Covenant Relationships Revisted
| By Asher Intrater |

One of the foundational values of our ministry has been covenant relationships, particularly among those in leadership. We believe our personal testimony of integrity is just as important as the teachings we give about the Scriptures. Long-term relationships of loyalty are more important than any particular project. We care about one another's well being, about our marriages and about our children.

As we look back over the past twenty five years of ministry, I am blessed to say that it has succeeded. Those of us on our senior leadership team (Dan Juster, Eitan Shishkoff, Don Finto, myself and others) continue to work together with self-sacrificing love, preferring one another and enjoying our friendship together. Those values have been extended throughout the various congregations and ministries connected to us.

The testimony of senior leaders who have kept up such a deep level of trust and cooperation is unfortunately rare among ministries around the world today, almost unheard of. Other leaders have begun to ask us, "Just how did you do that?"

After these many years we are now seeing our covenant relationships pass over into our children. Our children have grown, are following the Lord and have relationships between them. As they themselves are turning to seek ministry direction from the Lord, it is beautiful to see that some of them are joining together in ministry.

As "Revive Israel" looks to begin its new stage of an apostolic ministry team outside of Jerusalem, the parents' generation is passing the baton on to our children. Covenant is not only long term, it is multigenerational. Among those who are being groomed for team and staff positions are Heskel and Freddy Intrater, Simcha Juster and David Shishkoff. There are many others, of course, but the fact that these children of the ministry founders want to carry the work forward is extremely encouraging.

I am not saying this just to brag on our kids, but to point out that this important revelation of scripture indeed works. There are other spiritual sons and daughters from various congregations and ministries. For instance, Sean Steckbeck and his parents come from one of the churches overseen by Don Finto. Those who are first generation believers among the native Israelis feel that they are becoming part of an extended spiritually family with us. They want to "tap in" to the authority, blessing, loyalty and trust that these covenant relationships bring.

1983 - Dan Juster, David Shishkoff, Asher Intrater, Eitan Shishkoff

In teaching at our first team retreat, I mentioned Psalm 45:16, "Instead of your fathers shall be your sons, whom you shall make princes in all the earth." We see this second generation replacing the "fathers" of the ministry. They shall take up places of leadership and multiply the work of the kingdom. All of the young people involved in our discipleship training, evangelism and apostolic ministry team in Israel will be groomed to take the place of those of us who started the ministries years ago.

2002 - Justers, Intraters, Shishkoffs

The values that we want to transfer to the next generation include world evangelism, Jewish roots, the power of the Holy Spirit, holiness, faith victory, and ... long term covenantal relationships. This is part of the spiritual DNA, the spiritual genes, that we believe make for "much fruit" (John 15:8) and for "lasting fruit" (John 15:16). Perhaps this is part of the heritage of tribal loyalty from Abraham, Isaac and Jacob that God wants to restore to the Messianic Jewish remnant in Israel in these end times.

2004 - Asher & Betty Intrater with Revive Israel Team Members


By Asher Intrater