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Passover lasts seven days during which, we do not eat leavened bread. At the end of the last day there are parties in Israel, in which sweet baked goods are eaten. This mini-holiday is called "Mimuna." One of the treats eaten is "Mufleta," basically a Moroccan Jewish version of a French "crépe," served with honey.

Over the years in our evangelism with Rachel Netanel, Mimuna has been an opportunity to invite Israeli friends over for a big celebration. This year Rachel really outdid herself. At her new home and outreach center, around 200 people showed up, many of whom were "not yet believing" sabras. Rachel and her team had done much work to fix up the garden and the house. Everything was perfect, except that we just couldn't quite handle that number for food and fellowship.

Everyone had a great time: playing lute and "darbuka," dancing Israeli folk style, clapping, whistling. We went through the "mufletas" in no time. At the height of the evening, we invited everyone out to the yard, and I stood up on a chair, and shared a simple but very direct message about Yeshua being the fulfillment of the Passover sacrifice, and the only way to forgiveness of sins and eternal life.

At the end of the message, Rachel and I invited people to come forward for prayer. We ended up praying for both believers and unbelievers in the audience for over an hour. After everyone left, Rachel fell and broke her heel, and had to be taken to the hospital. She is recovering well. We were reminded of the verse from Genesis 3:15 that the "seed of the woman would crush the head of the serpent, but that the serpent would bite His heel."

Please pray for the seeds of the gospel from this evening to grow; for Rachel's heel to be healed; for continuing blessings and cooperation for evangelism in the Jerusalem area; and for all the physical and financial needs to be met.

By Asher Intrater