By Asher & Betty Intrater
s the sun was setting on September 2nd, our firstborn son, Heskel, married Odelia Ben Hod on a kibbutz overlooking the hills of Judea. (Heskel still serves as a captain in the Israeli army.)

Odelia is a beautiful young lady, both physically and spiritually. She is the daughter of Avraham Ben Hod, pastor of the Maaleh congregation and office manager of the Messianic Jewish Alliance. Odelia serves as bookkeeper at Revive Israel, and is on the discipleship school staff.

Avraham and Asher are good friends and co-led the ceremony. All of their children (6) and ours (4) get along well, and the two families have become sort of a tribe together.

Messianic believers from over a dozen congregations were in attendance, and seven local pastors gave blessings to the couple under the "Chuppah" (wedding canopy). The event itself was a gracious expression of the love and unity within the body of Messiah.

Heskel and Odelia prepared a choreographed dance together, and their friends planned an artistic segment with slide shows, fun and songs. The atmosphere was of one large, joyful, extended family.

The wedding contained both traditional Jewish elements and creative Messianic additions. The name of Yeshua was magnified. There were many Israeli "not-yet-believers" in attendance as well: relatives from both sides, soldiers who serve with Heskel, kibbutz staff, both secular and religious.

The natural setting was stunning, the ceremony was God-honoring, the traditional Jewish "hora" dancing was wild and the fellowship was sweet. Heskel and Odelia are well known among the Israeli Messianic young adults for their faith and integrity. Their courtship and engagement was a model of purity and submission. They have served in leadership in their congregations, in area-wide ministry, and in the army.

Heskel and Odelia carry a certain nobility; they have an air of covenant, authority and grace. Their relationship reflects both holiness and love. There was something healing about the whole event that made those in attendance feel hopeful and positive about how God has blessed the Messianic body here in Israel.

Almost 30 years ago, we (Asher and Betty) were married on the same weekend as Prince Charles and Princess Diana, which we thought was kind of amusing. Heskel and Odelia's wedding took place at the same time as the huge Madonna concert in Tel Aviv. Israeli press referred to her as the "princess of pop." To us the real princess of the evening was Odelia, and the difference like light and darkness.


By Asher & Betty Intrater

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