"The Sha'ar HaKerem program is intertwined with Revive Israel's daily schedule of worship, praise and intercession followed by an hour of Bible Study."

A Day in the Life of Sha'ar HaKerem
Complied by the Revive Israel Editing Staff

The Sha'ar Hakerem program is intertwined with Revive Israel's daily schedule of worship and Bible study. The students join staff and friends at 8am in our prayer room for a time of worship, praise and intercession followed by an hour of Bible study taught by Asher or other team leaders. After a short break the students resume more intensive study apart from the staff for another hour.

Each week a focus theme is chosen. These include prayer, holiness, inner healing, God's love and other life building subjects.

After refurbishing the mind and spirit, the students are ready to refurbish the body, and make their way to the Yad HaShmona communal dining quarters for a hearty afternoon meal!

Now the afternoon program begins - a physical work program coordinated with the needs of the moshav. According to Tal, the work program team leader, the goals of this portion are three-fold: 1. doing physical labor, 2. learning technical skills, 3. applying lessons from nature to our spiritual walk.

This semester's jobs included olive picking, tree trimming, and clearing surrounding forest. In addition to the specific tasks, the students learned how to use technical tools, and how to identify local plants and weeds as well as forest parasites.

One particularly interesting lesson dealt with the thorny vine brush that grows rampant in local woods. These vines thrive on surrounding foliage. If the vines are not cut and cleared quickly, they choke the plants and kill them. One student showed us "wounds" in his flesh from this job as well as many tears in his clothing!

"And some seed fell among thorns; and the thorns grew up and choked it, and it yielded no crop." (Mark 4:7)

We believe that physical work, and specifically working the land, is integral to spiritual wholeness for the students. While some found this portion of the program particularly challenging, others were invigorated by it.

Sha'ar Hakerem students also maintain an evening schedule which consists of personal meetings and further study. The highlight, according to one student, was the weekly lesson with seasoned Israeli Bible teacher, Etti Shoshani, on systematic Bible study tools and on the subject of forgiveness.

Please pray with us for Sha'ar Hakerem's upcoming term this spring, for the right students, appropriate work/study program, and spiritual growth in these young lives!

By Revive Israel
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