More than Bar Mitzvah
| By Asher Intrater |

To be a Bar Mitzvah is to be a son of the Law. You arrive at the age where you have to keep the commandments. However to be a Bar Mitzvah is not enough. It is only half of the way. God's desire is not just that we be children of law. You have to continue on to be a child of God, a son of the Most High.

It is sad that most of our people don't know that God has not called us to merely keep commandments with our "head to the wall" but He has called us to a wonderful destiny to be children of God. In the Torah, Deuteronomy 14 states that God wants us all to be children of God. Psalm 82 states that God calls us "sons of the Most High."

On the transition from son of the Law to child of God, there is something of the relationship between a child and his parents. There are three general stages: first child, then teenager, then adult. When you are a child, you have to simply do whatever your parents tell you. Don't ask questions. Just do it.

Now you have reached the age of adolescence. This is a time of transition when you have to start thinking, asking why, internalizing the values. At the end of this period you will do what is right -- not because your parents say so, but because you know for yourself that it is right.

New parents need to know that there is a process. At the beginning, you tell your child everything he needs to do. But with teenagers, little by little, you transfer percentages of responsibility, until they "arrive," when they can decide for themselves.

The end of this process of becoming a child of God is to be a friend. Yeshua said to His disciples, "Until now, you have been My servants, but now you will be My friends." And so it is with us, Ami. God gave us the Torah so we could obey. That prepares us so that in the end we can be His friends. God doesn't want slaves; He wants friends.

I want to tell you the same thing. Right now you have to obey. Woe to you if you do not obey! But we will transition over the years, so that in the end, you will be my friend, and also a friend of God.

Ami, God says to you, as He said to Yeshua Himself: "You are My son, whom I love, and I am very pleased with you."

I wish this for you on your Bar Mitzvah; that you would become a true child of God and fulfill all of your divine destiny. I want you to be my beloved friend and a beloved friend of God.


By Asher Intrater