With Yom Kippur quickly approaching, Ahavat Yeshua, our six month old congregation, joined with our sister congregation Tiferet Yeshua at the beautiful Messianic Israeli Moshav, Yad Hashmona. We arrived Sunday in time for a delicious lunch feast which would prepare us for the fast.

Dan Juster brought the opening message. He spoke to the 105 of us gathered - of the importance of why we would also fast on this day although Yeshua already paid the price for us. We were here to pray for the sins of Israel as a nation, that they will find the atonement they need and seek. Leading up to this day many ultra - orthodox men swing "sacrifice" chickens by the neck over their wives and themselves hoping to receive atonement for the year's sins.

Ari Sorko-Ram, leader of Tiferet Yeshua spoke from Hebrews: "But into the second part of the tabernacle the High Priest went alone once a year with blood which he offered for himself and the peoples sins committed in ignorance."

Asher Intrater, Leader of Avahat Yeshua, presented from Ephesians: "In Him we have redemption through His blood, the forgiveness of sins according to the riches of His Glory." We took time individually to be alone in the awe - inspiring Biblical Garden, to pray and reflect on the previous year and seek God's will for the upcoming year.

It was a blessed time of fellowship and refreshing. Our spirits were filled with an overwhelming sense of Yeshua's love and sacrifice for us.


One of the couples who came to the Day of Atonement Retreat, was Pnina and Yisrael Confortee, a lovely Israeli couple from the greater Ashkelon and Ashdod area. She (Pnina) started a cake and pie baking business several years ago. At her first business location the demand for her products started to increase. Then the orthodox found out she was a believer and tried to cause others to boycott her. But they did not succeed.

Several months ago, Pnina opened a shop in Ashdod, a larger city. The business quickly took off with many French-born Israelis appreciating her croissants and baked goods. But then the orthodox again found out she is a believer and this time they have succeeded in causing almost all of her customers to stay clear of her shop.

Pnina and her husband are pursuing legal action, but need prayer and financial support in this season. Revive Israel has donated money to help her business several times. If you are interested in helping, please contact us.


By Asher Intrater

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