Ami Intrater had his Bar Mitzvah last month. He chanted from the Torah scrolls, recited the entire chapter of Genesis three, and gave the sermon in Hebrew, of which the following is a translation:

In Genesis chapter 1, God creates the world and creates man in His own image. In chapter 2, God places Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. Everything was perfect.

In the center of the Garden of Eden were two trees. One tree for life; and the other, from which it was forbidden to eat, the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, which would cause death.

In chapter 3, we find one of the saddest and most significant events in the entire Bible. Satan came in the form of a snake to tempt the woman and she in turn tempted the man. Both of them ate from the forbidden tree.

They both sinned and fell from their high position as children of God. Because of this first sin Adam and Eve were expelled from Eden. Today all men are outside of the Garden of Eden, in a world full of sin and temptations. Everyone struggles with similar temptations, but their circumstances are different.

When a temptation comes, that is the time when people decide if they are going toward the Garden of Eden and in the way of God or whether they will fall into sin and go in the direction of hell along with the Devil.

Everyone has his own personal kind of temptation - the exact point where it is hard to say "no" and stop. We all have one big bad habit, which we were all born with and always struggle with, and that is "sin".

Romans 5:12 states, "Therefore just as through one man, sin entered the world, and death through sin, thus death spread to all man, because everyone has sinned."

God gave us free will. He knew that sin would come because of our free will, and that death would come after sin. Everyone dies because everyone has sinned.

In verse 14, it is written that Adam "was the like image, parallel to the one [the Messiah] who was to come." In other words the Messiah was supposed to come in a form similar to Adam, but in reverse. The great purpose of the Messiah was to fix Adam's first sin.

The Messiah is the image and likeness of God. This figure is Yeshua (Jesus) the Messiah, the Son of God. He was also tempted by sin but he simply said "No ... no ... no." Whereas Adam did not obey God, Yeshua did. Adam fell from his position. Yeshua retrieved the position as "sons of God" for us all.

Many times in the bible we find this idea of "all of us". 1 Corinthians 10:14 states that, "no trial has come upon you except that which is common to all mankind." There is not anyone who does not feel the temptations to sin.

Not only has everyone been tempted, but every person has sinned. All of us have fallen from the high position in which God created us. Romans 3:23 states: "For everyone has sinned and fallen from [their standing in] the glory of God."

We are all in need of spiritual and moral restoration from God. God sent the Messiah in order to restore us to our position, and to solve the problem of sin and death.

Concerning this purpose of the Messiah there is a wonderful prophecy in the book of Isaiah, chapter 53. Please note that the expression "all of us" is written twice in verse 6: "All of us like sheep have gone astray, each one of us has turned to his own way, and the Lord has laid upon him the sin of all of us."

Again we see that there is no man who has not turned away. All of us like sheep have gone astray. We are in need of a shepherd to bring us back home. Yeshua is that shepherd; he is our good shepherd who brings us back to the right way.

Actually it is God who has done this through the Messiah. And how has He done this? "The Lord has laid upon him the sin of all of us." This means that God has given us forgiveness of sins and it is upon us to decide whether to receive this atonement or not.

The first quote "all of us" is our great mistake where we have fallen into sin. The second quote "all of us" is our atonement and salvation, which we have received from God through Yeshua the Messiah.

Our atonement here is that God has placed our sin, and the punishment which our sin deserves, upon Yeshua, in order to forgive us and give us eternal life. The only way we can get out of sin and death is through Yeshua. No one should miss this opportunity because clearly He did it for ... "all of us".

(All quotes modified NKJV)


By Avi Intrater