Evangelism & Discipleship
| By Asher Intrater |

The two pillars of the "work" of Yeshua's ministry were evangelism and discipleship. (When we combine that with prophetic prayer and praise, and with congregational multiplication, we have the full array of apostolic ministry that produces revival.)

Evangelism and discipleship are so basic to the ministry that at times we overlook them, or get sidetracked into other activities. We have to continually refocus our priorities. We want to maintain this same pattern in our ministry that Yeshua had in His.

This month, Sean and Ayellet from our team were interviewed on Israeli television channel one (!) on the evening news, and the testimony came out quite positively. Another one of our students was written up in the Jerusalem Post as having completely defeated an "anti-missionary expert" in an impromptu debate-discussion about prophecies concerning the Messiah. At a recent picnic for Independence Day, we had over a half dozen not-yet-saved Israelis join us.

In Israel there are many "new age" cults. I recently wrote up a new tract speaking about the "greatest guru of them all." We upgraded the graphics into a full color pamphlet. The tract is being used in witnessing to individuals on a "spiritual search," and is being distributed at some of the "new age" festivals here. Tikvah is coordinating our witnessing efforts for our staff. Please pray for all the personal sharing and for the evangelistic literature to continue to bear more and more fruit.

As for discipleship, we see that Yeshua not only trained the twelve, but also had another "ring" of seventy disciples who were sent out in the ministry. In addition to our daily discipleship program at our center, we try to identify key young couples around the country who we believe have potential to bear fruit or cause breakthroughs for the kingdom of God. We try to support them in prayer, finances and counsel.

This month we invited some of these couples to a weekend "equipping" seminar on "parenting young children" combining worship, fellowship and teaching. We believe this seminar and others in the future will provide strength and encouragement to help these up and coming leaders to fulfill their potential and destiny in the Lord. See details of this conference in the following article. Please keep these young couples in prayer, as they represent the Kingdom in many areas of Israeli life and society.


By Asher Intrater

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