in the group prayed in accord. God had fed and cleansed us.

It was the Lord's plan to bring us to this place. This is a new stage in the vision to prepare the next generation. God is raising them up. He wants to give our young people a clear message to unbelievers, a strong focus on the Lord and an understanding of our identity. We will be ascending new heights that our "fathers" have not yet reached. The young people are the promise and hope of the congregation. Yet at same time, with all of their promise and potential, they are the group that is most vulnerable to attack.

We ask you to pray for the shepherding and protecting of this portion of God's flock. May they mature and grow in their faith, even in the midst of trials and temptations.

Just God!!! Praying through the night

By Avi T.
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14:28 01Jul13 Roni Mathews -
All I can say is totally awsome! You all are covered in prayer for protection, provision, direction and focus.

15:29 01Jul13 Paloma Broun -
Praise God for His Mercy towards the young people in your congregation. It is wonderful to see HIM blessing them and to go up in HIS Spirit. I will keep them in prayer, for I know it is the young that will carry the torch. May God grant you wisdom to lead them in Spirit And Truth.

19:29 05Jul13 Pam Eliason -
I felt so encouraged from way down here in Australia to know that God is always encouraging, moving forward and loving new things as we seek His face. The sound of hope is indeed becoming louder as we move towards His purposes. And the youth ... they just have a new open passion, it's good for the soul.

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