Couples Conference

Dear Supporters of Revive Israel, December 2004

My wife and I are among the 16 couples who were blessed to participate in the recent weekend-long couples' retreat that Revive Israel sponsored. We have three small boys, and had not been together away from them for more than a day, for almost six years. So for us this was like a second honey moon!

The vision for the conference was to bring healing and refreshing to some young married couples from congregations related to Revive Israel, out of the conviction that the primary unit which can affect the society is the family. In order for our families to make an impact in seeing God move in Israel, our marriages and homes need to be thriving. Asher and Betty view these couples as potential leaders.

This time together was like a long-awaited respite in the midst of fighting on the battlefield. We were able to step back from the pressures of our daily routine to see the "big picture" and realize why there is such constant attack on our marriages and families. It is because this is the primary venue in which true sacrificial love, forgiveness and unity can be demonstrated in our fallen world. Sometimes in the daily "grind" we can be tempted to see our own family members and even spouses (!) as an obstacle preventing us from attaining happiness and fulfillment. On the contrary, persevering and sacrificially loving within marriage and family, is one of the only ways to obtain these.

Some of the themes addressed in the conference were: Mutual Forgiveness, Communicating, Submission, Sexuality and Healing from the Past.

We received new hope and focus in not allowing the different wedges we know all too well, to divide us any longer as husbands and wives. Unity in marriage is of primal importance and is a testimony to the very existence of a loving God. This retreat was a very real contribution in helping our marriages and families, and we want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping to make it possible.

Dudee and Orah